Topic: Guyver 303 - All Mixed Up With Nowhere To Go

Here's a mix I recorded today, hope it's enjoyed!

All Mixed Up With Nowhere To Go:

Fred Ventura, Alden Tyrell & I-F

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Re: Guyver 303 - All Mixed Up With Nowhere To Go

Hm, good tracklist, but ehhh... the mix sounds a bit strange.
I'm not a dj myself, so I don't know exactly whats the problem and don't wanna critizise you.
But the parts, when one track gets mixed up with the next one always sound a bit weird, distorted... Like the kickdrums overlap and kinda flip over themselves or something.

Can anybot give a little private lesson in mix-techniques? smile

The next time, I also want to start with mixing, or at least try to learn, experimentalize a bit etc.

So maybe, that's gonna be a problem, I'll also come across with...

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Re: Guyver 303 - All Mixed Up With Nowhere To Go

I kinda know what ya mean.
The mix sadly got recorded in mono, plus my recording programme and means of recording aren 't very good. Some parts sadly did get a bit of distortion. I'm still tryin to figure out ableton, plus need buy some decent recordin stuff.

"Hey Sweden."
"They're Norwegian Mac."