Topic: IFM1 Disco Panonia all-kraftjerkz special program

Hello all,

here is the link to IFM 1 Disco Panonia 144. Kid Ginseng presents Kraftjerkz. exclusive program besides Basement Floor 02. free download or stream of course. all-vinyl available here: … amp;i=3531

Zarkoff - Teraform
Zarkoff - Famous Grouse
Honored Matres - Scraping The Sky
Entro Senestre - Ride The Faderz
Kid Ginseng - Kraftjerkz Theme (We Rock The House)
Luke Eargoggle, Johan Inkinen, 240 Interceptor - Autopilot
DJ Quest & DJ 2-Fresh - Electro Pilot
Eargoggle & Inkinen - Pray To Belong
Kid Ginseng - X-1 Speed Of Sound
Neud Photo - OmnicroM
Entro & Ginseng - Baie De Pellinec (Basement Floor 02)
+bonus track by LCN
Le Chocolat Noir - Reason (Disco Panonia 04)

we run tings. tings no run we.