Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!


Let's get Dumb


Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!



Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!



Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!



Let's get Dumb


Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!



Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!

Garbage. Didn't think it was possible to make a shittier Star Wars film than the prequels.

How hard can it be to make a decent Star Wars film? Cant Hollywood just employ someone that actually know and like Star Wars, that have grown up with the films. Gareth Edwards did a fantastic job on Rouge One, employ him for god sake!

It's like when you where a kid and "old" people tried to be "cool". The conversation must have been something like this: Hey mr. Rian Johnson could you direct the new star wars film? Yeah sure that sound fun (and profitable). Now isn't Star Wars the film with a flying monkey? Haven't seen them but my (5 year old) kid love those films especially that character Jar Jar Binks. Let's see what more do kids like, harry potter maybe? those made a lot of money, if i could combine some way hmm. CGI sound cool, that's new and trendy right? Lots of CGI i guess. CGI Space monsters wow that sound so cool! The kids must love that, but they have to be cute, that's important! If Luke could drink milk directly from an udder of a cute space cow that's surely will make the kids laugh. Lets change the design of the at-at walkers, why not put evil red eyes on them so the kids understand they are evil, and while we are at it why not replace the the Red Guard with red power rangers, power rangers are cool right?. Gial Ackbar, who is that? Hmm he looks kind of creepy, best replace him with a purple haired Mary Poppins lady, the kids still love Mary Poppins right? and so on and so on. There even was a Space James Bond, in a Suit!...

still it gets good reviews. wtf. It would be interesting to hear what you fellow robots think?
(or better save your money)

Dumbbot wrote - The Punisher. This is a slow paced, political series about (haven't watch it all) the grayscales of war, CIA, guns and returning Afghanistan veterans that's gone crazy. lots of extreme violence and stereotypical "manly" Hooah Hooah Americans that talks with a dark bitter "manly" voice . this is a comic book, but still they are able to make is as above, slow paced and greyish. they don't have to make Punisher Macgyver or put in a CGI cat that falls over and makes cute and funny faces. but star wars...

(Sorry for the nerdism, i do love my Star Wars)

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Re: What movies/tv shows are you robots watching?!