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A lot of the Soundcloud links you will find below are dead as i delete old mixes to make room for new mixes.

All past episodes of Dark Science Electro can be found at the following link: … ce-electro … ce-electro

AS1 - Mood Sequence 00.007
Heliopause - Subtransmission
Neonicle - Horror Shit
Dez Williams - Astrelo
Dynarec - Office Worker
Leaether Strip - Its Who I Am (HAVOK Remix)
Headnoaks - Clear Brainz
AS1 - In The End
Solvent - Think Like Us
Alek Stark - Singularity
Dr. Siak - Superbike
FPU - Calabi Yau Space
Solvent - First Step

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Koova - Disable All Connections
Aux 88 - Alien Bounce
DVS NME - Superluminal
Microthol - Syncrotron
R21 - Minimum
Heliopause - Destination Planet Earth
AS1 - Mood Sequence 00.0012
Blotnik Brothers - Starforce Exodus
Mandroid - Ikon Symbol
Autonomous Bass Heads - Electro Symphony
Illektrolab - Dirty Robot
Kragg - Lunar Excavator 119BIS
Hadamard - Dance With Me
Defekt - Our Future
Manasyt - First Mission To Bberon

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Thanks DVS!

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Komarken Electronics - Spaciousness
Sync 24 - We Rock Non-Stop (Heuristic Audio remix)
AS1 - This is How
Luke Eargoggle - Split Personality
Impakt - Flying Home
Rawtary - Sleeper
CPU - Signals From The Dark
R21    Minimum - (R21 Slow & Low remix)
Blotnik Brothers - Dont’t Worry You Won’t Dissolve
Funker Vogt - Seelenwanderung
Das Muster - Die Verlorenen
Jauzas The Shining - Nautilus (CPU remix)
Gab.Gato & Keith Tucker - Global Surveyors (Dark Vektor remix)
AS1 - Kill The Drama
Hadamard - I Want To Know

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -4-15-2011

Crotaphytus - Tracheloptychus
Silicon Scally - Rendered
Manasyt - Bad Bye
AS1 - Robot Sex Freak
Volum - Otaku (Delikat-SW)
Komarken Electronics - The Superstar
Mas 2008 - G*E*R
Gosub - Fuck Satan
Espion - Witches
Dark Signal - Synthetic Neural Circuits
The Hidden Persuader - Funk Finatik
The Hidden Persuader - Dancing Machine (DVS NME remix)
Deemphasis - Resist

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Apoptygma Berzerk - Rebel
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Scape One - I Program
Lassigue Bendthaus - Re-Cloned #7 (1)
The Freek Macheen - Bladerunner (DVS NME remix)
VCS2600 - Deep Sea Robotics
Defekt - Modular System
Exzakt - Sleeping With The Enemy (H.A.V.O.K. remix)
N-Ter - Judgement Day
GROW - Edgar Adam Grows Violent Worm
Mandroid - Anti Gravity Machines
Micro Controlled Corp - Life Style
Cody Commando - I Was
Sem - Area 5

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liking these, keep 'em coming
found lots more goodness on the soundcloud also...
miami bass, ghettotech & electro

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Heliopause — Departure
Robots On Acid — How Can Any Race Be So Stupid (Synapse Rmx) {epzrec026}
Heliopause — Destination Planet Earth
Pip Williams & The Hidden Persuader — The First Replicators
Robots On Acid — How Can Any Race Be So Stupid (R21 Rmx) {epzrec026}
Debasser — Music Freak (Shinra remix)
Badaszewski — Slut Cunt
Ion Driver — bbRobot (Teutonic Kaboom Remix)
Mad-Tek & Dan Fix — Micro-riddim VIP
Synapse — Robotox {epzrec025}
Otto Von Schirach — Bass Galactica 8
Warsaw Hoolz — I Smell ’Dro Up On You Holmes
Mehatronik — 8-Bit Comp Machine {epzrec028}
Paul Blackford — Mercury Switches {epzrec027}
Spinks — Blow Your Spine

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thanks DVS!

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … o-5-6-2011

Anthony Rother - Charles Chaplin English Mindtrip
Anthony Rother - Basic Level - Code Rising - Rewerk
Code Rising & Prolif - Advanced Chaos
The Hidden Persuader - System Saboteur - Inhuman Designed rmx
Ghosts in the Machine - Freak Collector
Kounterakt & Lethal Agent - Activate Sequence
Code Rising - We are Legion
Exzakt - Music Is The Drug - Evo Rmx
Jackal & Hyde - Malfunction
Hydraulix - Hydrospace
DBS - RobotMachine - Kronos Device Rmx
Ghosts in the Machine vs Analog To Future - Bitches
Ghosts in the Machine - As Fast As I Came In
Ilektrolab - Cylon Says
Ilektrolab - Darkness Falling
Analog To Future,Kounterakt,JR10 (APB) - Detonation Will Occur
Analog To Future - Reaching Out Into Other Worlds
Eleztrik Body - Future Lofi - Kounterakt Rmx
Exzakt - Dark Mind - Kounterakt Rmx
Evo - Accession
Inhuman Designed - Grown for the Cyborgs - JR10 Rmx
Daft Punk - End of Line - Code Rising Rmx

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Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

cool man, thanks.

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This weeks show featured the 10th installment of the 'Robots Riot' mix series from Elektropunkz. Mixed by DJ Mad Wax. The second half of the show was dedicated to German producer CPU. … ro-45-5-27

Sven Vath & Anthony Rother - Spring Love
The Exaltics - Evolution Of The Wrong Species
Scape One - Opposition Flow
Robert Cosmic - Visita Al Espacio
Juri-jah - Transfusion
Info_Cifon - Escape And Release (Interrogator mix)
Galaxian - Strange Brain
Juri-jah - Elektrode
Hadamard - Ass In Bass
The Exaltics - 1000 Lights In The Sky
Clatterbox - Sound Barrier
DMX Krew - DMX Bass (Vocal)
The Cotton Club - Nu Jack
Exzakt - City Of Bass
CPU - The Eye Of Ra
Crotaphytus - Theme (CPU remix)
CPU - BX-3
CPU - Untitled Track
CPU - Phone Call
CPU - Cyborg
CPU - Time Capsule
CPU - Another World

Find out more about DJ Mad Wax and CPU by following the links

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Zwischenwelt - Segunda Realidad
Der Zyklus - 4000 Irises (2000) Persons
MetaComplex - Polymer Matrix
Kobol Electronics - Computer Pervaded Society
Arpanet - Wave Function
AS1 - Visitor
Alek Stark - Зазеркалье
CPU - Signals From The Dark
The Exaltics - Night Drive With Us
Das Muster - Die Verlorenen
Zwischenwelt - Cryptic Dimension
Trauma - Radioaktivitat
Neonicle - UFO’s Gonna Steal You
Kosmozo - Squinted Eyes
Luke Eargoggle - Asberger Touch
Koova - Duelek

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thank you always.

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … tro-46-6-3

Antilogic - No Way
Spectrums Data Forces - Who Lives Here
Anthony Rother - Dont Stop The Beat
Komarken Electronics - Granular Material
Mas 2008 - Electro Caleidoscope
Seek 2012 - 2012
Mesak - Kid
Scape One - Potent Mutagen
AS1 - Aqua Flow
MetaComplex - Implanted Sounds
Hardfloor & ERP - You Know The Score (Morphology remix)
Bruno Binary - Bionic Control
Artificial Arm - Welcome To Planet Funk
Kraftwerk - Numbers

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thanks DVS. was listening yesterday Live for the 1st time.

Yall be chattin somewhere?

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ro-47-6-10

Guest DJ Deemphasis puts it down. Find more from him at the following links:
Deemphasis - Galaxy Of Chaos
Solar Chrome - Cellular Automation
Braincell - Cognition
Deemphasis - Cosmic Strings
Umwelt - Chromosome64
Info_Cifon - The Interrogator
Boris Divider - Axonal Destruction
Deemphasis - We Are
Fleck E.S.C. - In Charge
Point 7 - X Insert
Mas 2008 - U Can’t Emulate A Soul
Eedio - Complexe (Silicon Scally remix)
The Unknown Soldier - Babylons Gift
EMS - By Your Command
DJ Good Groove - Rock It
Blotnik Brothers - Masheen Song
Mesak - Mothbusters
Frank Kartell - Apollo 13 Technical Malfunction (Electro Mix)
Pip Williams - 100 Suns

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … ro-48-6-17

This weeks installment of Dark Science Electro was a split show featuring DVS NME and DJ Gorpo. Find out more about Gorpo at the following links:

Komarken Electronics - 4
Diplomat - Andromeda
Arpanet - Software Version
The Hidden Persuader - Shadow Dwellers
Drexciya - Triangular Hydrogen Strain
Ditone - Infoporn

Dr. Schmidt - Salvation Machine
Max Durante - Where Is My Spoon?
Aux 88 - Lock Groove
Exzakt - Beatbox
Diplomat - Get Your Ass To Mars
Pip Williams - Man VS Machine (Dibu Z remix)
Darxid - Electro Static

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This weeks show, as always, was an episode of Robots Riot via Elektropunkz. This months guest on the series was Simon Conway.

Obywatel G.C. – Spać, Nic Więcej
Ever Vivid – Lost Love
Time Light Curve – Multipole Vector
E.R.P. – Sensory Process
Hardfloor feat. E.R.P. – You Know The Score (Boris Divider remix)
214 – Drift Diving
Pip Williams – Natural Instinct
Photek – U.F.O. [addison groove’s almost headhunter remix)
Robaphex – On
Ola Bergman – Pseudocarp
Jon Convex – Convexations 3024
Boddika – Underground
Scape One – Substorm
Anodyne – Menace 808
Obywatel G.C. – Spokojnie Ulice

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caught the show yesterday man, it was a good one.

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … tro-50-7-1

This weeks Dark Science electro was half mixed by me and half mixed by [The_Outsider] ... You can find more from The Outsider at his Bandcamp page:

UHU - Base 808
Deemphasis - WhereAreU?
Defekt - Dimension
Solvent - Operating Ease
Exzakt - Sub.Sonic.Bass
Komarken Electronics - Granular Material
Industrial Bass Machine - Matrix V 2.0
Hadamard - Dance With Me
R21 & Grow - Broken Machines
The Outsider - Inside Your Mind
The Outsider - Electro Turbulence
The Outsider - The Power
The Outsider - Spaceport
The Outsider - 2600
The Outsider - Klangwelt

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Get it while its hot. Most of these links only last for a few weeks so i can make room for new mixes.. … o-7-8-2011

Gosub - Fuck Satan
AUX 88 - Extraterrestrial Time Travelers
Boris Divider - Master Model
UHU - Humans Act Like Robots
Kan3da - Outputvector
Blotnik Brothers - Tin Can
Komarken Electronics - Breed For Perfection
Adult. - Don’t You Stop (Toy Chop remix by Solvent)
Anthony Rother - Simulationszeittalter
Covenant - Flux
Morphology - Magellan Probe
I-F - Playstation No.1
VCS2600 - Deep Sea Robotics
Kraftwerk - Tour De France

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … lectricity

This weeks show was a special look into the German electro label DOMINANCE ELECTRICITY

Find more from this amazing label at

Mandroid - New Wave Freaks
Imatran Voima - On Speed
Global Surveyor - The Exaltics Close Down remix
Sbassship - Time Shadows
Blastromen - Human 2.0
LektroiD - Modular
Gab.Gato - Dominant Race
Global Surveyor - Dynamik Bass System remix
Dynamik Bass System - Side By Side
Komarken Electronics - Avoid Society
Gosub - Folding Time
Kalson - Astronauten
Dagobert - Astronomie