Topic: MANASYt Electro Mix on NOISE TO MEET YOU (N2MU PDCST032)

And... another brand new mix on the awesome Spanish NOISETOMEETYOU podcast / label! … 32-manasyt

No introduction does MANASYt a.k.a. Sam Lowry need, yet, it is always some sort of respectful move to pay heed to those artists we appreciate and admire the most. An artist that couldn’t care less about trends nor hypes and whose main driving force is that authentic passion for the genre. Thanks to his powerful mixes and remarkable tracks as his last EP Apophenic proves, Petar Tassev -the real name under Manasyt’s mask- has been a pillar of the electro universe for years and this N2MU 32nd podcast is a reminder that the Bulgarian producer has no intention of stopping being so. Enjoy it!



Annechoic - Anhedonia

Poperttelli - Assume

L'Automat - Work 1

Shokh - Torotam

Automat - Vision Nocturne

SNS Sensation - Mirror Radio (MANASYt's Pestilent Mix)

Dry_feel - City Lights

CT Kidobó - Death Of Postmodernism

Signal Kommt - Elegans

Martin Matiske - Acting Faces

ITPDWIP - Ally Says Stop It

Tx - No Bio

Erotek - This I Know

ITPDWIP - After 7Hz You Can Observe

Westlake & Hayter - Hairy Rebels

Annechoic - Ren

MANASYt - Nihon Extreme

Eoism - Im Vektorraum

Vertical67 - Out of Sight

Erotek - Manic (Maana Mix)

Manao - What U Gonna Do

Jimmy Batt - Inception (DMX Krew Remix)

Schizolectric - Multiplexer

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