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from IFM mail

In Memoriam: X-Bobo

Today we received the news that our friend and Intergalactic FM DJ X-Bobo has died last weekend at his house at the age of 30.
We at Intergalactic FM are devastated by the news and our thoughts go out to Xavier's family and friends and hereby we'd like to give our condolances via this way and wish you strenght.

As of tonight 2200 CET Intergalactic FM will pay it's respects to Xavier by playing X-Bobo mixes every second hour until Wednesday 0000 CET.
Xavier's regular hour every Wednesday night will feature also classic X-Bobo mixes for the coming month.
No need to mention we will preserve all the X-Bobo mixes on as long as it exists.

Take care everybody,

IFX and the Intergalactic FM Crew.

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Sad news.


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

very sad... RIP X-Bobo

Heil CBS

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Very sad.


hello world

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Jesus man. just got the mail....... How freakin sad, my thoughts go out to everyone left behind

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

bad bad news... RIP...

i hear you

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

R.I.P. Xavier...

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Devastating ... Sooooo sad sad
Courage to Xavier's family & friends...
Will hear him for a long time thru his mix library ..

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

ooh how very sad, safe journey to the other side my robot friend.....

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

RIP X-bobo
so young.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

sad  i just read the mail     sad  Rip My Friend     sad


Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

fuckin hell...

RIP and thanks for the mixes

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Goodbye X

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Oh my god..terrible news..i dont know what to say. rest in peace my friend

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Intolerable... RIP Xavier.
How did it happen?

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Damn ! Just got the newsletter... sad

Very sad news.

Another great robot to miss, after SMA...

RIP X-bobo, thanks for your mixes, your passion of music...


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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

No words can describe this sad lost.....I hope his fam and friends find the strength to live through this very difficult time.
We will never forget you X-Bobo. May you rest in peace for ever my friend

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Very Sad news, My thoughts to friends and family. You will be Missed Xavier.

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

What the hell?? Whats the cause of this? Damn, this is really fucked up...condolences to all family and friends of Bobo...RIP


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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

fucking awful news
all the strenght to his family and friends

ur ass, ur face.. whats the difference..

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

stunned sad

r.i.p. mate

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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

extremely sad man. r.i.p.

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

Too young !!! R.I.P. - still shocked ....


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Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

oh shit...
such a bad news....
I had the pleasure to meet him last time I went to Switzerland
we had scheduled another meeting for a picture...

Re: Goodbye X-Bobo

This is really sad.


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