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I'm wondering where you all go for shopping wav/flac/aiff and other formats (if you do lol). I started looking at clone but found out Hardwax does sell em cheaper and has a bigger catalogue I think.
On the other hand there seem to be a lot of artists selling em even cheaper through bandcamp, viewlexx for example. Bandcamp then again doesn't sell single files, only entire releases. That was one of the advantages over vinyl I felt, that you can also just go for a single track you like.

Any thoughts and experiences to share in that area robots?

Re: Mp3 & digital files shopping guide

I pretty much only use Bandcamp, might have purchased the odd thing from Boomkat, Juno... if that was the only place to get it and I think even once Beatport(shower of robbing bastards). Bandcamp does sell single files, it's down to the artist/label to enable that option.

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Yeah just realized you can also buy single tracks after posting, feel a bit retarded for that. Might still make a comparable list of all of em including bleep and juno, bandcamp seems to be the cheapest and simplest option of all of them so far.