Topic: Falco Invernale Records latest releases


I'm doing some "advertising" to our good friend (and long time contributor on the CBS forum) Mr Aratkilo / Makina Girgir.

- OPPENHEIMER MKII Line Of Sight EP (FIR008) … -mkii-line

- MODE IN GLIANY - Kanevedenn EP (FIR009)

- ZANIA MORGAN - Shapeshifter mLP (FIR010) … 10_snippet

- BETA EVERS - Walking The Labyrinth mLP (FIR011) … p-snippets

I bought the 4 records some months ago, and i must say it's high quality music, especially Beta Evers with Dante, you can't be wrong with these 2 artists wink

Sending this transmission into the depths of space
I must complete my mission - destroy the human race