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Strange ...

yesterday it came to my mind that it must be more than 10 years ago when i first joined the old CBS forum ...

Good old days before myspace, facebook, twitter, instagram and internet hating ... how i miss those days ... the forum was so funny, cool, fresh and alive ...


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Re: I am an old CBS member!

I weren't an active member back then. With small family I guess I felt that there weren't time. Though I heard so much from cbs and knew some members so it wasn't unknown for me. Also listened to all Top 100s. Felt quite regretful when I heard it would shut since I missed out on the community.

The delivery of music through that channel has changed the lives of many and that is something to be happy about though smile

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I joined in 2006. Remember listening and reading the forum at the office I was interning at. Wow, time passes fast hmm

But yeah, it has made quite an impression on my life. Not only musically, but also socially, with all the people I've gotten to know over the web and eventually met smile

Re: I am an old CBS member!

It's fine to reminisce about the 'old days' of the cbs and the forum,..the endless bickering about edits/bootlegs/tracklists but the world spins on and things evolve.

The scene has changed widely over the past 10+ years, its almost unrecognizable now. Not so long ago I was seeing Legowelt playing to 20 people in the basement of a smelly Glasgow pub, now he travels the world playing sell out festivals, nothing is underground its all out there for a new generation.

The scene isn't mine anymore, it belongs to others. I don't go to clubs anymore, I don't buy records.. the only music is buy is from Bandcamp.

Change is inevitable. We still have ifm to keep us thankful for that.

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Re: I am an old CBS member!

Global Darkness was the first forum I joined, found the CBS shortly after through the 2004 top 100.  Saved my life musically, I was so bored at that point. Opened up a whole new world for me I didn't even know existed - totally rescued me from the (intelligent) dance music blahs.

Just logged in here to make sure the place was still up and running.  big_smile

Re: I am an old CBS member!

hi chaps, remember me?

Re: I am an old CBS member!

aren't we all :-)


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Re: I am an old CBS member!

fantomas wrote:

hi chaps, remember me?

your flute track from the ifm demo contest was my wake up alarm tone for years  big_smile

Re: I am an old CBS member!

ha ha... coolio! fun times with the ifm demo contest!

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Music wise CBS / IFM and R4R have meant very much for me. The non-mainstream-music-digging interest have always been a lonely interest. No point even trying to share Ata Kak to regular folks hehe  smile (or Sixto rodriguez, before it becomes a Oscar wining documentary that is  roll). There was a big vacuum after my raving days, after techno died, which the CBS / IFM and R4R filled. Don't know when but remember that i heard a track called Space Invaders are smoking grass by some dude called I-F and that's how i found CBS. Also remember thinking wtf is this?! (probably Delia Derbyshire or something like that) it's f**** great!. Moguh space at eight, YTZ Smokeforms, Lawrence Sim Fanta Radio, Astro Unicorn, In deep space (IFM) and so on and so on. Lots of good memories.

It feels a bit sad the state R4R is in (of course), but also the whole IFM thing (Or maybe i missing out on something?). I tune in to The Dream Machine now and then but is there any presence, community? Other than at the HQ, "irl" (or what's it's called). Last night there was the IFM top 100, only found out because DumbBot wrote it in the happy Christmas topic, have no idea who, or if 5, 500 or 5000+ people where listening. don't even know how the top 100 came to be. There used to be a chat, was there one yesterday? Can't log in or register to IFM since they changed the page, (is there any point in registering? (if it was a possible that is)).

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Re: I am an old CBS member!

Like all of us, CBS meant a lot to me. Not sure how i found out about it, but it changed many things for me. As Dumbbot wrote times have changed, and not in a good way. FB and all those 'new' social media things made life shallow and fast, but i try to find some bright spots. when CBS ended the community spread, i felt weird and lonely.
in 2016 i have listened to IFM quiet a lot, it's true that the website is less personal then it was in the CBS days. anyway, things happen all the time. The chat is active (of corse not always people are there but last night it was fun), there's info about coming shows in the front page and the Panama Racing Club is kinda big, and the whole thing is still our community in away