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speculator wrote:

whoops.. made a mistake.. i just write the playlist after from a stack of recs.. sometimes i get it wrong

No worries! Just trying to help  big_smile

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with special guest anteros&thanaton from paris … ator-and-1

young marco ESP
simoncino LIES
omar s track 8
dario dell'aere no sex
wang chung wait
camaro's gang ali shuffle
carmen schlaraffenland
le syndicat electronique no emotions
joe meek and the blue men
tracklist coming soon....

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here is the rest of the playlist from wtbs with anteros & thanaton
Suuns - Pie IX
Alphaville - The Nelson Highrise (Sector One) (Disco 3000 Edit)
Gareth Cheshire - Galaxia (Brassica Remix)
Mike Burns - Everybody Mantra
It's A Fine Line - Eins Fein Grind
Dr Dunks (aka Eric Duncan) - How We Do In NYC
Material - Ciquiri
Connie Case - Get Down
Smith 'n Hack - To Our Disco Friends
Get A Room! Edit - Under The Vice
Binary Chaffinch - False Energy
Zombie Zombie - The Beach
Upcoming Edit From Vidal Benjamin & Nicola

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-june-1

marta acuna dance danca dance
linda law all the night
kenny burke risin' to the top
chaka khan ck's duet space rap
soft cell insecure…me?
alex israel luciernaga
cybercyn poste de crystal
roberto auser xunga
african 808 tummy, tummy
hunee the lowest animal
dj speculator rendezvous edit
entro senestre
sir stephen the friction
willie burns
florene snappy
shawn o sullivan we have survived
dual parameter
black deer i almost had a moment alone

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-july-2

ex vivian treetops/ledges
quanah parker
stanton miranda wheels over indian trails
torn hawk LIES
mark stewart and maffia
town hawk
mark stewart
beat club beatclub
dcantu sequencias
entro senestre echovolt
shawn o sullivan chasing voices
svengalisghost LIES
vulva rephlex
cranium hf
final cut the bass has landed (jeff mills)
inner city do ya
love what you feel 003
simoncino LIES
tambien circolo
graham philip d'ancey sacredheart/sacred blood

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-july-9

coldcut remix music for 18 musicians
led er est sacred bones
vice device
led er est
sympathy nervous
L.I.E.S. wishing for an end
max d future times
secret circuit BIS
adonte african house mix
proect xyz the airhead
time tracx rufftrack records
lidel townsell & mtf get with u
robert owens def mix
a guy called gerald specific hate
808 state chunky funk mix
atmosphere cloud 9
automat/black star
dada munchamonkey
new order
front 242
le syndicate electronique
nacht und nebel
nor'easter tri state
felix da housecat thee dawn

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … lator-july

3 men gone mad
china crisis
3 men gone mad
bryan ferry dont stop the dance
current 93 slow to speak
slow to speak edit of henrich schwarz
love club feat jelly
the children freedom
bad news LIES
wee papa girl rappers detroit mix
neneh cherry buffalo stance
reg mundy band finger pop
set fire to me rp records inc
the salsoul orchestra burning spear
4 tracks from scott z fantasy edit record on rush hour
fern kinney groove me
tamiko jones i want you
everything but the girl missing lite mix

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-july-1

alex israel GAZ 13
kinoeye mean old world
alex israel bindlestiff
stinkworx yinmao
alex israel walking to guntersville
stinkworx whut
lazuli blue nugroove
risque starlight
felix da housecat ready2wear
dmx krew sound of the street
black order electro blues
project 1 rush the bridge
love inc. trance atlantic excess
engin-eer once upon a timei n the west
kunstkopf 001
led er est biodome
intimate obsessions assassin
OMD 1st 3 songs from dazzle ships
konono no 1
body drill

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-july-3

johnnie taylor good love
in aeternam vale
the it endless flight
chasing voices dope jams
jt stewart
in aeternam vale
jt stewart
unknown artist LIES
thurston robb i will acacia ep
some weird drum n bass whitelabel
yoo-ko kk records
one dove andrew weatherall remix
dance 2 trance
4hero mr. kirk
sueno latino
diana ross paradise
total madness petey wheatstraw
cassio understand one another

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-aug-6

get a room its takes a muscle
kissing the pink big man restless
spike golf channel
grackle musiccargo remix
shawn o sullivan unarmed
shadows j hip this house
time reveals cave with you
stever summers construction paper
entro senestre echovolt
hieroglyphic being sequencias
dcantu sequencias
moon b track 8
heatsick the juggler
willie burns huhuh
this is a momenth (BMX edit)
BMX brghn hrct
Dodd emergency glass
nicolas hartzine UFO talker
orgue electronique serpent
entro senestre unreleased
voiski unreleased
shawn o sullivan scold

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-aug-20

commandant carlos
ministry i'm falling
neon sub label
MARRS anitina
specials monkey man
danielle dax hammer heads
phil barry hello, i love you
blood simple soundtrack
new order elegia
simple minds a theme for great cities
kriedlertolouse low trax
omar s
omar s
the sun god
love what you feel 003
caj 226
wanzer jugle ribtickler
2 tracks from Nao Katafuchi
trackman lafonte & bon qui qui pacific house
two dogs in a house LIES

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-aug-27

hidemi ishikawa love comes quickly
celi bee (i need a ) he man dub
cloud dance circle dance
arabian prince it's a dope thang/ it's time to bone
schooly d guccitime
billy ocean night (feel like getting down)
gary's gang runaway instr
johnny harris odyssey
b&g rhythm
tout sweet another man is twice as nice
tony wilson new york city life
loud e sex e ?
avida creme organization
blondie rapture 12"
klein & mbo wonderful
da rebels the jungle
blake baxter fuck you up
alserground resistance
kym mazelle got to get you back
wolfram ft haddaway legowelt mix
fingers inc
mr fingers
fingers inc

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

hooked on these since last week! raiding the archive..

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

cool.. im glad you like them.. that is what they are there for..

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-and-2

spike golf channel
bebi doll rudi dance mix
amanda lear follow me
KLOVENHOOF takes over..playlist may be a little off.. but its pretty close:
landscape the doll's house
reinhard lakomy
kreidler rote wuste
tolouse low trax karaoke kalk
S U R V I V E floating cube
hermann hesse
nuclear waves where the sea stands still
ralph lundsten
S U R V I V E hourglass
Incantation on the wings of a condor
blues control love's a rondo
kim wilde child come away
kinho in our eyes
cleaners from venus only a shadow
nued photo
cerrone phonic
egyptian eyeliner anger and frustration
tanki tanki
enya evening fllas
philadelphia 5 not leaving without jerry
FG's Romance what's love today
corridor plateau GANG 1

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-sept-1

alex israel night gallery
reggie dokes
model man wt records
brigade mondaine
per tjernberg they call me
numbers & feelings "so lonely"
t.e.t. the slant
trackman lafonte and bon qui qui
mood life
mike grant
mike grant
delroy edwards LIES
mutant beat dance LIES
kingdon come jungle bliss
tylon feel the rhythm of house
stevo armani
woz wt records
jay black one night affair
debbie jacobs
elektrick dred
king sporty
dj mac & dj rob feel the rhythm
groovematic witness the strength
en masse feel the mantra

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-and-3

super all over the place radio show, disco house techno jungle chillout weirdo.. with a visit from NAO KATAFUCHI where we listen to 2 of his tracks from WT 12 and talk about stuff.

man parrish hip hop be bop reprise
kleer tonight
man friday jump
gwen guthrie it should have been you
glen adams affair just a groove
pleasure pump
kenny jammin jason & fast eddie don't want it
satoshi tomie and i loved you
marshall jefferson truth
lamb sacred space mix
2 or 3 tracks from remarc sound murderer compilation
unique 3 rhythm takes control
boyz in shock give me back your love
4 or 5 tracks from the advent recreations album
wink the crusher
LIES blacklabel
playing tracks
NAO interview
suzanne e. ciani

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

Loving the show.
Not missing Astro Unicorn anymore.

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

ha.. thanks..

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

with milo smee of … ator-and-4

professor genius hassan steve summers remix
milo smee dj set:
1. Nitzer Ebb - Captivate
2. Mass Production - Come get some of this
3. L.T.D. - Kicking Back
4. Bintus - Point Counter Point (forthcoming on power vacuum)
5. Masterdon Comitee  - Get off my Tip
6. Charles Persip -sevens
7. Skywhale - Boggles, him go walkabout
8. Doris Norton - Norton Music research
9. Sparks - So important
10. Chrome Hoof - Deadly Pressure feat. Cluster
11. Pentangle - Springtime promises
12. EDMX - I'm rushing my tits off
13. Aurra - Nasty Disposition
14. Kruton - 1 3/4 I.P.S (unreleased)
15. Cathedral - Carnival Bizzarre
16. Westbam - hold me back
17. Sylvester - Rock the Box
18. Binary Chaffinch - False Energy
19. Booze - Bronze release
20. Padded Cell - word of mouth (Binary Chaffinch Rework)

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-oct-22

adrian belew portrait of margaret
robert palmer woke up laughing
dianne lynn forever my sunset
project "86" nugroove
brothers of love we r 1 of a kind
man called gazoo im gonna get you
blue jean illustrious
lillian night flight dub
the house addicts come together
dancing fantasy voodoo jammin'
jeffrey osborne you should be mine dubstramental
wham! im your man acapella
space final signal
tantra hills of katmandu
SeaBat pro-click
psychick warriors of gaia
r-tyme r theme
the it gallimaufry gallery
torn hawk this is crime and lace
knights lifantastic
steeve moore remix of professor genius
willie burns TTT all 4 tracks

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

Thanks for the shows, downloadin' !

Sending this transmission into the depths of space
I must complete my mission - destroy the human race

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-oct-29

nao katafuchi stormy weather
solid space
klf what time is love
dimensional holofonic sound
kym mazell
100% pure underground dub mix
projection heart & soul cosmic techno trance mix
sublevel dont blame me
do you love what you feel juan atkins mix
red planet -4
the return of drexciya
model 500 mayday mix
move as one move as one
stp twentythree let jimi take over
feedback element ep
let's get it straight legowelt mix
d'marc cantu MOS
jt stewart echovolt
orgue electronique serpent
africaine 808 tummy, tummy
tagwell woods
jm de frias 2 demo tracks

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-nov-5

ssps IES blacklabel
virgo mechanically replayed
dj q
mike grant
dj q
kingdome come jungle bliss
trackmaster lafonte and bon qui qui
blue jean's ouse jammies
the it endless flight
reese mayday mix
jojo mindgames
tgt the eon mix
kate bush cloudbursting meteorological mix
nzambi terekke remix
dancing on the titanic
raga Lalit
kevin harrison fly
timothy fairplay the yellow sector
orgue electronique our discovery remix
gavin guthrie w.burns extended edit
willie burns

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-nov-12

carl craig
hole in one x paradise
IX lie'vz
xavier do it to the max
status IV you aint really down
willie burns rolls royce edit
samo make a living
xamiga time waits for no man
mc kama raknrall
bandali family tankeh tankeh
africaine 808 green arrows
mzungu too hot
r. ben brown possessed
orgue electronique our house TLR edit
smackos love is gonna find you
paris is for lovers
voiski pale
entro senestre la caccia alt mix
kid machine megatron