Topic: 8/31/18 Kraftjerkz Label Night 8: Numbers Beat Till 4am Brooklyn

Freaks, check it,


Amourette (Remedy)
M Parent (Kraftjerkz, Chem Club)
Kid Ginseng (Kraftjerkz, Lost Soul Enterprises)

Kraftjerkz Label Night 8: Numbers Beat Till 4am

Aug. 31

at Rose Gold, Brooklyn.

Kraftjerkz syndicate running game in 2018 fresh from having "Alonzo - Doctor City" featured on Helena Hauff's cover mix for Mixmag. These 3 DJs are not new jacks when it comes to electro. Amourette, M Parent, and Kid Ginseng are at the forefront of the New York scene. Through her Remedy party series Amourette has played with the finest including Luke Eargoggle, Privacy, and Marsman bringing fast, bass heavy tracks to the floor. M Parent is half of the duo, SEER with Maroje T, another Kraftjerkz artist. He rocks hard with his finely tuned production ability and funky DJ sets. Kid Ginseng, Kraftjerkz boss, has been DJing electrofunk for over 20 years now and has been doing his label proper since 2007. With a background of vintage style megamixes and cutting tricks, he is sure to bring excitement to the active listener. planetrockdon'tstop.

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