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For our next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we will be checking out a track from one of my favorite contemporary labels pushing Electro music. @brokntoys is a five-year old label from London run by Anwar and this is their 24th vinyl release in their relatively short history, which has highlighted many of the best artists in Electro music today.

Today we take a listen to a track from UK artist @Koova, who has been making music under the moniker for at least a decade. With releases on @Shameless-Toady, @Abstract_Forms, @CPUrecords, @CrobotMuzik and more. ‘Conducere’ presents the producer showcasing his personal take on the genre, with 4 tracks of tense, melodic Electro. The track selected to premiere is third track on the record and is entitled ‘Frustration’. The track was produced using a ton of modular gear for FX and drums as well as Juno 6, Korg Polysix, Prophet 12, Sequential Pro One for synths. I love the track for it's simple (yet effective) bass line, dark melody and playful/understated arpeggio programming. This release comes highly recommended by me and is released on September 3rd.

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Clips here: Brokntoys – Bt24-koova-conducere

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The next installment in the premieres feature on @DarkScienceElectro we take a listen to a track from a new release from Irish producer @Lerosa-Music from a new label based in Germany (@eudemoniarecords) that is focused on Ambient, Electro and Techno

Active since the early 2000’s, Lerosa has had a series of twelve inche releases on labels like @LunarDiskoRecords, @Further-Records, @Photic-Fields and many more. His musical palette ranges anywhere from Electro to Techno to Dub, drawing on sci-fi books to set the scene for his audio explorations. He utilizes a hybridized rig with all sounds coming from analog and digital sources sequenced by a Yamaha Rs7000. Lerosa has never been much of a gear fetishist and absolutely reinforces the idea that “it is the ear, not the gear” making the most of any hardware he uses in his productions. This track is a nod to William Gibson's ‘Neuromancer’, specifically the tale of Screaming Fist and their failed midnight cyber-attack with gliders. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere for @DarkScienceElectro is the opening track on the vinyl which features Acid-soaked basslines and 808 rhythms. The rest of this record features 3 other tracks that step away from the Electro formula and venture into Synthwave and Italo Disco.

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EP clips here: Eudemoniarecords – Lerosa-theme-of-perception-1

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For our next premiere on @DarkScienceElectro we turn to a relatively new label called @hilltown-disco for a V/A release centered around a returning member of the Hilltown family, Crossmods (@user-421462996).

This release comes from the Dundee, electronic imprint, Hilltown Disco with five tracks of versatile sounds ranging from Techno to Electro. The label is still in their early stages but is onto their second vinyl release and 4th release over all. The imprint turns to the French Electro-duo, Crossmods who seem to have the stamp of approval from the label, having released previously as well. The track selected by @DVSNME to premiere for Dark Science Electro is the @datawave remix of the opening track entitled 'Delia's Dream'. In this track they create a spaced out, atmospheric melody with an aggressive bass line and quirky synths. However the remix by @Datawave sticks out like amazing sore thumb on this release. The EP also features tracks from Chris Moss Acid, Ansata and Crossover Network. This vinyl release is forthcoming.

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