Topic: FS: Kawai K4

Nice physical shape, except one black key in the top octave is out of place and sticks and the usual cosmetic wear.  Works perfectly otherwise, and I'll include all of the sysex patch files (53 full libraries) I could find, plus a pdf of the manual and the original power adapter.  Asking $100 plus shipping.  I've got 448 positive ebay feedbacks, if that offsets the low number of I have posts here.  I'll ship worldwide so long as you pay for it, and I've shipped keyboards dozens of times (once shipped a Prophet 600 to Portugal, even, among 20< other overseas instrument shipments I've done in the last five or six years) so I've got no worries on my end about that.

only looking to unload it because i've got too many goddamn keyboards and between the K1 module an the XS-1 i've pretty much got the kawai wavetable thing covered, esp since the xs-1 is pretty much a filterless k4.

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