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I will be visiting Toronto the second half of march. Does anybody know some good recordshops, fairs, fleamarkets or just any other nice recommendations? Thanks already!

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I visited Toronto late february and well, iwas searching a good record store there and, so this is what i found:

Rotate Disc (queen st) : good for New Age. I found there some good electronic too
I recommend to go "rotate this" upstairs and check the DVD store there! so good!
On Queen Street there are more shops where you can have a look...

Play de Record (yonge Street): good for Hip Hop / House / Funk or Soul, some techno too..

Also I found a Interesting shop (dont remember the street or name, I'll check later) wich was specifically PUNK, huge record just with punk records, reaaaally interesting.

No good electronic musin in any store, if is the thing that you are searching for... maybe some 80's electro classics in second hand shops, but thats all...

Enjoy there!

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I know that is April, but i wrote just to leave the info! big_smile

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No problem. smile Thanks anyway. Information can always be helpful for others who visit Toronto.
I found a lot of recordstores actually.
I found this site pretty helpful, I checked almost everything: … onto%2C+ON
a lot of stores are mentioned there.
About the punkstore, do you mean Hits and Misses at Bloor st. west? Good store for punk indeed.
I found some nice stuff at Cosmos West and Cosmos records, both in Queen street west. They had nice disco, some stuff was expensive, but other stuff was priced very reasonable.

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oh yeh! Cosmos is so great... I remember it..

YEH! it is Hits and Misses smile haha, with all my respects, I had a funny evening with my gf just laughing about all these sick punk band names! really crazy!
Anyway I found there so so interesting stuff, im a punk lover...

thanks by the info Narciso!

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cool. thanx for leaving the info here, it will be helpful as i believe im heading to toronto in the next month or two on my road trip across US/Canada.