Topic: New podcast: PROBES #9, by Chris Cutler. extreme wind / percussion

New podcast: PROBES #9, by Chris Cutler. On extreme wind instruments and percussion

Chris Cutler's PROBES #9 looks at some of the more oblique and extreme performance techniques applied to wind instruments and percussion.

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Transcript: … er/capsula

You can find the ongoing series here:

Here you can find a small excerpt: "Orchestral instruments, like their players, are expected to eschew individuality and personality while, in a jazz context, the great soloists raise their instruments to a state so human and profane that – in an orchestra setting they would have been, as Raymond Chandler put it, ‘about as inconspicuous as a tarantula on a slice of angel cake’. Orchestras, like national radio stations, learn to speak in received pronunciation, while jazz musicians jive in dialect and slang".