Topic: Solaristics [techno mix]

I put together some techno if you're interested, bit on the space-y side.

Rødhåd  - Unleash
Aleksi Perälä - NLL561606935       
Uun - Absurd Existence             
Cari Lekebusch - Live and Direct - C1
Shlomi Aber - The Rooter
Johannes Heil - Gospel Thirteen
Damon Wild - Avion
D5 - Floatation Tank
Jeff Mills - Solar Crossroads                                       
Vladw - 012324.92
Aril Brikha - On And On
Audio Tech - Darkside (Vocal Remix)
Vladw - 012324.90
Ruhbarb - Field
Convextion - Exploration
Ruhbarb - Hetre
Unit Moebius - Dolfinarium
SW37 - Untitled (Side B)
nthng - Human
Escape Force - L1
nthng - It Never Ends
Headgear - Believers Goodbye                 
Underground Resistance - The Illuminator

Re: Solaristics [techno mix]

Cracking mix, great selections

thanks for sharing...great trip. cool

Let's get Dumb

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