Topic: kawai xd-5 percussion synth 75 EUR

it's time to let this thing go, it's been sitting in my rack for a long time and i desperately need the space..

Kawai XD5 percussion synth. in good condition, everything works. i don't have the original power supply wall wart with it, but any 12V DC will do. i do have the manual somewhere.  i think.
great for gritty, dirty digital percussion sounds. i used it on a lot of my early electro records: some things on the early bunker series, machine des duivels, wraak der wegpiraten, etc. apparantly it's even circuit bendable..;-)
lots of info on the web about this one. great editable sounds, and a total of 8 outputs.

75 euro ex shipping. i'll happily ship anywhere in the world.

no trades, only cash, unless you have ways of getting a deal on one of the new Sony Nex camera's.. tongue