Topic: MANASYt - Rator Mute Records Podcast (Madrid)

Industrial/Electro/EBM + more! Also including their releases + tracks from my upcoming record! wink


NonZero! - Inspector Alert [Touchin' Bass]
Poladroïd - Theme From det:ROI (MANASYt's Novichok Mix) [Roulette Rekordz]
TYVYT|IYTYI - Empty Inside [Pinkman]
En Direct - Unwilling [Lunatic Rec.]
S. Product - Bell Tolls [Self-released]
Multiple Man - Hotter Than Hell [DKA Records]
Gross Net - Still Life [Touch Sensitive Records]
Karger Traum - Das Ende [Fixed Rhythms]
Videograve - Nocturnes [DKA Records]
MANASYt - Tales Of Ignorance (Telephasycx! Remix) [Rator Mute]
Oppenheimer MKII - Another Nightmare (Flashback Mix) [Peripheral Minimal]
Houses Of Heaven - Sleep [Felte]
Maenad Veyl - Setback [VEYL]
MANASYt - The Harvest Room [Rator Mute]
Interviews - Arc [Bitterfeld]
Panther Modern - Creep [Self-released]
RNXRX - Hereditary Witches [VEYL]
Telephasycx! - Ionic Factor [Rator Mute]
THX 1971 - Maschinenwelt [Manufactured Desire Records]
Julio Tornero - Abismos Superficiales [Femur]
Peine Perdue - Fausse Compagnie [Vocoder Tapes]
MANASYt - Infected Memory [Rator Mute]
Aerial - Hostiles [Private Selection Records]
Silicon Scally - Quatermass [Rator Mute]
Sextile - Hazing [Felte]
Odonis Odonis - Salesmen [Felte]
MANASYt - N7 [Rator Mute]