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Robettes and Robots,

Hope you are all getting through these difficult times of moving home. I came up with this mix of italo, electro, disco and techno the other day which might help make the move easier. It's not perfect by any stretch, but it's quite listenable. Anyways, hope you like it.

The Beat Club - Security (Automan)
Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo Di Linda (Disco Promozionale)
Acos CoolKAs - Stellar Way (Theomatic)
Galaxy Toobin' - Snake River (Cr

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Did anyone go for this one yet? It was all quite off-the-cuff, but some definite moments of magic in there. (I think the first missing track is from MinimalRome's Broken Pots Hill 3).

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thanks, cool mix!!

the first missing track is PNZ- Restriction from MR05

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Wow, thanks for the listen feedback (tracklist updated).
I'm a big fan of the label... pretty much all my mixes feature MinimalRome now :-)

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yeah, I drop the security and everyone  in my city looks at me like I am a holucost denier.

and mixes get lost in the shuffle. Its not that it wasn't any good!

I always felt that: if you aint juiced in, you wont get (alot) of feedback on a mix

its a political mindset that is still in place even after the fall of the CBS

oh yeah and did I tell you how much I thought this fucking mix JAMMMED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey funkbox, yeah, takes some time to get famous eh, but I got a lot out of CBS and the community have pretty much all migrated over here, so I'm gonna be persistent - there ain't no gettin' rid of me!

Thanks for taking the time to listen + comment mate ;-)