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It’s with great pride that I launch a new extension of the Dark Science Electro brand with a new feature called ‘Premieres’. Certainly not a new/original concept, however, the thing that will set Dark Science Electro Premieres apart from other publishers will be my singular focus on Electro music. The idea is to introduce existing DSE fans to the promos that I get regularly from labels and artists. Each ‘Premiere’ will feature one full track from an upcoming release as well as a few words about the release either written by DVS NME, the artist or the label.

For the first Premiere, we have a track by Fleck ESC courtesy of one of my favorite labels in the UK, CPU - This Sheffield-based label has been putting out some of the best Electro music available since 2012 and label owner Chris Smith shows no signs of slowing down. Fleck ESC’s release is the 63rd effort for the label and it is absolutely in line with the label’s vision thus far. The track I have chosen to premiere is entitled ‘The Selfix Job’. As with a majority of the music produced by Fleck ESC, this track glows with a weird sort of slinky and bubbly sound that carries throughout the track and easily makes it one of the standout songs of the record. This artist has been one of the more prolific Electro music creators of the last decade and you can catch his latest vinyl on pre-sale via: - The official release date of the album is July 6th and will be distributed by Kudos Records London.

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This is the second installment of a new extension of the Dark Science Electro brand called ‘Premieres’. Certainly not a new/original concept, however, the thing that will set @darkscienceelectro Premieres apart from other publishers will be my singular focus on Electro music. The idea is to introduce existing DSE fans to the promos that I get regularly from labels and artists. Each ‘Premiere’ will feature one full track from an upcoming release as well as a few words about the release either written by @dvsnme , the artist or the label.

For the next DSE Premiere we bring to you @lowfish from Vancouver, Canada. The Electro veteran, who’s been programming 808s since the early ‘90s, returns to @suction-records - the label he co-founded and debuted on in 1997, for his first release since 2011. This is suction046 - the “Hypersensitivity” EP. It’s been a while, but as the sprinkling of Lowfish compilation appearances - on labels like Analogical Force and Fundamental Records - over the intervening years have shown, Lowfish isn’t interested in radical changes; it’s all about quality and consistency. The track that I selected for the premiere is an absolute standout on the record. “Favourable Reports” is a clear melodic nod to vintage OMD and Gary Numan and with Lowfish’s trademark synthesizer melodies and flawlessly produced 808 drums, this track shines. This is the 46th release for Suction and is available to order now and releases on June 6th.

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This is the third installment of a new extension of the Dark Science Electro brand called ‘Premieres’. Certainly not a new/original concept, however, the thing that will set Dark Science Electro Premieres apart from other publishers will be my singular focus on Electro music. The idea is to introduce existing DSE fans to the promos that I get regularly from labels and artists. Each ‘Premiere’ will feature one full track from an upcoming release as well as a few words about the release either written by DVS NME, the artist or the label.

Pulse Drift Recordings returns for their 5th vinyl release with a 6 track Electro music compilation. Machines worldwide have been connected to form a musical network. Artists from Germany, the Netherlands, England, Denmark and the U.S. synchronize artificial signals to unite into this transmission. All stylistically different yet still pulsing on the same wave length. The track that I have chosen to debut comes to us from German Electro wizard Das Muster - The full vinyl will be released on June 18th and will be distributed by Clone.

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This is the fourth installment of a new extension of the Dark Science Electro brand called ‘Premieres’. Certainly not a new/original concept, however, the thing that will set Dark Science Electro Premieres apart from other publishers will be my singular focus on Electro music. The idea is to introduce existing DSE fans to the promos that I get regularly from labels and artists. Each ‘Premiere’ will feature one full track from an upcoming release as well as a few words about the release either written by DVS NME, the artist or the label. The in-demand Finnish duo Morphology joins FireScope Records for their 10-track ‘Traveller’ LP — a vision of travel to destination unknown.

After having released two albums on Zyntax Motor City and EPs on labels such as CPU, Cultivated Electronics, Emotions Electric and Abstract Forms - Morphology’s third album continues their intensive deep-space exploration at the intersection of electronic/electro music and scientific discovery.

Awash in the beautiful sounds of hardware-derived music direct from Morphology’s command center, the album takes listeners into their skillfully crafted universe. Each track is a new world in itself of crisp beats, deep bass lines and melancholic melodies. Interspersing the frenetic pace of hyper-speed travel with ethereal landings, ‘Traveller’ is an intergalactic trip without taking off your headphones. The track I chose to premiere is ’Second Light’, with its fluttering arp work and foreboding bass line, taking travelers to the next dimension. Available for pre-order now and officially releasing on June 4th.

Buy here:…ller-fs011

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For the sixth premiere for @darkscienceelectro we welcome you to an aquatic Electro-tale from the label @electronicleatherette - From a deep sonic underwater universe, we present Moscow-based Electro newcomer @gestaltprocess

Living in a city of stress and dystopia @gestaltprocess produces rusty synth-tunes using MS-20 and dusty beats from AnalogRythm. You may remember him from one of latest releases on @mechatronicamusic and now we serve you up another banger tune from @gestaltprocess taken from the second release on Dmitry Distant's new label. The release features tracks by: Plant43, Maroje T, Jack Roland and is available for pre-order now.

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Label: @electronicleatherette
Artist: @gestaltprocess

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For the seventh @darkscienceelectro premiere, we look to Berlin-based label @vortex-traks – The 9th release from the label comes to us from a producer calling himself Vertical67 -

Vertical67 has been releasing a steady amount of tracks on EP’s and albums on labels like brokntoys, Photic Fields, Lunar Disko, 100 % Silk and Magic Waves. Not bound to one genre at all, Vertical67’s music often fuses elements of Electro, Acid, IDM, Techno and Ambient into his own unique take on electronic music. In 2015 he co-founded his own label with his partner @Naks called Vortex Traks. Recently he released the Friction EP on Mechatronica’s digital sub-label. The ‘Out Of The Void’ EP is his second release on Vortex Traks after the Crystalline EP, which was released in 2016. The track selected by me from his upcoming release is entitled ‘Unknown Territories’. The closing track of the vinyl is a personal favorite of mine due to its dramatic pads, melancholy leads combined with phased hi-hats and solid drum-programming. The full release is available for pre-order now with a tentative release date of June 20th. Find all the details below.

Clips here:
Vortex-traks – Vertical67-out-of-the-void

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For the 8th premiere for @darkscienceelectro premieres, we focus on a brand new label called @crisis-records - The label’s inaugural release, Ad Astra, represents the fruits of a collaboration that has been a long time in the making. @imrekiss, fresh off the back of his evolutionary Strangers EP on Mörk, partners with compatriot @Norwell, who is following up a prolific 2017 – one in which @helena-hauff named his ODD EP her favorite record of the year.

Crisis’ five-track debut is an exploration of mutual sonic interest: sci-fi narrative and analog dedication combine to reinterpret and evolve the blueprint electro it draws influence from. The track selected by me to premiere is entitled 'Alpha Hertz', a driving Electro track with a repetitious bassline, excellently balanced out by floating synth lines and fantastic percussive characteristics. This release is available for pre-order now and will launch in July on the 13th of the month.

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For the next premiere, we have two Dutch producers (E8 and Wavemechanic) coming together, forming BinarySystem01 to bring you this slice of analog Electro. This 4-track EP consists of chopped up grooves blended with deep melodies and basslines reminiscing of the old-school Electro era. The track I selected is the most mechanical of the 4 and sonically references Breaks in the beat yet brings raw funky analog along for the ride. This vinyl was release at the end of March and is available now.

Listen to clips here:

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For the next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we checked out a compilation by Belgian label @LesDisquesCockpit - This 4-year old label was born in the south of Belgium and over the years have released a handful of straightforward Electro/Techno artists like Holtz and Conducteur Fantome as well as compilation appearances by Alek Stark, Franck Kartell, Faceless Mind, FAH, Das Muster and others.

This second compilation has a theme that references Laniakea, galaxy supercluster that is home to the Milky Way and approximately 100,000 other nearby galaxies. SUPERAMAS is a fine selection of pieces written by artists from all over the world, however, I have chosen to premiere a track by Swedish producer calling himself '240 Interceptor'. Anyone familiar with the Scandinavian scene know artists like Kan3da, Luke Eargoggle, and Johan Inkinen but may not have heard of 240 Interceptor. This talented, yet somewhat reclusive, producer has only one vinyl release to his name but has another full album on his Soundcloud account that comes highly recommended. This compilation is out now and is limited to 100 copies.

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Full compilation sound clips here:
Lesdisquescockpit – Va-superamas-audioclips-ldc_07

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It’s with great pride that I present the next premiere with the unveiling of a new release by iconic Electro group Ultradyne called 'Ocular Animus' via the Detroit-based label @Pi-Gao-Movement -

As with all Ultradyne works, there is meaning in everything. 'Ocular Animus' delves into the mindset of humanity and breaks away from the usual EP format - Three tracks - five songs. This release explores the terraforming of humanity, seen through the eyes of the machinists as they look into the mirror at its underbelly. Solid rhythms, shifting beats, eerie synth lines splatter across the canvass of this new release feeding the beat-hungry and philosopher alike. Fear. Uncertainty. Hate. A glimpse of the possible future or the deconstruction of a paradigm. You decide if you like what you see.

The track that I have chosen to debut is the second track on the EP and it is entitled ‘Suicide Relay’. Naturally, Detroit influences flow throughout the release however the influence really shines on ‘Suicide Relay’; One of the members of the group confirmed with me that the song was composed using an Electron A4 and a Make Noise DPO module and you can definitely feel the modular influence on this near-8 minute banger. Clocking in at 127, this track is almost effervescent in it’s attention to detail & change-ups with the voltage controlled oscillator module used in production. Slick synths and tight drum programming also pull you in and strap you down for the ride. This 3 track (five-song) vinyl will be available on July 9th.

Purchase directly from @clone-nl via this link:

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The next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to veteran Electro producer Automat. This is the second release by @brokntoys that venture into the past to explore some hidden gems by well-known producers within the genre. @Automat-1 has been producing music since 1995 and has many vinyl releases under his belt to punctuate this fact. On this particular release, this French producer showcases his unique and atmospheric sound on a 5-track EP that is sure to stir visions of data research and Bunsen burners. The track I chose for the premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is the gloomy, downtempo track ‘Corde’. You can buy this vinyl release now as it was released in late May, 2018.


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For our next premiere, we check in with @Shipwrec and @Plant43.

"Emile Facey (Plant43) has been at the forefront of electronic for more than twelve years. During that time the British producer has released on a host of seminal labels, expanding his style and sound in new directions with each release. Although @Plant43 is typically classified as a purveyor of Electro, behind those driving rhythms and steely percussion a tenderness has always been present, an emotion expressed in lilting melodies and complex harmonies. It is these melodies and harmonies that come into focus on Plant43’s debut ambient album.

On 'From Deep Streams' is a rich and textured tapestry of synth work, a soundtrack that organically unfurls from nigh time woodland walks and city stargazing to mindful solitude.

The eight tracks offer the listener a calming journey into stillness, an excursion through gentle audio currents and a moment to pause and take in an inspiring vista of sound. Recorded over the space of 3 months, this album gives the quiet, the subtle and the sometimes underappreciated centre stage whilst casting light on yet another side of Emile Facey’s ever-evolving music."

The track selected by @DarkScienceElectro to premiere is called ‘Banished Voices’ and is a 7-minute journey that stands out in a big way on this record. Remindful of the work of legendary producer John Carpenter, this slowly building ambient gem climaxes with the sounds of nature and a feeling of relaxation that had me quite pleased. This is the kind of track to put on a pair of headphones and let your imagination progressively take you deeper and deeper.

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Our next premiere comes to us from high-demand French producer @Maelstrom. Following a career spanning fifteen years of aliases, side projects and illegal raves, @Maelstrom joins @Cultivated-Electronicsfor the ECZO EP.

This vinyl release features three fresh originals of quality dance-floor Electro, backed with a remix from label-head Sync 24. The record epitomizes the classic Maelstrom sound-design of pacy acid lines and flawless machine-based beats. The track I chose to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is the title track of the EP. This bass-heavy brooding affair is stocked to the brim with intricate dazzling percussion and beautiful sweeping pads that build pressure over this 5 minute track. The record will be available July 9th although pre-orders are available now.

Pre-order -

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Artist – @Maelstrom
Title – ECZO EP
Label – @Cultivated-Electronics
Format – 12” Vinyl/Digital
Catalogue Number – CE025
Worldwide Distribution - @clone-nl

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"Finland‘s otherworldly Electro lords @Blastromen return to the @Dominance-Electricity mothership to deliver their much anticipated new long-player. Four years after Reality Opens, the ten new compositions featured on Cyberia continue where their last album left off and take it straight to the next level. Elaborate arrangements with catchy synth melodies, haunting Electro breakbeats, and epic, vocoded lyrics prove once again that Blastromen are a class of their own."

This album was released on June 29th and is available for purchase below.

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Next up for @DarkScienceElectro premieres we get a taste of the stellar new vinyl release from CEM3340 via @Lunar-Orbiter-Program that was launched on June 27th this year. This seven-track wax includes a collection of this mysterious producers most recent productions. @cem3340cem3340 produces music using only vintage gear and was happy to share that this release was composed using the 808, SH-101, Juno 60, Mono/Poly, Juno 106, Pro One, Korg Polysix, Trident, TR-727 and the Jupiter 6. You can absolutely hear the analog tinge throughout the album as well as all his productions.

The records opening track ‘Shadow Of The Blondie’ is the track that I have selected to debut for @DarkScienceElectro premieres. This 138 BPM track is driven to make you move with its forceful bassline, syncopated synths and string stabs. Remindful of Finnish duo @MrVelcroFastener early work, this track is extremely catchy while at the same time maintaining a dark and cryptic vibe. The composition kept my attention through the entire 4:13 duration with its stop and go attitude as well as minor flourishes like the glitchy transitions and, of course, the supporting melody. This opening track sets the tone for what is, no doubt, one of my favorite releases of the year thus far.


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Eliott Forin returns with a brilliant new 3 tracker under his Foreign Sequence alias. On ‘Repeat Pattern’, @tonoforeign continues to develop his already masterful craft in deep Electro and techno tinged sounds. This EP is the third from the new label @Gestaltlabel - A collective looking to push deep, undiscovered music.

The first two tracks sit firmly in the category of deep: pensive, emotive and intricately detailed. On the other hand, the final track (the track I chose to premiere), Trùùm((33rd), is aimed squarely at the dance floor. Sinister sirens swirl around a robotic, machine-like bassline. Ice cold drums keep the track, and the listener, moving. Somber pads nestle in the background and provide the emotion that is always present in Forin’s music. This is a dance floor weapon with real heart! You can pre-order this digital album now via Bandcamp but will release officially on July 20th.

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The next premiere for @DarkScienceElectro comes to us from the co-founder of the legendary label @MinimalRome - Teslasonic (@mr_feedback) has always been a personal favorite of mine and I'm excited to debut his most recent work for @Dalmata-Daniel

In this release, Teslasonic examines the case of ’Quantum Paradox’ with the help of another well-known Electro scientist: @The-Hacker

The code name of the project is DD007, in which Teslasonic has debuts 4 new tracks with a release from The Hacker. This collection of tracks are not just sounds, they also create visions, because while listening to 'Aether', you can feel a melodic energy, and in your mind, you can travel with him through space and time. This EP is honestly 5-star-fantastic all the way through and comes highly recommended by yours truly. The record goes is on pre-order now and officially releases on July 12th.

Pre-order here:…-paradox-ep

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@Seertrax is made up of @Maroje-1 and @m-parent who also have solo releases under their belt. The two of them live in Brooklyn and separately run their own parties. They are both proud studio nerds and record everything in one take using machines. There's very little that's done in their digital audio workstation. The label @Chem-Club-Records started in 2016 and during its infancy has made a focus to highlight the parallels between functional dance tracks and introverted electronic music without concentrating too much on genres.

The track selected for the @DarkScienceElectro premiere was absolutely the standout track for me on the 4 track EP that will be released at the end of July. This track switches up the feel of the otherwise straight-forward Techno/EBM feel of the record by introducing broken beats. A melodic pad then leads the way and makes for a colorful soundscape throughout the song. This release is available as of yesterday on both vinyl and digital.

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For our next @DarkScienceElectro premiere, we get an update from one of the godfathers of the ‘Electrobass’ sound that permeated Florida all throughout the 2000’s. Larry McCormick decided to retire his alias @Exzakt to focus on new energy a few years back and we are just recently starting to see the fruits of that labor. During that time he created a good number of tracks that he intends on putting out over a series of releases in the future. This is the second of his ‘Intelectro’ sound focused releases, the first having been on Shipwrec.

‘Eyes On Me’ is one of six tracks on his upcoming release for his own imprint ‘Monotone Records’. This tune represents one of a number of tracks where he concentrated completely on the art of the music as opposed to the expectations he might put on himself for production in previous years as @Exzakt. ‘Eyes On Me’ is a track that has clearly been inspired by old rave tracks from the early 90's which the main synths and leads absolutely reflect. This vinyl was officially launched on 7/23 and is available now.

Available for order here:…enesis/688921-01/

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For our next premiere, I'm happy to present to you a track by The Exalticsfeaturing Gerald Donald (aka Rudolph Klorzeiger) - "Das Heise Experiment 2" marks the 6th album of The Exaltics and the 45th release of their, now 11-year-old label, Solar One Music.

This fantastic vinyl release is not going to disappoint anyone who is familiar with the work of The Exaltics and their label. Its amazing presentation sets it apart in a big way with full-color artwork (by Godspill), unique packaging and included comic book make this a must-have for any fan of contemporary Electro music. The music contained within this release range from dark experimental Techno, Electro, Ambient and soundtrack-ish nightmares which goes perfectly with the story of the comic.

The track selected by DVS NME to premiere for Dark Science Electro is the collaboration track between The Exaltics and the one and only Rudolph Klorzeiger. This track is one of a handful of standouts on the release, however, this composition really struck me as the single. If not for its obvious collaborative pull, for its 125 BPM speed and Electro-focused nature. The elastic bassline and creepy strings pull you in while a well-crafted lead synth conjures images of private investigators on a distant planet attempting to solve a mystery.

This record is absolutely not club music which is one of the reasons why I was so excited to get the opportunity to premiere a track from the release. This and much of what SOM has been doing is one of the reasons I started a weekly podcast to begin with. This dark, strange, cold side of Electro music is why I do what I do and I'm very proud to share this with you all. Turn your headphones on and dive into the world of aliens, scientists, and distant galaxies.

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For our next premiere, we head to Sweden for a release from Joacim @Thenander (also known as Maschine Brennt) on @Ukonx Recordings - Since the relaunch of the label a couple months back the label is armed and ready to deliver more quality Electro music, this time in the form of a 4 track EP.

As indicated by the visual-artistic direction of Machine Brennt's projects, he is very influenced by Kraftwerk, as with many Electro producers. That fact doesn't audibly bear out so much for this release however previous releases by Maschine Brennt absolutely echo the work of the Godfathers of Electro. The title track of the EP is 'Frisq' and the track that I have selected to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is the @Deemphasis remix of the track. This dark and minimal remix is the standout track on the release with the other few tracks being more experimental Electro. This digital release becomes available on August 5th.

Purchase here:
Clips here: Ukonx – Ukx10-maschine-brennt-frisq-ep

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For our 27th premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we look into the mysterious Italian artist known as @FedericoLeocata - Rumor has it Federico was uncovered by one of the most revered figures in Electro music, Gerald Donald. Whether this is idle gossip or not doesn't take away from the fact that he is absolutely worthy of your attention, having already released on some amazing labels. His first release came in 2009 and was quickly followed up by releases on @weme-records, @FrustratedFunk, @abstract_forms, @last-known-trajectory, @cpurecordsand others. Now Leocata is lending his clinical skills to @Shipwrec with his new release entitled ‘Archetypen’.

This new 4 track release is much of what you have come to expect from @FedericoLeocata. Cold, dark, weird, scientific Electro music. I spoke with Federico about the release and he told me that the release is “a journey into collective unconscious.” He continued to describe the idea behind the EP as a way to “describe different realities inside human beings like an observer of unconscious dynamics”. I also wanted to point out that the fantastic cover art was done by the artist as well and is focused on the symbology of archetypes. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is the frigid sounding ‘Von Der Flue’. The digital EP is available now via Clone.


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For our next premiere for @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to a track from the debut album by @TerensK from the East Coast of the US. This relative newcomer produces primarily with Roland gear yet also loves Novation for his efforts. He discovered Electronic music through the mid to late 90s Big Beat rave culture like The Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. Terens K. is more of a shadowy psychonautic figure in his approach to making dark Electro music and this is clearly conveyed in the music he produces. He draws influence from Daniel Miller’s @The-Normal as well as Electro darlings Drexciya. “A journey into the mind” is quite literally his intention with the recordings. The concept that they aren’t exactly thought-out, but they are representative fragments of memories or dreams that were documented though the playing and recording of a track while being an 'Altered State' mentally.

The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere is the track ‘Relativity’. This spacious track is the third of 6 tracks on the album and delivers some serious haunted mansion vibes with it. The driving stop-and-go bassline paired with zappy percussive traits makes this song an absolute standout. Menacing pads loom over the track during its five and a half minute run while short synth stabs and synth-flourishes mix things up in the latter half of the production. This entire release is worth picking up if you are fans of the sound currently being produced by artists like @Das-Muster, @FedericoLeocata or the classic sound of Dopplereffekt or @Kobol-Electronics. This album is available for purchase now and was released on July 6th.

Purchase here:

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TerensKResearchLab @

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For the 31st installment of premieres on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to a track from a new compilation. The track selected features @Obergman & @Dr-Lindh for Latvian-based label @BlindAllies

This EP is mostly centered around Latvian producer -=UHU=- (with 5 of 6 tracks being produced by him alone or in tandem with others) however the standout track in my opinion was produced only by Luke Eargoggle and Obergman. Remindful of classic Der Zyklus, this track contains modulated bass lines, creepy synth flourishes and a straight forward approach to percussive sounds with a TR-606. My favorite feature of the track is the use of space between the synth hits throughout the track. This vinyl is sure to please with 6 tracks of solid Electro.

You can purchase the vinyl beginning on the 17th of September:…ission/696555-01/

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For the next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to an upcoming release by @Daniele-Daduano for the two-year old label @R12_music

R12 records was born of two minds influenced by many different genres and experiences, created and managed by Daniele Paduano and @Angela-Dragonetto as a means of diffusion for many of their artistic concepts. The name R12 (a refrigerant used in many industrial processes) was influenced by studies and interests in chemistry by Daniele. For the label’s ninth release this Berlin-based artist brings us a 4-track EP with 1 track focused on Techno and the other 3 honed in on Electro sounds. The entire EP was recorded in Naples, between the autumn of 2017 and the winter of 2018. All tracks are characterized by its main sounds obtained from a linear Roland Synth. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere is the opening track entitled ‘Trading Codes’. This track oozes with the sounds of Elektron’s powerful ‘Analog Keys’ synth as well as the Roland D-05/DX7 providing support with pads. Ethereal atmospheres and a pulsing bass dance around 808 rhythms that give the track some spontaneity. This release is coming out on digital September 17th with a vinyl release to follow shortly at the beginning of November.

Pre-order here:

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