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pretty much every electro record is a Stinson/Gerald re-mushy anyway...

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Re: 2015 the year of electro.

It's easy to justify such release using a definition of pastiche. Even pastiche is a mixture of some individual elements and borrowed parts [in music often goes in pair with grotesque]. Let's not over-complicate, to me it's a product of laziness , cynicism  or just lack of a talent. There are a lot of brilliant drexciya inspired records which i love [$tinkworx, Datahata] but in this case the boundary beetween being inspired and being an imitator has been crossed.


Re: 2015 the year of electro.

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Re: 2015 the year of electro.

I think of my body when i feel the 808 beats

stingray is a badman like in the michael jackson electo song bad.

^^^ thats my humour

the new severed heads is some roughness on dark entries.  just sayin'


Re: 2015 the year of electro.

I second Guyver's opinion about Diffuse Arc from Madrid. The first on his Caustica Waveforms label "Arc Messiah" is pure bliss!

Also keep an eye out for the Greek ITPDWIP. His EP on Frustrated Funk will hit the stores soon, and his tracks on this v/a are top of the notch dreamy electro. Yes, it has a strong Stinson-influence; but what good electro tune hasn't in one way or the other?

In terms of your discussion about copying drexciyan sounds: I for myself am a big fan of Jeremiah R.. He started out doing what you could call a replica of The-Other-People-Place soundscapes. Was really trying to recreate it. It made me sceptical, too at first, if this was worth to be in existance. But with this knowledge in his pocket he could branch out later on and could develop something else, sounding familiar and new at the same time. Some might disapprove with that, but I'm glad people are (re-)connecting with Stinson's musical DNA.  I don't see anything bad - in the sense of compromising - coming out of it.

Let's all be happy there is a lot of electro floating arround these days; of course this includes releases which aren't up to the game - especially in these days with a low threshold of (self-)releasing of records. It's easy to ignore them, isn't it? But there are always GEMS within!
Good times...

Re: 2015 the year of electro.

Thanks for this. I took a break from Electro, now I have approx 3 years of releases to go through wink

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the ERP track that came out on Stilleben earlier was one i was waiting for, and that 7" sounds great too, but he has kinda become a go-to sound like dopplereffekt. the ERP track is instatntly recogniseable as his own. the two luke eargoggle trackss on it too are unmistakably Eargoggley. not that anyone here needs an introduction to those two, but they are proof you can developp your own sound within electro without it being over complicated. So much stuff sounded like it wanted to be gerald donald for the last so many years, but the stuff he did that was really goth with weird paranormal themes that make u think he might have lost it a bit was just not as fun, say what you like about musical merits and pushing boundaries, but it was nowhere near as fun. The 'magic' in early dopplereffekt stuff is probably impossible to capture again by anyone, as there has been thousands of copies of it, and it has tended to the more moody/dystopian themes with those ever present 'haunting strings and choirs, instead of playful dystopian themes like robot scientists. so much electro was just either horribly macho, completely insular or something you had heard a hundred times before i almost totally stopped buying it.
Funnily enough, like Dumbot says about the absolute landfill site of house and techno records put out over the same time, and everyone with over 1k followers on instagram getting asked too Dj or 'curate' a 'playlist' (is there a topic about this cyclical reacharound?)  then buying electro, on vinyl, appreciating the effort and smashing it triple loud, does seem like incredibly comfortable shoes to put on. at least while the weather is shit anyway big_smile

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