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ahhh Templebeat - me remembers good old times big_smile ( I partecipated in the engineering of this record smile

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haha. and im in the mood for this actually. funny enough.

can you give a little more info about the seperate parts of your program, please. would be nice to know. whats eg "bacon and eggs"?

edit: ok i guess its breakfast music? smile but anyway

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ok, will list here:

Drones - extremely slow ambient music, space music and everything that is more or less beatless.
Ambient startup - More moving ambient music, but still wandering through your mind before the awakening...
Bacon and Eggs - A general morning container of pop/electropop/new wave etc etc etc everything mixed up
Pioneers of the Electronic Groove - Early electronic music, from the 50s to the 70s
Blue Monday - New wave selections
Electro is my life - old and new school electro, electrofunk, sometimes light, sometimes strong.
R1972 Mix Rotation - A selection of mixes from my hard disk (mostly downloaded from the CBS)
In Definite Motion - IDM, new electronica, with and/or without beats
Central Industrial - EBM, Industrial music from the 70s to today
Soundtrax - Music from the movies!
Lag Generator - Experimental electronic music - lots of noises and glitches... do not confuse it with skipping! big_smile
It's the beats - Techno in all of its forms - minimal, glitchy, funky, noisy....
Radio 1980 - Pop music from the 80s, with live commentary when available (I did this on FM radio years ago)
Deeesco Mooosic - the saturday night of Radio 1972! Disco, disco, disco and more disco!
DM Afterhours - After Deeesco Mooosic, some beats either relaxing or more agitated... who knows!
Sunday Bloody Sunday - You know, sundays are always bloody and so space for bloody music... sometimes live!

enjoy smile

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DSL line went down for a while, stream as well.. sorry for that, send free insult letter to Swisscom in case tongue

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hey alex - was enjoying the stream tonight!

all went a bit weird though... joy division etc followed by skat singing in italian? wow... all good though!

18:35:36    07 - Il Ristorante Di Ricciolina    Current Song
18:31:26    12 - La Bottega Del Caffe'
18:28:05    05 - Diamantina
18:24:18    03 - Serenella
18:19:57    04 - Soldi
18:16:32    01 - Tanz Bambolina
18:12:58    John Foxx - Underpass
18:09:07    Joy Division - [Appendix] Novelty
18:01:54    New Order - Blue Monday
17:56:52    Telex - 13-quelque chose a dire

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Okey dokey%

Looks like I'll be getting my systems up and running...
After HD failure -> thought fuck this and got a brand spanking new Thinkpad T61 up in this bitch. Now after a lot of tweaking I have Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 with my Echo Indigo IO soundcard working. Connected to the radio stream last night. (Nice disco dosage around midnight GMT+2) Noticed that the peercast service wasn't up - will it be back? I hope I can put together some playlists for the station. I have some more HD capacity ordered so I can have more music onboard smile

I still need to get peercast installed on my system which doesn't look simple. I'll tweak until everything falls apart, of course.

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The playlist rotation algo is going a bit weird after a while, I am currently working on that, but it takes time...
Especially because my kid is crying for the whole day tongue

anyways that was Andrea Camerini, an italian pop/wave artist very famous in the 80s...

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then I am going to move to a different hosting, so it will be a lot of up and downs... sorry about that tongue

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Radio 1972 is down till further notice (moving to new house).

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good luck moving!

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Hi all,
just wanted to give you a quick update about Radio1972...

I finally settled in my new house and my studio is more or less back online... So the audio routing (that was quite a problem before) now
should be much better, also because I finally got back over here my main mixer, the Tascam M1600.
Over the Xmas holidays I will try now to clean up all the mess I made to set up the studio, then I am planning to restart broadcasting from
next year. I will set up a dedicated streaming computer so that it will be independent of my main workstation.

Then, server side, I got a shared server with some colleagues of mine, so I can have my own shoutcast server without having to pay
as much as I was doing before and be able to host more connections than before.
PeerCast will possibly be active as well, but I have to check how is the status of that system these days. I am as well considering this:

Anyways, things keep cooking over here, so watch this space in the next year!