Re: new episode of wtbs for download … il-21-2014

WTBS with special guest Schwabe from disco not disco in belgrade.
bunch of ex yugo stuff then some other stuff.

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … may-5-2014

special guest J.VELEZ plays live this week..

speculator starts:
nicolette larson
nina simone
central line
alicia meyers
love is crazy dub dance rhythm
jovonn feat wayne brown
sodom easy street
rheji burrell dance lessons
system 7 marshall jefferson remix

J.VELEZ live set..

the holy ghost inc.
tom of england
roland young
larry gus black deer remix
standing waves crash and burn

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ay-12-2014

metropolis balefire
torn hawk
tom of england
big stick feat GN
big strick
future times thing
florian kupfer
willie burns
tx connect
robert crash
WV a dog in the night
severe trance e.p.
unity 3
you are in my system
big ben tribe
carborundum x
dollis hill
hidden agenda
mike loucas
absolute second entry
gunnar haslam

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … une-2-2014

tom salta the new generation
celestial highways metroplex
bluejean city limits
ballistic mystic exist dance
hardhead strictly rhythm
shawn rudiman broken planet
da vibe "time to work"
hardcore jazz dancemania
big strick armed & dangerous
willie burns ttt
chase smith HSOC-6
tom chasteen exist dance
tom chasteen exist dance
3 tracks from albion edits
galaxians rotating souls
skipworth and turner
kenny jammin jason
marcos cabral special spiral
helmer ANM009
patricia body issues
certain creatures jahiliya fields rmx
dyonis fragile
d.b.o. general some justice '95
armageddon hellraiser ep
ju ju daybreak oh' zone records
astro strings (aint what they used to be)

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … une-9-2014

max d high life
eeoo uttu040
delorean dreams legowelt remix
lords of midnite
person of interest
tom of england
low jack
aa dekhen jara rocky soundtrack
hermen kelly & life
e.g. daily
skyy let love shine
slack slack
j velez
transfer station blue
further reductions x2
jt stewart
dj stingray
max d w burns remix
seven minutes of funk
surface salsoul
slow walkers peak oil

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ne-23-2014

a bunch of tracks from these records on favni gena records:
igor wakhevitch nagual
igor wakhevitch let's start
igor wakhevitch logos
igor wakhevitch doctor faust
igor wakhevitch hathor
igor wakhevitch les fous d'or

naked island peak oil
strategy pressure washer
el mahdy dj danse noir
cabaret voltaire what is real?
michael kidd gomez dance to the rhythm
rfftrax on wax freedom dub
the dark side gimme more music
teule profile
paulie"be down" flores" saber records
fashion something in your picture
lizzy mercier descloux ze
sharon redd
swing out sister breakout
betcha won't hurt me JVS
3 tracks from dunkelziffer emotional rescue

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

good  cool

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ug-18-2015

let's go into space III
boban petrovic
mangiami edit
mangiami edit
mangiami edit
second circle sc001
zsa gang
florian kupfer
terry baldwin feat. bud latour
baris manco
u skripcu
gut nose sus005
randomer russian torrent
towlies theme an-i remix
willie burns remix of damian lazarus
nothing on the horizon willie burns remix

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ug-25-2014

keni burke
dusan prelevic
MB rush hour no label
sue ann let me let you rock me
towlie underbron
denise m
dance advisory comission
person of interest
juju & jordash golf channel
clendon toblerone
robert crash

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … pt-15-2014

new york endless golf channel
symbols & instruments
mellow mellow
the orb chime remix
slow to speak edit april 14
criminal house dance mania
set fire to me rp records
what price love roman's remix
the african dream
kate bush cloudbursting
st etienne weatherall remix
swing out sister
phil collins
tom of england STD
secret service
the zebras
the bad luck charms not that way anymore
catskill tapes
hailu mergia & his classical instruments
bola volume 7
2 tracks from penny penny shaka bundu
out hud kranky

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … oct-6-2014

zanzibar chanel
andras fox
zanzibar chanel
coober petty university band
odd numbers
black deer permanent vacation
sam de la rosa BFE records
SURVIVE monfonus press
richard h. kirk
buz ludzha
morgan buckley
3 or 4 tracks from land vs air sex lies magnetic tape
daywalker + cf emptional response
2 tracks from larry heard alien
2 tracks from states of mind +8 records
commodores nightshift

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … nov-3-2014

spec plays some weird belgian record and then phoenicia remix of me and my rhythm box
then beau wanzer:
luc van acker - untitled
nocturnal emmissions - sealing a phrase
the residents - hello skinny
minimal man - trains
ende shneafliet - air zaire (live)
die form - invisible man
was not was - i'm in jail
data bank a - mechanical man
jan de lichte - rudy de sutter
Eurythmics - Step on the Beast
stupid babies - babysitters
Andy Giorbino - untitled
Raymond Scott - don't beat your wife every night
Ike Yard
launguage - bite the hand that fails to feed you
beta evers - satisfaction
beau wanzer - love tone
Tom Fazzini - Pork Barrel
asmus tietchens - atommacht indien
whores of babylon - sure knocked me out with his natural wit and charm
kunst=stoff - schluckauf
flying lizards - he kissed me
laughing hands - untitled
max closer and the graves - picket the safety way
dim dandy and the doinks - dance to the machines
vangelis - hymn
die welttraumforscher - monika

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ov-10-2014

tom noble stops by for a chat..
Third World - lagos jump - extended 12" mix
Clausel - let me love you - 12" radio mix
Endgames - ecstasy - 12"
Andy Nelson - bionic eyes - 12"
Firefly - our trade is life - 12"
Michael Washington - everlasting love - 12"
Moon B - those moments - PPU LP
Miller, Miller, Miler & Sloan - key to my heart - 7"
Con-Funk-Shun - california 1 - LP
Quest - run jesse run - 12"
Benedek - oceanside - (T. Noble remix) unreleased
Twilite Tone & T Noble - birds & bees - unreleased
Unique Pleasure - live people (T. Noble remix) Superior Elevation 12"
Cousin Icicle - in the city - Jacques Renault edit 12"
Cela - in love - 12" (labeled 45, which is why I fucked up the intro)
Deep Fuzz - nothing - 2XLP NOID records

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ov-17-2014

the spell revisiting bagdad
wicket rich
joe smooth im not given up
inner city that man kevin saunderson mix
barry manalow copacabana demo/regular
ann margret midnight message
black deer torn hawk remix
willie burns hotshit012
black deer nacho patrol remix
forma cool hap tics
steve summers russian torrents
styles upon styles spectrum III
celestial highways metroplex
moby all that i need is to be loved
robert crash DIN-006
45ACP DIN-007
tzusing LIES
master minds discovery
dan physics melody 2 mind
eric copeland LIES
theme from terminator/das boot techno mixes
black deer sad city remix

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

Always playing WTBS stuff at work. Always good  smile

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ov-24-2014

v 4 visions
larry heard
anti time
ambassadors of funk
paul simpson
melba moore
covergirl im a winner
skipworth and turner
2 upcoming tracks from florian kupfer
the orb
party atmosphere timbau
aphrohead daybreak
model 500 interference
2 tracks from virtual sex
e dancer joey beltram remix
born free 13

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ec-15-2014

tim fairplay emotional response
gilb'r & sotofett
che the incident
julian jupin perez jack me til i scream
inner city love what you feel KS mix
ready for the world
the tymes to the max
the meters
the pool
zombie zombie
lies ADE thing
willie burns
gigi masin
trust in 6
westside box savants
trackman lafonte and bonquiqui
clendon toblerone
jordan cgz
burns & hawk

Re: new episode of wtbs for download … ec-29-2014

wang chung the reggae instrumental
wang chung dreaming in the hills of heaven
robert palmer woke up laughing
lena platanos
jean michel herve dark bassments
beau wanzer 7"
3rd wave new body
tom of england
new order
kunstkopf 01
ngly cccp
anom virtuv tabernacle
dave angel the family ep
neuropolitique can't get off the slide
IBM kill billrobert armani hard work
wicket I'm on fire
carol william instrumental
central line
chandra simmons
melba moore
3 albion edits
kola you done me wrong boy

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

WTBS with awesome tapes from africa … 015awesome tapes from africa
saha koyo
issa bakayogo
georges ouedraogo
dr waisiu ayinde marshal
lat mbaye
aby ngana diop
eduardo paim
yvonne chaka chaka
sambou diakite
mbilia bel
john kijiko & atomic jazz band
ephat mujuru
king sunny ade
the boyoyo boys
penny penny
fuji gyration pasuma wonder
tigrigna music from ethiopia
les freres coulibaly
brenda and the big dudes
ata kak

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

fax yourself
teacher can't step twice
cola boy i pour the cola
the brothers grimm
LLR-2 white label
pizarro plastica
judy torres
faster action
mutant beat dance
will & florian
something from war party various artists
will & florian
torch song moth dub
front line assembly
n-sync inc
steve silk hurley
101 jade 4 u
george and mary AS
mary j blige let no man put usunder
pussy control
bootleg funk you up
ernie hines our generation
luther searching
barbara roy
so hott clubb
djs on vinyl vol I
florian kupfer wt

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Re: new episode of wtbs for download

burns & hawk
beautiful swimmers
palmboment II
trash company
wild metals
rudiger lorenz
earle hotel tapes
eddie harris
love unity soul trust
george smallwood
tina turner
shirley jones
250 lbs of blue
julian jonah
3 tracks from thee madkatt courtship
robert palmer
the ride committee feat. roxy
joe smooth
larree' lee
set the tone "smile"
m-3 band why do you keep hanging around me after you say so long

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

Thanks for posting the mixes!
I've been a fan since the Shortbus Radio days on EVR. cool

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

magic mountain high
magic mountain high
terrekke remix woodwork
martin de brig
hermez titanic city
jamie paton
juju & jordash
lou christie
glen campbell
florian kupfer
faster action
delroy edwards
jay dehnam
dj rush
more denham and rush
entro senestre rosegold
entro senestre DOHC

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

entro senestre
morgan buckley
jamie paton
big struck and generation next
african dream
big strick
eamon harkin
ata kak
das ding
reckless ron cook
entro semestre
luv dancin

Re: new episode of wtbs for download

sheila hylton golf channel
common sense just can't help myself
mercy mercy
kingdom come jungle bliss
cc catch shake the mind
click click change of plan
ro maron collected (a couple of tracks maybe 4)
willie burns upcoming
wolfram upcoming
lepelis edit upcoming LIES
allesandro edit
scream like swift
ciudad estelar remain edit
jordan gcz lushly birds
black deer upcoming
interbrain molecular psychology