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@DarkScienceElectro Chart Mix - June 2019

E.R.P. - ZRX (@convextion)
Nomenklatur - Transcendence (Commuter remix)(@nomenklatur)
Carl Finlow - Holographic Emotion (@carlfinlow)
Luxus Varta - Sex After Midnight (@luxusvarta)
Galaxian - Ride The Spiral (@galaxian-official)
LMA - Oscillator Reflux (@london-modular-alliance)
Alex Jann - Computoid.Transmission.X (@alexjann)
Univac - Lektro City (@univac-geistform)
Kuldaboli - Svaesin Blaeti
Negocius Man - Dr01ds (@negociusman)

This mix marks the third entry of a new extension of the 'Dark Science Electro Chart' that was launched in March of 2019. This mix is just an extension of the chart itself; It allows the tracks to be mixed and counted down (from #10 to #1) into an easily digestible hour-long mix for @DarkScienceElectro on IFM - The chart is a monthly top 10 list based on a variety of publically available data that is aggregated to create a score, which is used to rank the tracks and produce the chart. You can find out more about the chart by going to and clicking on 'How Is This Chart Made?' beneath the chart itself. You will also find links to play the tracks, which will provide information about where they can be purchased as well. Please read that section of the website before asking me easily avoidable questions. If you have done so and still have questions/suggestions, do not hesitate to send me a message on Soundcloud. Thanks so much for listening!


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The 414th episode of @DarkScienceElectro was a guest mix by @Digital-Distortions boss-dudes and DJ duo 'Horror Brawl'.

Horror Brawl is Bushby & Mallory. After meeting at Leeds infamous Back 2 Basics club and shopping at the same record shops they struck up a friendship and DJing partnership that has spanned 17 years.

During that time they have held various residencies in their home town of Leeds including the legendary techno night Detatched, started two respected labels: Digital Distortions and it's now defunct offshoot: Limetree Projects and 2 podcasts: BRAWLcast , for the darker electronic genres and Kitchen Spasm for more house based flavours where they produce mixes under the name MxK

Bushby: @hrrrbrwl
Neil: @neilmallory

Carlos Sicrock - Computers
Sansibar - Nolla
SC-164 - Dialed Apart
Cyan85 - Computor Punk
Tinfoil - Every Saturday Night (Sync 24 remix)
DJ Nephil - Astral Perception
Vin Sol - Hyper Tension
Univac - Tangra
Vaimler - Avalon
Maelstrom - Spasm
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code - Wireframe
Viers - AFB
Sound Synthesis & Datawave - Modulation
Carlos Sicrock - Kill Zone
Low Tape - Acid Television
Djedjotronic - #1#0#2
DJ Nephil - Venom

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The 414th episode of @DarkScienceElectro originally aired on 6/21/2019

Biochip - M.O.
Rapha - 353 (DJ Overdose remix)
The Exaltics - Symbionts Came Through The Green Lights
Luxus Varta - Sex After Midnight
Lectromagnetique - Higher State Of Consciousness
Silicon Scally - Scintillation
Maelstrom - Genome
Morphology - Identity Component (Versalife remix)
I-F - Torment
VCS2600 - Verilog Circuit Synthesis
Dopplereffekt - Myon-Neutrino
Hardfloor & ERP - 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward
Commuter - Foundation

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The 416th episode of @DarkScienceElectro originally aired on 6/28/2019

Anthony Rother - This Is 3L3C7R0
Petwo Evans - White
Federico Leccata - Nymane
CPU - Phone Call
Morphology - Cobol
Kovyazin D & Moralez - Sunken Space Sea
Cignol - No Reply From 806
C C O - Aposematism
Carl Finlow - Chemical Bonds
MetaComplex - Android Opiate
Jensen Interceptor - Ufology
Ole Mic Odd - Myrgatroid
Hadamard - Smooth Talk
Suiciders - Tutka-3
Versalfie - Monospaced

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The 418th episode of @DarkScienceElectro was mixed by @OsoFeo and originally aired on 7/12/2019

The Exaltics - 0022.53.0.2
Aux 88 - Annihilating The Rhythm (Detroit In Effect Remix)
Ash Rock & Jimithegenius - Machines
Dynamix II - The Plastic Men
Natural Nate - Bounce To This
Resident Alien - Alienation
The Dexorcist - Test Drive
The Advent - Only Power
Touchin’ Bass - Clandestine
Biochip C. & Alice D. - In My Head
Acidwolf - Valley Shuffle
Rico Casazza - Gingerino
Locked Club, RLGN - Bosozoku
Maelstrom - Lithium
Rise Black - Privacy
Belligerents - Crack 99
T.E.S.T - Dark Moment
DMX Krew - You Can Do It
Photonz - Viperidae
Elecktroids - Perpetual Motion
The Unit vs. Scarlaton - Solid State
Arpanet - Axis of Rotation

@OsoFeo (Sebastian Ortega) is a border child, pushing broken rhythms in his productions and selections that draw upon his upbringing, living on the edge of Texas and Mexico. Throughout Feo's years in San Francisco, he has founded and curated club residencies, renegades, and raves to explore underground sounds. His work promotes diversity both on the dancefloor and in the booth. Sebastian is the co-founder of the music collective, "Cultivated Frequencies" and monthly SF party, "Only Human" -- two channels that feature futuristic sonic and visual environments.

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2019 has unarguably been a great year for Electro both with overall visibility for the public as well as with the sheer number of quality releases being put out thus far. With a newfound buzz surrounding my beloved genre, I'm hardly keeping up! I feel like It's been a busy year both production-wise and promotion-wise for @DVSNME and @DarkScienceElectro respectively, however, I put together a mix of my favorite 19 tracks in 2019 thus far. Thanks to all the artists and DJs for the promos that made this mix possible. (@dvsnme July 19th, 2019)

MetaComplex - Blue Light District (@metacomplex)
RX-101 - Pulse Shaper (@rx-101)
Richard Easel - It Will Never Be The Same (@richardeasel)
Anthony Rother - This Is 3L3C7R0 (@anthony-rother)
Aloka - Concave (@alokamusic)
Nullptr - Cybernoid (@bovaflux)
Commuter - Bionic Transplant (@commuter)
Plant43 - Neon Vista (@plant43)
VC-118A - Dither (@mohlao)
96 Back - Ghzel Tea (@96-back)
Lake Haze - System Glitch (@lakehaze)
Microthol - Dissonanz (@microthol)
Norwell - New Physics (@norwell)
Rodney - I Don't Want It To Be Like This (@formant-shift)
The Exaltics - I Want You (feat Egyptian Lover)(@the-exaltics)
C C O - Aposematism (@ContraCommunemOpinionem)
Aether Pilot - De Grands Vaisseaux (@aetherpilot)
Luxus Varta - Sex After Midnight (@luxusvarta)
Siviyex - Mindcontrol(@siviyex)

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This week's episode of Dark Science Electro was just published. It features tracks by Principleasure, Ekman, IXRQ, Zobol, CEM3340, Aether Pilot and more.

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The 428th installment of @DarkScienceElectro

Armec - Sozin
X-Truder - Glow (Go Nuclear remix)
Animistic Beliefs - Digitone (The Exaltics remix)
Henry Hearse - Hydrophiinae
Derailleur - Hydraulic Performer (Radioactive Man remix)
Docta Gee - Himalayas
Francois Dillinger - Privacy Settings
DVS NME - Bereaved
AS1 - Nightmares In A Blur
Aether Pilot - Des Soleils Anciens
ADULT. - Idle (Second Thoughts)
Go Nuclear - Exotic Dancer
Zobol - Foreign Objects

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The 432nd episode of @DarkScienceElectro was originally published on 10/18/2019

XY0815 - Cleo's Theme
214 - Voice Check
MystesSystem - Antis
Fotoapparat - Transhumanismus
Negocius Man - Dr01ds
Aether Pilot - Intercept Operator
Franck Kartell - Time Machine
Static Breaker - Transmission Complete
Setrus - Left Cellex Rink
Morphology - Herschel Crater
Cyan85 - Creepin
Blotnik Brothers - In Technology We Trust
Faceless Mind & DVS NME - Slingrande Sinne
Paul Blackford - Quasar (Sol_Dat remix)