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Zubeldia wrote:
heifetz wrote:

Do it

wish i had the cash and time to throw a big V8 in there.

atm my budget limits me to back-seat/spare tire removal  lol

makes it very tailhappy (such fun) though, especially in winter on my summer rubbers.. already had a few moments of sideways driving these past months  big_smile

sideways driving is what driving is about  big_smile no need for v8 in slippery winter months  wink

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Re: Tell everyone why you are happy.

The postman just brought me a sealed original Paradise Frame, which I bought last week for an acceptable (at least to me..) price. On top of that, the Canadian seller was friendly enough to mark the parcel with a value of $4,95, so I've saved about 60 euro on import taxes  big_smile

Also have to mention I bought another copy a few months back, which I sent back because it was scratched. that particular seller (who seems to be selling my ex-copy on discogs atm.. so watch out!) has made a decent attempt at ripping me off by keeping the money and the record, but I'm still bickering with paypal/post to get the money back for that copy.

All in all, my personal struggle to obtain one of my most and longest wanted records, seems to be finally over!

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Re: Tell everyone why you are happy.

Off to France climbing this morning...woot cool

Let's get Dumb


Re: Tell everyone why you are happy.

my house is in escrow and im getting ready to bounce... for good tongue