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Slabs 164 - Nick Craddock - Spinback Quota


Nick: Jeff Mills was ace last night but there just weren’t enough spinbacks

Us: Aye you’re right…
…go on then, make us a mix with loads of spinbacks

Nick: Alright then I will


1. Jeff Mills ‘Solarized’ [Axis]
2. Safety Scissors ‘Carbon Fingers’ [Context]
3. Robert Hood ‘Master Builder (Sandman Option)’ [Tresor]
4. Question ‘Third Question (B1)’ [Question]
5. Damon Wild ‘13’ [Music Man]
6. Jay Denham ‘Daydream’ [Cloned Vinyl]
7. Damon Wild & Echoplex ‘Striking Key’ [Synewave]
8. Surgeon ‘Learning (A2)’ [Dynamic Tension]
9. Paul Mac ‘Puddy’ [Fragmented]
10. Danilo Vigorito ‘Out…’ [Informale]
11. Christian Bloch ‘Nordic’ [Simple Muzik]
12. Blue Maxx ‘Betastate’ [Synewave]
13. John Thomas ‘Square (Robert Hood remix)’ [Logistic]
14. Christian Bloch ‘Plague 2’ [Simple Muzik]
15. L.A. Williams ‘Hypnotic’ [Nepenta]
16. Robert Hood ‘Hard To Kill’ [M-Plant]
17. Thee Sequel ‘Clashbackk 2000 (Frankie Bones Edit)’ [Clashbackk]
18. Claude Young ‘The Altamirian (James Ruskin rework)’ [MB Selektions]
19. Joey Beltram ‘Ballpark (Steve Bicknell remix) [Tresor]
20. Damon Wild ‘Jackass’ [Music Man]
21. DJ Hyperactive ‘Beltway’ [Missile]
22. Samuel L ‘Pieces Part 2’ [SLS]
23. Steve Stoll ‘Target Down’ [Proper NYC]
24. JB3 ‘Presence’ [Novamute]
25. The Dark Man ‘Untitled Lines (B1)’ [212 Productions]
26. Karakter ‘Untitled (B2)’ [Cosmic ID]
27. Echoplex ‘Epicentrum’ [Soleil]
28. Ignacio ‘Darkness’ [Music Man]
29. Alter Ego ‘Lycra (Luke Slater ‘Dinosaur Mix’) [Harthouse]
30. DJ Slip ‘Jill’s Meth (B1)’ [Missile]
31. H&M ‘Suspense’ [Axis]

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … back-quota

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Slabs 165 - Anom Vitruv - TABR011 Promo Mix


Ahead of his debut release on Tabernacle Records, Anom Vitruv provides us with a taster of things to come in this promo mix.


Anom Vitruv – Untitled (Tabernacle Records 011)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (Tusco Embassy 70)
Anom Vitruv – 0:00
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (T/E70)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (TABR011)
Anom Vitruv – 52.486 13.431
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (T/E70)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (T/E70)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (TABR011)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (TABR011)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (T/E70)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (TABR011)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled (T/E70)
Anom Vitruv – Untitled


http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … -promo-mix


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Slabs 166 - Daniel Andreasson LIVE @ Analogue (Stockholm) 05.05.12


Here is a live recording of Daniel Andreasson’s set at the Tabernacle Records Night in Stockholm last month. Deep and creepy techno.

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … olm-050512


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Slabs 167 - Vast & Bulbous



State of Grace – That’s When I’ll Be Free (Party Mix)
Tokyo Black Star – Sotto Marino
Sunny Place – Won (X-Mix)
? – ?
Giorgio Luceri – Less Business
Nami Shimada – Sunshower
Stephan.G & The Persuader – Funk Seven
DJ Sotofett – Pulse House
The Splash Band – Starman (Dance Mix)
Murphy Jax – The Astro Disco
Jason Fine – Control Voltage (Oni Ayhun Remix)
Doris Norton – Caution Radiation Norton
Iasos – Splash Happy
Errors – Pleasure Palaces (Brassica Remix)
Kraftwerk – Electric Cafe
Vast and Bulbous – Brochure
Marco Bernardi – Hebrew National Salami
Legowelt – Encounters at Fairpoint
Raymond In Space – Galactica
Mac Artuir – LimeLite
Voiceover Woman – Invisible Shield

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … st-bulbous


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Slabs 168 - DJ Mother - Flight of the Krongo


Mother provides us with another mix full of his usual demented pickings ahead of his set for us next weekend.


Integrity – Vocal Test (Victory)
Bob Ostertag – The Surgeon General [1977] (Eaux)
Conrad Schnitzler & Borngräber & Strüver – Con-Struct 1 (M=minimal)
Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescaleet – Shattered Capsules/Burning Nest (PAN)
Decimus – Decimus #8 Side A (Kelippah)
Peter Brötzmann & Bill Laswell – Low Life (Celluloid)
Merzbow – Steel Cum 1 (Vertical)
Cut Hands – Black Mamba (Blackest Ever Black)
Die Todliche Doris – Denk an mich (Vinyl On Demand)
Russell Haswell – nO!se Resource (Downwards)
Z’ev – Wipe Out (Fetish)
Sewn Shut – Dissension (Sounds of Betrayal)
Jooklo Duo – Untitled [Free Serpents] (Qbico)
Ainotamenishis – I Don’t Smoke It (Holy Mountain)
Swans – Sealed In Skin (K.422)

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … the-krongo

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great mixes all-round! having another go at the 'spinback' mix this morning..


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Slabs 169 - Kenny Hanlon



Lime – I Don’t Wanna Lose You (Sir Leon Greg Warehouse Classic Version)
Suburban Boyz – Insane (Crazy Mix)
La Tour – People Are Still Having Sex (Original 7” Version)
Kenny “Jammin” Jason & Fast Eddie Smith – Can U Dance (Bonus Jack)
Disco Nihilist – Film Grain
Murphy Jax – Kevin Spacey (Orgue Electronic Dub Mix)
Hugh Bullen – Alisand
Perseux Traxx – NR-707
Fanon Flowers – Acid Survival
Unknown Artist – Spacerock
James T. Cotton – Don’t Even Try (The Beat)
Emmanuel Top – Replay
Surgeon – Coaster
Robert Hood – Sophisticcato
Floorplan – Living It Up
Telex – Moscow Disko (1985 Version)
O Bryan – I’m Freaky
DJ Assault – E. 99 (Remix)
UR – Hardlife
Subterfuge – Friday (Night Mix)
4th Wave – Electroluv

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … nny-hanlon


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Slabs 170 - Suicide Tuesday - Movement 3



Zoviet France – Bell
Hecate vs. Lustmord – Strong Attractron
Martial Canterel – Cruelty Reigns Through Ages
Front 242 – Sample D
Das Ding – Take Me Away
Smell & Quim / Expose Your Eyes – Athletico Spunk
Demdike Stare – A Tale Of Sand
Tim Hecker – Hatred Of Music II
Mørkelagt Bevegelse – The Chamber
Klaus Nomi – Keys Of Life

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … movement-3


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Slabs 171 - DJ TLR - Live at The Hawktree Golf Club, Bismarck North Dakota


Time for another monster mix, this time from Crème’s DJ TLR, accompanied with his customary ‘reasoning’ behind it’s existence.

A live DJ set celebrating the inauguration of James Olsom II as club treasurer, performed at the Hawktree Golfclub, Bismarck North Dakota in the summer of 2012.
Over 2,5 hours of INTENSE pure RAW ROCKIN HOUSE in all its forms, with no attempts to smooth out the moments of pure UNHINGED MADNESS that drove the bar insane and gave more than a few old hoochies feelings they never thought they would have again. Hey Gopher, just gimme me a paira dancing shoes, a paira ladies and a paira medics!

Caddies agree: listening to House without BASS is like trying to putt with a tire iron.


Lords of the Underground – Chief Rocka
Piranhahead – Dreams
Two Dogs In A House – Eliminator
Brian Harris – Crime Stories
Kurtis Scott – If You Feel It
Moon B
John Heckle – Life On Titan
Miss Nicky Trax – Acid In The House
2AMFM – Starfist Lazerbeam
Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey
Dr Derelict – Dance Doctor
Anaxander – The Candy Stand
Chip E – MB – Dance
Marcellus Pittman – Erase The Pain
Ron Hardy – Sensation
Rotating Assembly – Orchestra Hall
TCP – Oasis
Tee Scott – Sixty Nine
Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
Joe Smooth – I Need Love
Moodymann – The Third Track
Omar S – Strider’s World
Saturn V – H-Sync
William S – I’ll Never Let You Go
Derelict Bass
Theo Parrish – Delwood II
Audio Atlas – Guatamala
Carl Craig – Sandstorms
Cosmetics – Black Leather Gloves
D’Marc Cantu – Black Tears
Delano Smith – Something For Myself
Dream 2 Science – Liquid
Fan Of 83 – Love Inside
Francois K – Moov
Legowelt – Tubbsremix
Marcello Napoletano – Linguetta Acida
Marshall Jefferson – Open Your Eyes
Mick Collins – Aggregate Goals
Omar S – Flying Gorgars
Pleasure Zone – Hold These Nuts
Rinder & Lewis – Gluttony
Track Show – The Night
Sendex – Evidence
Criminology 11
Allesandro Izzo – Il Fragille
G-Strings – Images
Harmony Funk – Can’t Let You Go
Joe Smooth – One Moment In Love
Lil Louis – Jupiter
Sleazy D – I’ve Lost Control
Sneaker – You Think
Blake Baxter – Get Layed
Brian Bazic – Go Man Go
DAN – Premintal
Hill – Delicate Rose
Joe Smooth – Children Weep
Kyle Hall & Funkineven – Night
Laurent X – 12AM
North Clybourne – We’re Gonna Work It Out
Oby Onyioha – Enjoy Your Life

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … rth-dakota


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Slabs 172 - G String - We Are Lost Together


G String (one third of R-A-G and one half of Crystal Maze) provides our final mix of 2012.


Tod Dockstader – Sun Surges
Voices From The Lake – In Giova (Alternative Mix)
G String – Ghoul (D’Marc Cantu’s Phase Remix)*
L.I.E.S. – Wishing For An End
Gene Hunt & Armando – The Darkside
Frak – 666
The Parking Attendant – I’ve Heard It All Before
Crystal Maze – Enter The Maze*
Marcus Mixx – Go Man Go
Stroke – Tokyo Amazon
IBM – Limelight 80
D’Marc Cantu – No Control
Frak – Wobbler
Zsa Zsa “La Boum” – Something Scary
Jack Da Ripper – Funkin’ With Da Drums
Crystal Maze – Dr. Claw*
R-A-G – Vacuum*
Frak – 777
Analogous Doom – Lost Together

*soon to be released

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … t-together

Re: Slabs of the Tabernacle Mixes

I'm just listening to TLR's mix and it's rocking my socks off! Thanks for the mixes, keep 'em coming smile


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Slabs 173 - Slowburn


Steady house mix from the Dublin duo, Slowburn.


Octogen – Save Your Saviour
Protect-U – World Music
Mobach – Metrobots
Bas roR – Reload
Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Night Theme
Dj Kaos – Way Out Pleasure
Kahuun / Arto – Midi Sync (Olspatruijens Blasyre Mix)
Virgo – R U Hot Enough
Specter – Padded Cell
Noleian Reusse – Black Tekno EP
Larry Heard – Black Oceans
Howard Thomas – Experiment #1
Doc L Junior – Baracuda

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … 3-slowburn


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Slabs 174 - Intergalactic Gary LIVE @ The Star & Shadow 16.03.13


3.5 hours of Intergalactic Gary, recorded from our second party at The Star & Shadow.

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … dow-160313

Re: Slabs of the Tabernacle Mixes

what a treat! cheers.

Re: Slabs of the Tabernacle Mixes

Thats my morning sorted, cheers for the rapid upload...can't wait to check big_smile

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Slabs 175 - The Snailmaster



Les Invalides – Nuit Blanche
Jade 4U – Rainbows (Instrumental)
Federico Leocata – Satori
NRSB-11 – 685-471 2
Raiders Of The Lost Arp – Lunar Lander (Rude 66’s Apollo 1 Remix)
Matti Turunen – Compuplex
ADMX-71 – Uncompleted Remnants
Fishermen – Ribbonfish
Isodyne – Uillien Drone
Morphology – Eccentricity
Alex Leon – Instant Grey
Sam McQueen – Simple Pleasures
nsi. – Ride
John Heckle – Ode to SAW

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … nailmaster


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Slabs 176 - Chris Seddon



Adham Shaik – Journey To The Sun
Spectrum – Feedback
Michael Stearns – On The Way
Don Hariss – The Tortoise, the Temple, And The Rain
Bee Mask – Moon Shadow Move
Steve Roach – Spiral Triptych 3
Bedouin Ascent – Beyond The 7th Gate
Nocturnal Emissions – Sabik
Steve Jolliffe – Flight And Returning To The Body
Louis And Bebe Barron – Krell Shuttle Ride And Power Station
Boards of Canada – Skimming Stones
Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin – Grey Geisha
Kraftwerk – Mitternacht
Gong – Other Side Of The Sky
Paul Mitchell – Exped. Seven
Bee Mask – The Story Of Keys And Locks
Cyclobe – Wounded Galaxies Tap At The Window
Bola – Glink
Global Communication – 054
Roly Porter – Corrin [segment]
Coil – The Sleeper II
CM Von Hausswolff – Conductor
Jeff Mills – Healing Channel

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … ris-seddon


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Slabs 177 - The Broom Wagon



In Aeternam Vale – La Piscine
Specter – Law Of The West
VC-118A – Flight Control
Redshape – Focus
Chasing Voices – Scold
Orphx – Vanishing Point
Tom Dicicco – Identity
Details – One Day You’ll Understand
yac – Intercept
Mass-X-Odus – Redlining
Mark du Mosch – Avenger
Willie Burns – Lagrangian Plains
Phantom Love – Lotus
John Heckle – Never With You
The Sun God – Tower Of Ha
Jeff Mills – Untitled
Terrence Dixon – Untitled 2
GB Presents: The Abstract Eye – Grandfather Fire

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … room-wagon


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Slabs 178 - Suicide Tuesday - Movement 4



Cultural Amnesia – It’s Not Easy
Shoc Corridor – Travelling By Hand
Opera Multi Steel – Mawata
Résistance – M L
Eyeless in Gaza – Falling Leaf / Fading Flower; Goodbye to Summer
Helga Pogatschar – Sequentia
Hallucinator – Wipeout I
AX – Nova Feedback
Sand – Vulture II

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … movement-4


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Slabs 179 - Ale 125



Vita – The Ultimate Collapsing (Heinrich Mueller Remix)
Mutant Beat Dance – Protagonist
Henri Puolitaival – 727 Reachin’ Out
Fishermen – Six Pounders
Paranoid London With Mutado Pintado – Transmission 5 (Instrumental)
Stingray313 – NKKK4_2
VC-118A – Depressurization
Mental Model – Agitated
65D Mavericks – Whispers Of My Beloved
Robert Hood – Torque One
SP#1 – Isolate
DJ Overdose – Nibiru
Gosub – Blue in Black
Plant 43 – Halflight
The Third Man – Pipes At Helios Canyon (Legowelt Remix)
Antigone – Circumpolar
Diagnetic Origin – Spirit Molecule
Dez Williams – Untitledacid6
Jeroen Verhey / Secret Cinema – Straight Forward
Dan Fun – Untitled

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … am-ale-125


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Slabs 180 - Leah Floyeurs



Isolee – brazil.com (Non Radio Edit) (Classic 2003)
Franklin de Costa – Fragile (Curle 2010)
Mark Broom – Emulate EP (Cosmic 1995)
Function – Counterpoint (Osgut Tun 2013)
Random XS – Cem Jam (Djax-Up-Beats 1992)
Slam – Dark Forces (Soma Quality Recordings 1996)
Vril – V3 (Music Man Records 2011)
Rue East – Past Times (Rewired 1996)
Steevio – Nocturnia 1 (Mindtours 2001)
Orlando Voorn – Lost (R&S Records 1998)
Nick Sinna – Real Time (Conforce Remix) (Prime Numbers 2013)
Fix – Dope Computer (Elliot Dodge Remix) (Nightvision 2008)
Mike Dehnert – STH (Fachwerk 2012)
Wild & Taylor – Bang The Acid (Joey Beltram’s Bang The Drums Mix) (Synewave 1995)
Vice – Twang Funk (Black Nation Records 1996)
Mark Forshaw – Flying High (Tabernacle Records 2012)

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … h-floyeurs


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Slabs 181 - G String (2)


Our second mix from G String; deep, dark burners.

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … g-string-2

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Slabs 182


Over 3 years have past since the Brooklyn based artist .thejass. last featured on the site with what he called “Murdered Out Techno”. This remains a truly unique, almost otherworldly mix. So we were very happy when .thejass. reconnected late last year with news of a second volume which we present to you now.

“Murdered Out Techno Vol.2” a .thejass. exclusive mix for Slabs Of The TabernacleMurdered Out Techno is about as far away from electronic dance music as you can get before it stops being dance music. Murdered Out Techno Vol. 1 was like hearing techno music in a dark alley outside of a dance club; “Murdered Out Techno Vol.2” brings the heavy layers of doom metal, drone, and dark ambient samples into the DJ booth – the matte blacked out repetitive four to the floor kick drum has increased in pitch and menacing monochromatic tones are sustained long enough to induct any shaman into a meditative blackout. – .thejass.

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … 82-thejass


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Slabs 183 - Robert Bergman


Tracks from KEMAL, Börft, Seja, Trax, M>O>S, S.T.D. Records, Parlophone, Hospital, Gooiland Elektro, Rush Hour, PPU, Signals, ‘Not on label’, Permanent Vacation, NWAQ, and Audio Fidelity.

http://www.slabsofthetabernacle.com/201 … rt-bergman

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That Bergman mix is cool,... i remember him play some nice tracks on BAKK TV show @ifm, ...looked about 12 with a bumfluff moustache right enough big_smile

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