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If you're not doing live sound or working with a band is there really any great use for pre fader aux sends?  My mixer has aux sends 1 & 2 factory default set to pre fader and I never use them.. they are switchable between pre and post fader but you have pull out each module in order to change jumpers.  Having FX on post fade sends is nice for easy routing and feedback tricks and it'd be nice to have two more.

Figured I see if there was any convincing reasons for leaving them pre fader before investing the time to pull it apart?  I suppose you can set up a presumably mono monitor mix which is independent from your recording levels but is that any better than monitoring the tape returns routed to the main stereo bus?

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Re: Pre Fade Aux Sends

when you have pre fader sends you can get wet signal only on external fx you use on the aux bus (useful for reverb)

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Re: Pre Fade Aux Sends

I also never found much use for prefade sends either. would be super nice to have 4 postfade sends. though it doesn't look in the specs for my yamaha mx200-12 that it's switchable without any soldering work, which I'd hate to get into  hmm

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Prefader sends/aux are for doing monitor setups in a recording situation... It is the basis of having a good monitor setup for the musicians when doing multitracking in a studio. A studioconsole without it is total bollocks...

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