Topic: Wasubot - System Preview mix.

Hi Robots. A new mix from me. Enjoy.

1     I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)     Taffy
2     Hypnotic Tango (Instr) (Progress CIV-47501b)     MY MINE
3     Sexiness     Travel Sex
4     Chase     Giorgio Moroder
5     Replicant's Suffering - Original Mix     Herman Schwartz
6     charlie     spacer woman
7     Void Vision     Cyber People
8     Mister Game     Klapto
9     Sex Tonight (American Disco AMD-010a)     BRIAN MARTIN
10     Change An Angel     The Black Angel
11     Shaker Shake (dub version)     Time
12     Dancer     Starflight
13     Dirty Talk     Klein & MBO
14     Like This     Chip E
15     Mind Games     Quest
16     Lost Again (Greg Wilson Edit) (Tirk TIRK-011b)     YELLO
17     It's Over     Fingers Inc
18     Avventurieri     Jo Squillo Electricx
19     Digitally     Plastic Mode

Notes: Special Sequence Mixed For Dancing

Re: Wasubot - System Preview mix.

Looks cool. Download commenced.

Do it your way, because everyone else is just weird.

Re: Wasubot - System Preview mix.



CEBTEQ colored outside the lines.