Re: Why I like Netlabels so much!

I do agree strongly with everybot about the whole quality control notion and the sheer number or netlabels out there definitely makes it very very frustrating to try and find that diamond on the rough.

And a good point to me is the simple observation (once again): there's good music and there's shit. there are few good record labels and a lot of shit ones. and there are definitely few consistently good netlabels, and there are lots of ones that put out shit that is "not too bad".

Like with record labels, I have a handful of favourite netlabels, almost every release of which I will listen to at least a few times. And maybe a dozen okay'ish, which have had some rocking stuff, but not too exciting overall, so I'll just check once in six months if anything worthy happenned.

Should we just start spilling the secrets here? What's your favourite netlabels robots and why?