Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-nov-19

silver surfer the deep
sequencial the big cahoona white album remixes
lil louis i called u
imperial (pierre)
cozy creatures
fantasy i got your number
black ivory mainline
demis roussos i dig you
glenn branca
depeche mode are people people?
dub syndicate tunes from the missing channel
skinny boys
pet shop boys
1000 ohm you're the one
neud photo kraftjerkz 012
3 tracks from Into the light greek electronics compilation
shawn o sullivan a good party
tagwell rd. tagwell woods
towlie (bmx edit)
nao katafuchi hidden in your eyes
martial canterel windscreen
epee du bois misery

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

heard it on newtown, great stuff! thx...

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

started off kinda good then got into some kind of blip idm chillout room in ibiza.. … tor-nov-26

david bowie philip glass aphex twin remix
sun ra the bad and the beautiful
funkadelic standing on the verge of getting it on
material busting out
dynasty i dont want to be a freak
ata kak noema's tribute edit
noema iko iko dub
2 songs from sensations' fix
john mclaughlin
2 more songs from sensations fix
led er est timewave zeronoise abroad vent that spleen
OOBE 1slippy gimbo records
pucker tunes vol 1 smooth & simmonds
the shamen coming unsung
venus lippstikk
twilight network
venus aftermath
chasing voices
off and gone exist dance
santonio deep cover
lenny dee shoom nu groove
banji dance
dimension 5 digital wax records
chestnut string moods
new rhythm time travel
house 2 house i wanna see you dance
chicago hous'n authority visions
bobby brown on our own instr
aphex twin remix

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-dec-3

advance take me to the top
pretty tony computer language
glass domain interlock
jt stewart ophelia
legowelt echovolt
alex israel night gallery
willie burns sequencias
marcos cabral tio rico LIES
neud photo dimensions
3rd wave kunstkopf
bridge & tunnel kids willie burns remix
moon b bonus track
legowelt azurian sunset/another dogs day
heatsick the juggler
oaklahoma tape project
solid space
808 state sunrise
a guy called gerald
sensory elements vol 1 azuli records
joe church church dub
K.E.L.S.E.Y. boy MK
armand van helden witchdoktor
f.p.i. project rich in paradise
smoove jam syndromatic
galaxy 2 galaxy rhythm of infinity

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

lots of banter with liz wendelbo of xeno and oaklander as we listen to her tope ten for 2012 and then i play some records … ator-and-5

eraserhead soundtrack "in heaven"
umrijeti za strojem "mini-suknja i psihoanalizia"
borghesia "ZMR"
led er est "kaiyo maru"
glenn winter "herrens svar"
neud photo
trackman lafonte & bon qui qui "pacific house"
void vision "every thing is fine"
nao katafuchi "yumegoto"
suoni dalle creme
C.V.O. sargaso sea
porn darstellar trouble
EVAVIII skin-deep
klaus schulze from mirage
lisa g call my name
max werner cosmic winter
open house feat. placid angels aquatic (detroit style)
housefactors black market
legowelt paranormal sampler
santos beat the knuckles
fade to black fragile
joey beltram flash cube
window smashers g-force
the whatnauts

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

with special guest dj ron morelli of LIES … ator-and-6

show starts with some records played by speculator.. then some morelli and some banter mixed in and then finishing with more recs from speculator..
martial canterel and entro senestre chillin on the couch.

dj speculator stars with
miles davis
tommy james
africaine 808
dream 2 science
afrika bambaata
orgue electronique the serpent

ron morelli plays a bunch of crap
ron morelli tries to read
more crap
more banter
more crap

speculator back on
entro senestre
caltrop lenny
couple of tracks from into the light

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

archives are uploaded.. WTBS with me and Mo Probs djing and SHADOWLUST live.. which is Svengalisghost and Lili … eculator-7

some sort of tracklist:
speculator starts with some records:
caltrop "lenny"
no smoke "coro coro"
cypher "nitemare walking"
def touch "nasty rhythm"
house trax & rhythms
the cs strategy eargasmic recordings
everything but the girl mood II swing dub
boy george "the crying game"

dj Mo Probs:
jahiliyya fields - servant garden
h-fusion - wicked bitch witch
lies black label
optik - the chance rmx
original clique - underground
young male - a 11 R
virgo - mechanically replayed
ben mays - x rated jungle mix
underground quality - ct beat down by jus ed anton zap
black jazz consortium - i can feel it
lies black label
jesse saunders - on and on extended 12"
the pj project - nice n fast
symbols and instruments - moods (Optimistic Mix)
aroy dee - perfume (aroy dee dub)


DJ speculator again:
marrs "anitina"
808 state "nimbus"
mimi majik irdial
carlton ffr
dream 2 science

one more track from mo probs:

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-dec-31

vocoder what happens now
LIES black label
gene farris sight n sound
green velvet preacher man
raze stop playin
roqui ive just begun to love you
fet et moi paris is for lovers
4 tracks from orgue electronique strange paradise
scram i believe
sax 4 two funky vibrations
towlie bmx edit
summerian fleet
samo dj LIES black label
holographic 2nd
TZ7 sabam tm
adam x drop bass
holy ghost heavy water
down town space love
l.b. bad united sounds of america
hard drive deep inside
el barrio across 110th street
paul simpson real woman
funkadelic maggot brain/chant

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-and-7

lots of banter from eliot lipp and speculator about trends in american electronic dance music.. trap to dubstep..

music is nothing like normal WTBS but still interesting to hear and talk about what the kids like.

hot like sauce - Pretty Lights
The Sunset - Eliot Lipp
Fly away - Eliot Lipp
Amphibian - RL Grime
Kiss & Tell - B Bravo
Burner - Loud Pack
Sandstorm (Candyland's OG Remix) - Darude
Sophisticated - Rick Ross
Beamer - Mele
Right Thurr - Bassdrum Project
Express Yourself (gents & Jawns remix) - Diplo
Underground - Flosstradamus
Done - Brenmar
Harlem Shake - Baauer
Basshead - Bassnectar
? - Datsik
oh sheila - Djemba Djemba
Wild for the night - Doshy
Drank in my cup - Kirko Bangs
Wonderland - Eliot Lipp
Alive - Eliot Lipp
Scary Monsters - Skrillex
Won't you be there (Baauer remix) - Nero
You Already know - D Face
my homies still - Lil Wayne & Big Sean
OD (Mayhem remix) - Demo
Belly - Supreme Cuts
Who am I - Supervision & Michal Menert
The Sounds - Thugli
Moombah (Afrojack remix)- Silvio Ecomo Chuckie
K Hole - Bro Safari
Move (Eliot Lipp remix) - Les Professionnels
The Wolf - Eliot Lipp
Illmerica - Wolfgang Gartner
wit we coin - 2 Chainz
A Million - Nipsey Hustle
Swag Champ - Soldier Boy
Heads Will Roll (Kid Kamillion remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Adrenaline - Zed's Dead
Effortlessly (Cosy) - Lakim
Booty 2 the ground - UZ
Moments in Love - Art of Noise

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-jan-14

brian harden the horn
r-tyme illusion
aphrohead global cuts
those guys tonight
sweet d
lee douglas belle epoque edit
cf and daywalker
electribe 101 talking with myself
RMI 71502
a guy called gerald energy
purity ring
fluorescent echo
the hunger
red flag
teque neck mango
prince secret mixes and fixes
llian night flight
pleasure zone house nation
pcp project
maas fallen arches
the noize boyz
aldo bender

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

with special guest shawn o sullivan … ator-and-8

speculator starts
bunch of tracks from j velez mmt tapes on rush hour

shawn o sullivan
white breaks vol II - a1
hate records 5- bad organs
spiritual combat - raw basics
the hypnotist - hardcore will never die
truss - ganymede (perc mix)
robert armani - road tour remix (dave clarke)
the overlord - master of the universe

freez-e-style - radar
leo anibaldi - darkness
british murder boys - dead sun
takaaki itoh - spacer
dj slip - jill's meth b-side
pacou - t.4 (final mix)
your health - a-side
inigo kennedy - jednu dvanctku b2
chasing voices - hive
borghesia - graffiti no. 2
lass crime - land of nothing
not only bones - im an empty dream's keeper

shawn o'sullivan - crisis
the mover - nightflgiht
regis - reclaimed fragments b2
porter ricks - trident
paul birken - acid youth of malibu
daniel lodig - plus 1
dj esp - baseball box
fanon flowers - bittersweet
realmz - chamber 2
trop tard - ma folie se dessiner

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-jan-28

bunch of tracks from Spike lp on golf channel
eno st elmos fire
gil scott heron and brian jackson angel dust/madison ave
septimo sello OTTO
koto chinese revenge
neud photo
depeche mode photogenic remix
the voodooists jungle and the zoo
international smoke signal
Orbital belfast/the moebius
3 tracks from 2 sir stephen recs on 100% silk
2 tracks from daywalker and cf on LIES
mind fair golf channel
3 or 4 tracks from moon b on PPU
the rhythm odyssey and dr dunks fox
more spike lp

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ator-feb-4

geena 3 tongues to talk
orgue electronique the serpent
towlie bmx
streetwalker 2 tracks
3 tracks from spec edits on LIES
tagwell woods
mh alright
mh 342 miles away
our discovery orgue remix
cliff lothar
geena aka track
hunee the lowest animal
samo dj tai po kau
t toekomstje
grackle basic channels

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

speculator wrote:

newtownradio feb-4

great show again.

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-feb-11

personable peak oil
strategy peak oil
personable peak oil
j velez mmt tapes 4
willie burns TTT
the rhythm odyssey & dr dunks golf channel
danny ultra omni
big house deep in big baby acid
africaine 808 tummy tummy
vivian vee wanna feel
roxana in your eyes instr.
bobby davenport gimme a break
zodiac the mysterious galaxy
sabre night drive to bolland
d'marc cantu straight shooter
robert hood into the exodus
anstam watchign the ships go down
florian kupfer feelin
valmass gallano
dj overdose film freak
soils a commodity place

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

Nice one this week.

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-feb-18

jt stewart ophelia
jt stewart swfyu
g strings
vernon night gallery
g strings
kaos gonna get over you master reese mix
model 500 i wanna be there
daywalker & cf
ahmed fakroun editions disco #8
mama miami better days recs
pharoahs island time
tagwell woods hardware
sabre cosmic carlos
ulysses nanook
kunstkopf 02
secret circuit knocking on wood
caltrop lenny
willie burns creme
g strings ghoul echovolt
entro senestre la caccia (alt mix)
kompleks D.E.R.T.
dancing on the titanic

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … tor-feb-25

healing force project sequencias
in aeternam vale minimal wave
les olivensteins eithanasie (demo)
141 G what you gonna do (dub)
le pamplemousse manna de carnival
black trax #4
dj duke & the locomotion posse
stakker humanoid
rhythmatic frequency
2 tracks from scanner
confused house unknown number/let it run
r zone huh huh
r zone novation
jm de frias aganda (unreleased)
black deer i almost had a moment alone
entro senestre live from wt recs DEMF pre party 2012

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … eculator-8

ismael lo xalat
j.j. cale
kevin harrison ink man/views of the rhine
bob chance it's broken 7"
a few tracks from secret circuit "tropical psychedelics"
a few tracks from alan hurst "nzambi"
alan hurst terrekke remix
quandrant basic channel
tropical moon
alex smith here with me
tunrtable orch. "you're gonna miss me"
ecstasy "dont play me raw" get down mix
madeline kane cherchez pas
celestial choir stand on the word
808 state cosa cosa/johnnycab
I.B.M. kill bill
TBD bigs
slava future times
2 tracks from "those shocking times" indonesian rock comp

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … eculator-9

hypnotique get a room edit
rendez vous speculator edit
okesutora of the void ivan smagghe edit
theme from snowman and the falcon
secret circuit afterlife
2 tracks from maxmillion dunbar woo
slow to speak stars
florian kupfer feelin
angel face creme jak
kasso key west
electrik funk on a journey instrumental
barbara norris heavy hitter
barrabas on the road
sister sledge he's the greatest dancer
fake donna rouge
vocoder amor de robot
beograd beg
black deer
suoni dalle ombre oltre
black deer
pg&s motorik
lee douglas galaxy toobin remix
infiniti game one

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

todays show was a little different.. here is the archive. nao katafuchi plays live. … ator-and-9

claude larson
willie burns heatsick remix
moon b
madteo we doubt
speculator wang ching edit
simple minds
the passage norn every minute
several tracks from musik for autobahns
Monkey Magic Godiego
Nice Age Yellow Magic Orchestra
Yes-No Off Course
Das Boot Klaus Doldinger
Sallot Ski Greeen Linez
Good Friends Wah Wah Watson

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

today's sleepy WTBS archive … culator-10

sombrero galaxy
ghost note golf channel
steve moore on 33rpm totally cosmic bro
tagwell woods wt records
3 tracks from mikhaylo vityk
titanic sultana
sylvester down, down, down
yello daily disco
q voice of q
funky family funky is on
traffic sound virgin
almendra obertura
3 tracks from the crazy world of arthur brown
helter skelter/young girl
self defense shut out
arthur russell let's go swimming
window smashers x-square/tribe alive
heatsick legowelt remix
savage don't cry tonight

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

merci! love the titanic track

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … culator-11

juju and jordash way of the road
bernie worrell killer mosquito
maxine singleton dont you love it instrumental
shakin' street suzy wong
lyn todd i need a man
tommy james keep it in the groove
j.j. cale ride me high
mary j blige let no man put asunder
bobby o im so hot for you
the it donnie hardy mix
beige emperor
ian aywon apocalypse
chasing voices (the white one)
francis englehardt leveling
genoa mungin new way
t.e.t. ear
simoncino LIES
cranium hf babel fish
umm there is no band
umm walking pronto laurie anderson edit
unreleased willie burns remix
annette peacock "im the one"
tom noble remix of dam funk

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

today's archive.. lots of banter with ADAM X … tor-and-10