Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … o-on-b-a-s

Solvent - In Light
DVS NME - Solitary
Scape One     - Substorm (Sync24 remix)
Faceless Mind - Wreck Of A Voyage
Boris Divider - Evolution
ESS - Rectified
Der Zyklus - Der Tonimpulstest
Luke Eargoggle - Drinking & Smoking
Komarken Electronics - Zostrianos
The Exaltics - Evolution Of The Wrong Species
Koova - Loose Ends
AS1 - This Day Will Come
Klorex - Betamax

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … io-2-24-12

Komarken Electronics - Aspire
Grow     - Shiver (Prototype remix)
Das Muster - Superzeichen
Downrocks - Pretoria (instrumental)
Blackploid - Interstellar Space
Heuristic Audio - Dawn Over The City
Solvent - Lights And Lens
Polycarbon Clique - My Death Bag
Grow - This Is It (R21 remix)
AS1 - Flight Tactics
Hadamard - My Education
Dagobert - Astronauten Weltenraum
DVS NME & The Outsider - Bait & Switch
R21 - Number World

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … laka-guest

Guest mix by


Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … s-s-3-9-12

Das Muster - Illusionen
noise&noise - Steam Engine
Solvent - Spin Cycle
Komarken Electronics - Aspire
Das Muster - Apartment 6
Kobol Electronics - Compressed Thoughts
MetaComplex - Black Moleculas
Arnold Steiner - Reflections
Cybotron - Clear
Kan3da - Bio Robota
MetaComplex - Hybrid Enzymes (DVS NME rmx)
Koova - Warnings
Gosub - Blind World
Versalife - Panopticon
Elecktroids - Flotation
Luke Eargoggle - Nancy Is Data

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -3-12-2012

Every Friday at 20:00 GMT on

Deemphasis - My Secret
Thomas Kress - Controlling The Crowd
Simulant - New Machines
Mandroid - Microswitch
MicroControlUnit - Save The World ( Morphogenetic remix )
Ditone - Infoporn
Arpanet - Software Version
Gosub - Heart Breaker
Uprokk - Mechanical Dreams
noise&noise - Return To Animal
The Consumer - Your Soul For Access
CPU - Time Capsule
Das Muster - Superzeichen

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … io-3-23-12

Thomas Kress - Space Pilot
Komarken Electronics - Who Are They
DeFeKt - Modular System
DVS NME - Redesigned
Koova - Dark Science Electro
AS1 - Within Me
Boris Divider - The Source
Dark Vektor - Pulso Correcto
Dr. Siak - Extra Life
BMX - Chemotron Worldwide
Crotaphytus - Don’t Look Behind
Mandroid - Machine Made
Blotnik Brothers - Le Monde
Faceless Mind - Faceless Programmer

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -3-20-2012

Find out more about our guest by going here:

Electronome - Morphing
Pametex - Lucifer
Illektrolab - Into Space
KAN3DA - Backa Biker Boys
Morphology - Nucleosynthesis
IL.Ek.Tro - Nodes
Headnoaks - Time Is Nothing
Metacomplex - Polymer Matrix II
214 - Inside The Chamber
Deemphasis - Our Destiny
DJ K-1 - Agenda (Instrumental Mix)
Volsoc - Try to Save Your Song
The Exaltics - Things Fall Apart
Elec Pt. 1 - Little Silverbox

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

coolex. lena is a good friend of mine  smile

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

good stuff

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … o-3-6-2012

Every Friday night at 20:00 GMT on B.A.S.S. Radio

Digitizer - Robotnik
Koova - Darkness
AS1 - Automatic Syncromatic
The Exaltics - No Time To Spend
Dr. Siak - Cyclus Noctourna
Haujobb - Manifestation
Front 242 - Sample D
VNV Nation - Kingdom (Restoration)
Covenant - Flux
Exzakt - Vox Box
Hydraulix - Robocop

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -4-27-2012

Guest mix by DJ

Digitek - Nymphomaniac
DMX Krew - Pitch II Pitch
Lab Rat XL - Lab Rat 3
Urban Tribe - Discrete Waveform
Abstract Thought - Galactic Rotation
Urban Tribe - ECM
Abstract Thought - Consequences of Cloning
Fastgraph - Forensics
Dopplereffekt - Die Radiometre
The Other Side Of Space - The Other Side Of Space
Abstract Thought - Bermuda Triangle
Der Zyklus - Roche Limit v3
Urban Tribe - Hostile Takeover
Drexciya - Bang Bang
Gosub - Is This Life
Duplex - Time Dilatation (Heinrich Mueller remix)
AS1 - Robot Sex Freak
New York City Survivors - Tha Shadow
Arpanet - Chandrasekhars Limit

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … o-on-b-a-s

This mix was done as an exclusive for and aired on Dark Science Electro on 6/1/2012

ESS - Wave Train | Unreleased
UHU - Humans Act Like Robots |Transient Force
Komarken Electronics - 4 | Bandcamp
Morphology - Magellan Probe |Diametric
Heliopause - Subtransmission |Robotmachine
Koova - Little Spills |AC Records
Kan3da - Outputvector |Transient Force
AS1 - Symmetry & Illusion |Transient Force
DVS NME - Chrononaut |Crobot Muzik
Gosub - Fuck Satan |Transient Force
Melogik - The Future Perfected |Transient Force
noise&noise - Return To Animal |Unreleased
MetaComplex - Polymer Matrix II |Binalog Productions
Fuck Yuo I Am A Robot - Nosebleed

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -take-five

The fifth installment of my 'Dunkle Wissenschaft Elektro' mix series.

Datentraeger - Manipulation
UHU - Quark Plane
Koova - Glass
Blackploid - Galaxy
DeFeKt - Our Future
Deemphasis - WhereAreU?
Ditone - Infoporn
The Exaltics - Second Choice
AS1 - Kill The Drama
Morphology - Euclidean Structure
noise&noise - Return To Animal
We Are Numbers - Numerot
Das Muster - Abrenzung
Der Zyklus - Eigenface
ArD2 - Victory
Kan3da - Romanticist

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -a-s-s-101

Every Friday night on

System Insurgent - Wolves (DVS NME remix)
Microthol - Binary Systems
The Exaltics - We Know What You Mean
R21 - Zombie State
Gosub - Laugh Track
The Hidden Persuader - Next Wave
Debonaire - Crystalik Fuzion
Dynamik Bass System - Fearless Computer
Mandroid - New Wave Freaks
UHU - Energum (Komarken Electronics remix)
CPU - Phone Call
Ultradyne - Crimson Dynamo
Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
Das Muster - Zeittunnel

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … nk-express

This show was a showcase on the music of electro veteran Scape One. You can find out more about this artist and check out his discography at the link:

Scape One     - Retropolitan
Scape One     - Subtrakt
Scape One - Sequence Data 2
Scape One     - Snow Crash
Scape One - 260 Speakers
Scape One     - Flashback
Scape One     - The Prometheus Factor
Scape One     - The Zen Differencial
Scape One     - Evacuation Incomplete
Scape One - Negative Attraction
Scape One     - Simulacra
Scape One     - Electro Plasma System
Scape One     - High Frequency Sound
Scape One     - Advanced Technology

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

Every Friday night on Buenos Aires Sound System

Daily electro blog:

DOWNLOAD: … -a-s-s-103

Morphology - Neural Network
Luke Eargoggle - Science Girl
Kobol Electronics - Tidoc
Das Muster - Wahrnehmung
Polycarbon Clique - Life On Mars
AS1 - Talking To Soul
Hadamard - Smooth Talk
Diplomat - Solace Of The Shadows
Heuristic Audio - Struggle
240 Interceptor - A Salty Teardrop
Wumpscut - Running Killer
Kronos Device - Hostile Lifeform
Adult. - Lost Love
Blotnik Brothers - Uranium Angels
The Exaltics - The Truth

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

Every Friday night at 20:00 GMT on B.A.S.S. Radio

Daily Electro blog:

DOWNLOAD: … -radio-104

Fuck Yuo I Am A Robot - Scientific Calculator
Sync 24 - Resynth
SEM - Area 5
Micro Controlled Corp - Life Style
AS1 - Subsonic Delays
Magnetic Bass Force - Powerful Force
KAN3DA - Outputvector
Sbles3plex - Virtual Place (N-Ter Remix)
Dr Schmidt - Quellcrist
Exzakt - Futureshock (N-ter Remix)
Zoja - Sustaining Bodies
Anthony Nuzzo - Betrayal
Industrial Bass Machine - Matrix 2.0
Kronos Device - Hostile Lifeform
RA-X - Hack The Pentagon
Disturbot - Into The Factory
Cultek - Pressure Lock

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … compendium

A two hour non-stop mix featuring only tracks from the 116 track electro compilation entitled 'Electro Compendium'

You can get a free download of all the tracks from this mix and the compilation here: … compendium

Darin Marshall - Sibilance
DVS NME - Unobtainium
Kretz - Errechnen Sie Das Leben
Dark Vektor - Patetic
Pip Williams - Lost Souls
Billy Wood - Robot Cop
The Exaltics - 2905
Plant43 - Wounding Words
Dekode - Black Cell
Volsoc - Soundcheck
Sync 24 - Yo
Symbiotek - Assember
Clatterbox - Space Tourist
Pal Secam Kids - Kirschberg
Stick 430 - Get A Grip, Foo
Dez Williams - URwhatUR
MagikBitum - Camisole
Phausis - 1d3nt1fy
Sonar Base - Photon Filters
Decal - Live All You Can
Manasyt - Daylight Savings For 15 Seconds
Galaxian - Decoy
Raakel Bloody Raakel - Selfrape
Scanone - Lexicon
Espion - Encounter

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … morphology

Special one hour mix featuring the sound of Finnish electro duo Morpholgy

Find out more about the duo here:

Morphology - Absence Of Matter (Hardfloor remix)
Morphology - Nucleosynthesis
Morphology - Dark Star
Morphology - Euclidean Structure
Morphology - Evaporation Residue
Morphology - Beta Decay
Morphology - Spacetime Interval
Morphology - Lagrangian
Morphology - Magellan Probe
Morphology - Neural Network
Morphology - Hydrus Constellation (Headnoaks Remix)
Morphology - Moebius Strip

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … -942-guest

This weeks show was mixed by guest DJ Laka 942 from Spain. Check out more from Laka on his Soundcloud page:

Robo - Poder En La Sombra
Synthetic Cells - Galaxy Of Chaos
Sonar Bass - The Deadly Storms Of Uranus
Solar Chrome - Cellular Automation
Robodrum - Mind Destruccion
Boris Divider - Extincion Humana (Larry Mccormick remix)
Solar Chrome - Controlled Reality
Synthetic Cells - Basic Taste
Antisocial Network - Sibillance
Mike Ash - Threat Detection (extra acid mix)
Blotnik Brothers - Masheen
Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
ESS - Orbit

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … zova-guest

This weeks show was a guest mix from DJ Elena Sizova. Find out more about this lovely young lady at:

Tune in every Friday night at 20:00 GMT for more Dark Science Electro

Dez Williams – Cold Sweat
Alek Stark – Event Horozont
Alek Stark – macsj0025.4-1222
Hardfloor – 4th Dimension Of The 5th Ward
SiL!S – Homage To The Doomed
Soul Oddity – Welcome Back To Earth
Transparent Sound – Open Your Box
Kan3da – Outputvector
Melogik – The Future Perfected
Kan3da – Backa Biker Boys
214 – Drift Diving
Das Muster – Horizontale Drehung
Dez Williams – Koffin
Versalife – Unsolved Mysteries

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … 10-12-2012

Today's show was done by Irish DJ Lyonsy. Check out more of his work by visiting his Souncloud pages: Lyonsytron & LYONSY MIX's

Depth Charge - Depth Charge
TCM -The Stroboscope Syndrome
Lowfish - 8_OP
ESS - JX10
Dynarec - In Your Hand
Scape one - Potent Mutagen
Dynarec - Politics
Hardfloor - ERP Version 2
Elecktroids - Stun Gun
Drexcyia - Wavejumper
Lightyear - track 7
Defekt - Incept
Lightyear - track 6
Alex Norinh - Reign Of Control Ep
Clark - Growles garden
Cryotron - obey my master
Kritical Audio - Krupp
Silicon Scally - Parallel Array
FSOL - We Have Explosive
White Label - Unknown Title

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … 10-19-2012

Every Friday at 20:00 GMT on

Arnold Steiner - Galactic Cluster
ESS - She Vanished To The Hyperbelt
Kretz - Errechnen Sie Das Leben
Dynamik Bass System - She’s Gotta Have It
The Outsider - K25
Morphology - Moebius Strip
Scape One - After The Rain
Composite Profuse - Sequential Instant
Direct Control - Shadow Of Time
Thomas Kress - Electronic Mnemonic
Kraftwerk - The Telephone Call (Giuseppe Mereu remix)
DVS NME - Singular
London Modular Alliance - Acidlab
Skinny Puppy - Punk In Park Zoo’s

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro

This weeks show was the first take of the Dunkle Wissenschaft Elektro series. Originally recorded in 2010, this became a 5 part series that focused on the darkest sci-fi electro music released. The entire series can be found on my MixCloud page.

Zwischenwelt - Segunda Realidad
Der Zyklus - 4000 Irises (2000) Persons
MetaComplex - Polymer Matrix
Kobol Electronics - Computer Pervaded Society
Arpanet - Wave Function
AS1 - Visitor
Alek Stark - Зазеркалье
CPU - Signals From The Dark
The Exaltics - Night Drive With Us
Das Muster - Die Verlorenen
Zwischenwelt - Cryptic Dimension
Trauma - Radioaktivitat
Neonicle - UFO’s Gonna Steal You
Kosmozo - Squinted Eyes
Luke Eargoggle - Asberger Touch
Koova - Duelek

Re: DVS NME presents: Dark Science Electro … 11-30-2012

This weeks show was recorded in 2011 and is the second installment of my 'Dunkle Wissenschaft Elektro' series.

AS1 - Mood Sequence 013
Alek Stark - Diapause
Versalife - Electronic Suspect
MetaComplex - Molecular Anomaly II
Solvent - Take Me Home
Kan3da - Datasquad
The Exaltics - Compressed Thoughts
ArD2 - Time
Faceless Mind - Valaskjalf
CPU - Signals From The Dark (DVS NME remix)
Komarken Electronics - 7
Erase - Peter And The Robot
Defekt - Replicants Mind
Crotaphytus - Plethodon Glutinosus
Arpanet - NTT DoCoMo
Zwischenwelt - Apparition
Mandroid - Quiet Weapons For Silent Wars
Komarken Electronics - Antimatter
DVS NME - Kingdoms