Topic: Deep Fried Seafood

only music from japanese shaved girl movies

I sat there numbed down by the beers and pills while the conversation was flowing like a muddy river. Instead of focusing on any word spoken, my brain tried to figure out how to grab some more of the food from the plate and schew it down without my counterpart noticing. Butt.
I just had stopped caring. A long time ago actually. For my health, my finances, my social relationships, my career. Nothing but a nervous body that needed to be calmed down at every second. I don't like my electrical appliances turned off. Even worse when people pull out their plugs. How would you like it if somebody pulled a plastic bag over your head to get you off to sleep? Liberal echoes. Switched and triggered. Wondering how to sneak out and smoke a fat one without the parents noticing. Don't worry they know already. Kidding. Of course not, they are old and have lost contact. Just pretend you are dumb and some day it will come true.
Happy END.