Topic: ensoniq EPS vs ASR-10 and one question

was gonna pick up an eps(or eps16) for my new studio/live setup. love the sound the awesome basic sequencer (with mutes!) and the (relative) simplicity

i asked a friend of mine (an older bro who was in a lot of 80s bands) what he thought of the eps and he said he had a sampler that someone gave him that he would give to me for free. he didnt know what it was called but by process of elimination i deduced that its an asr-10 rack.

my question: do the track buttons on the asr-10 work like track mutes buttons like the eps? not sure if its like the eps or if they are just there for selecting the track. then to mute it I would have to go into the track settings and mute it?! the "musicians manual" was unclear but did mention track mutes...

hoping to play live with it so i need dedicated mute buttons, not a lot of menu diving.

2nd question is whats the main diff in sound quality between the eps and asr? I read the eps is older and dirty but doesnt hit as hard. anybody with experience wanna help a brother out? I know overdose uses an eps, where you at?

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Re: ensoniq EPS vs ASR-10 and one question

Overdose has (had?) an EPS16+, I have an EPS. Biggest differences is that the 16 has more to offer, like more effects, 16-bit instead of 13-bit, 1mb standard instead of 480kb. What I personally like about the EPS is that it's 13 bit (yeah, not a typo, the ADC/DAC is 13 bit). Because of the lack of memory I don't use it often, if I use it it's to get lo-fi percussion or to resample synths in another sampler, or as an effect. I've never had an ASR-10 so I can't help you there, from the manual I gather that the buttons don't serve as track mutes and you have to get into the sequencer menu to mute single tracks. Still it seems fairly easy to sequence with it, I think it's worth a shot.

The ASR-10 is not bad to have at all anyway, it also makes a good stand alone effects generator, rather closely related to the DP2. It's free so the few flaws can't taste very bitter.

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Re: ensoniq EPS vs ASR-10 and one question

an asr10 for free? get it! And if you feel you need the eps specifically then you can sell it and buy one.

Re: ensoniq EPS vs ASR-10 and one question

thanks brian! the eps is more basic and easy to use so i might spring for that down the line. in the meantime i will play with the asr10. always wanted a dp2/dp4 but could never justify buying one so hears my chance at to check out the sound- you can run audio into the effects without sampling too!

anyone know a semi-painless synth/box for: emu sound library cheese like vocal choirs, pads bells and such? I was thinking emax I/II (or baldwin ike) but heard they cant take midi 16th notes without choking! any other keyboards im missing?


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