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cleaning out the studio, i found these. i don't use them anymore, but they were used a lot on my first bunker lp's and the r100 also for early live sets.

Yamaha R100 reverb/delay

very nice 80's ghetto reverb/delay unit. not a lexicon, but very cool sound colouring, like a budget version of the legendary REX50, which is from the same time. all sounds can be edited. very cool for gated reverbs and ping pong delays, also works well on vocals. digital artefacts on extreme settings make it sound even cooler.

50 euro

Viscount EFX-2 multi FX

this is a little known multi fx unit that does reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, pitchshift, and 2 guitarsettings with distortion. it's italian, so never quite does what you think it'll do.. :D pretty freaky sounding box at extreme settings.

50 euro

both come with european power supplies and no manual.

or take both for 80 euro.

i'll ship anywhere, pickup in amsterdam also possible.

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me want

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you got! big_smile

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thank you!