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found some other things:

if you wanna trade anything: i'm specifically looking for an EH smallstone phaser..

a 19 inch wooden rack.

pickup in amsterdam only.. its not a pro rack, but very well made from wood. you can screw stuff into the wood from the front, 8 or 9 HU high. you want a nice cheap extra 19 inch rack, here it is.
price..  dunno, offer something nice, or trade..


Boss dr rhythm DR220E.

we all know it.. small enough to stick in your pocket, fully programmable, and a sync input to connect it to any midi machine with a trigger out. works perfect with the 909, for example.
40 euro or a good trade..

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hum kheb wel intresse in de boss heb aleen pas ergens half verwegen de maand weer geld

Do synthesizers dream of electronic drums?

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nonono the Boss is already gone big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

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i'm afraid alex is right, the dr220e is sold..