Re: What are you robots reading right now?

Alexander Pushkin - The Queen of Spades


Re: What are you robots reading right now?

Alexander Pushkin - The Belkin Tales

Ivan Turgenev
Tri portreta

good stuff

John Kennedy Toole - A Confederacy of Dunces


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Ivan Turgenev / The Brigadier

Erich Maria Remarque / All Quiet on the Western Front

Doris Lessing / The Grass Is Singing

Charles Bukowski / Post Office

(the afterword for the post office was by a swedish author, journalist and feminist. she starts to complain about this and that. that all her boyfriends have read bukovski, some even refer to him as buk. along with bukowski they used read burroughs, ginsberg, ferlinghetti, kerouac, céline, hammett and genet. damn girl, i see you haven't been dating any ordinary working-class boys (call me prejudiced). (in sweden the privileged cultural left-wing aristocracy lives in ivory towers from where they rarely venture out).

then she states that that together with the fact that men only reads male authors while girls are taught from childhood to read more diverse didn't make her especially interested in reading bukowski. do guys only read male authors? is that a fact? i had feminist girlfriend once who stated the same as a fact.

while i read the post office i was visiting the area where i grew up. a area with some problems, not the worst by far but the compulsory car burnings, kids with adidas pants, pitbulls, some crime and so on. cant help to think that if these boys where reading books a lot of the problems would go away. if they read bukowski, burroughs, ginsberg, ferlinghetti, kerouac, céline, hammett and genet, they might not (for examlpe) have time to poor gasoline down the garbage disposal. anyway...)

have to say i agree with cebtec, really, really good stuff...
in just some lines bukowski can paint a scene.

Charles Bukowski / Factotum

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this closet dualist is skeptical tongue


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phone call:

bookstore: bookstore name!
me: hi, do you have don quixote?
bs: is it a book or a thing? (swedens biggest bookstorechain)
me: a book
bs: dddooonnnkkeeyyy shot
me: not donkey, don... quixote
bs: ...
me: think don means mr or sir or something like that in spanish, could be wrong. cool
bs: ...
me: if you have it it should be a papperback
bs: ...
me: if you google "don q", you should find the right spelling
bs: ...
bs: yeah we have one left!
me: great!

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - Don Quixote (part 1)

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Re: What are you robots reading right now?

Technicolor wrote:


Superclassic <3

// Floating away in a hole darker than yours //

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Indeed, just finished it last night. Amazing! I also recently read Black Hole by Charles Burns. Moving on to Persepolis and Asterios Polyp. Going through all the classics smile


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haha i had him autograph my wackypackages book a while back


one of the last graphic novels i read was 'A people's history of american empire' -- which was nice


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Charles Bukowski / Women

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - Don Quixote part 2

Agatha Christie / The ABC Murders

Alice Munro / The View from Castle Rock

Second attempt at James Joyce / Ulysses. this time 150 pages, quite an achievement

Charles Bukowski / Ham on Rye

Karl Ove Knausgård / Min kamp 5

Terry Pratchett / The Colour of Magic

Charles Bukowski / Hollywood

and now Louis-Ferdinand Céline / Journey to the End of the Night

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Chris Ware's "Building Stories"  smile



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at Technicolor roll what is it?

Charles Bukowski / Pulp
Chuck Wendig / Star Wars: Aftermath

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coae wrote:

at Technicolor roll what is it?

It's a graphic novel that comes in a box format full of posters, leaflets etc. All of the stuff in the picture. Highly recommended! smile


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Re: What are you robots reading right now?



Re: What are you robots reading right now?

3rd and final attempt...

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.."this world`s a bubble"..


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Chuck Wendig / Star Wars: Life Debt

Chris Kraus / I Love Dick
one of the most over-hyped books i ever read...


Chris and boyfriend Sylvere have dinner with a guy named Dick, once...
Chris perceived that Dick was flirting.
Chris gets obsessed and becomes short of a stalker (Goal: sleep with Dick).
Chris gets bored with poor Sylvere and dumps him only after see has striped him of all dignity.

Yada yada yada... the end.

Chris Kraus write I love Dick (real story) and gets celebrated/ hyped by lots of women.
"a rebellion against patriarchal oppression" a critic writes.
I love Dick becomes a feminist cult classic.


A creepy guy perceive a flirt from some random girl he never meet (lets call her Vic.)
Creepy guy becomes a stalker with only one thing on his mind: sex with Vic.
Creepy guy treats his girlfriend like shit and throws her out like she was an object
(no time for gf, being a creepy sexstalker guy is fulltime thing).

Yada yada yada... the end.

Creepy stalker guy write I love Vic (real story) and Gets celebrated/ hyped by the same women.
"one of the most important book about men and women the last century" a critic writes.
"I love Vic" becomes a feminist cult classic.

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Have just started reading


.."this world`s a bubble"..

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I started this one but good a bit bored after a while

And now this one's on and it's absolutely great so far. Very well-told and thorough examination of one of the most complex events in european history.