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GAS - Rausch (KOMPAKT)

If its as good as Narkopop, the we are in for a treat..

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Re: New releases - What are you looking forward to?


https://thousandfootwhaleclaw.bandcamp. … hole-party

Featuring members of SURVIVE, farout cosmic synthdrone ambient krautrock...

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Re: New releases - What are you looking forward to?

M.Finnkrieg out soon. Thanks Jordi.. smile

Tuō Men Xiōng Hǎopéngyou..


Re: New releases - What are you looking forward to?


Wanderwelle ~ Gathering of the Ancient Spirits [SSV13]


The Amsterdam-based duo Wanderwelle return to Silent Season with their second album. Gathering of the Ancient Spirits is inspired by the last years of the life of Paul Gauguin, which he spent on the islands of French Polynesia. The album tells the alternative history of his search for a land that is untouched by modern society and whose inhabitants were still dependent on the gifts of nature and connected to their ancestors. During his stay, the painter encounters forgotten rituals and the primordial beings which haunt the islands since the dawn of time.

In 2018, it’s exactly 115 years ago that Paul Gauguin passed away. This album is an ode to one of the greatest artists that ever lived.

- Wanderwelle

Wnderwelle released one of my favorite album from last year, and this is just as good. The whole concept from the art, to the story, to the sound design is utterly compelling and totally absorbing...really creative musical storytelling, sort of reminds me of those early Strangelife releases.

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https://soundcloud.com/subwax-bcn-distr … e-x-c-lp03


Derek's music instantly takes the listener on a midnight drive, cruising the Grand River Avenue through Detroit. Derek Carr’s ability to create soulful melodies that effortlessly wrap themselves around bouncy basslines and elegant beats is not only classy – it’s classical. Derek Carr is not from the Detroit though.. he’s an Irishman through and through, born and bred in Westmeath, about 3400 miles from The State of Michigan. Yet he absolutely nails it! After two decades of crafting his own sound with analogue synths and samplers with the music culture of Motor City as an inspiration, Derek Carr doesn’t sound like anyone else. All the archetypal Detroit sounds are there – from the robotic bleeps in Binary Systems to the moody strings of Metro City – but Derek Carr uses them to create a primarily club oriented vibe, uplifting and positive.

The Artwork for this album was created by Abdul Haqq, the legendary visual artist responsible for a great number of classic covers for artists and labels such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Transmat, Drexciya, Carl Craig, Planet E and Underground Resistance...

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