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Germany, 2002: Christian Morgenstern brings the first track by Dr. Shingo entitled "Have You Ever Seen The Blue Comet?" on his own label Forte Records. The single, taken from the album, includes even the remixes by finnish Ural 13 Diktators and japanese Takkyu Ishino. Sadly one year later Morgenstern passed away, Forte Records closed its doors, and the 2nd Shingo's album was released on Television Records (managed by Maral Salmassi). Other singles were out on Art Of Perception, Electric Avenue Recordings (Monika Kruse's label), Nite Grooves and Sonar Kollektiv, and remixes instead were made for Codec & Flexor, Carsten Franke and Quesh. Influenced by German electronic music, the japanese artist is active in DJing and live acts: he performed at legendary Tresor in Berlin, and has toured in Spain, Italy, China, Korea, Singapore and obviously in Japan, where he played at Wire festival and at Womb, where he appears as resident DJ. After ten years, "Have You Ever Seen The Blue Comet?" is again into our speakers with four new versions by Ulysses from USA (Teknotika, Lasergun, Guidance, Bear Funk, Internasjonal and one half of Neurotic Drum Band), Sare Havlicek from Slovenia (Nang Records), Skatebård from Norway (Digitalo Enterprises, Radius, Supersoul Recordings, Luna Flicks, Keys Of Life, Tellektro, Sex Tags Mania) and multiverse talent Rafworx Oldindustry from Belgium. As addendum, Maxi-Single includes two unreleased tracks, composed and recorded ten years ago but not used for the album on Forte "Dr Shingo's Space Odd-Yssey". Please, pay attention and look up to the sky: the blue comet is back, but it's not Hale-Bopp, it's a mysterious yellow flying saucer.

It is available in digital format and in CDr (limited edition, hand numbered, with artwork on photographic paper and cd in vinyl-layout).
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