Topic: Wasubot DefectiveEpathyUpgrade5000 (Italo mix)

Hello Robots

Another mix I never got around to posting. This time more usual robot programming. It's an extended version of a demo.

1     Ancient Powerplant- Tangerine Dream, the keep, Orange Records (Bootleg)
2     Strangers In A Strage Land  -    N.O.I.A, Italian Records
3     Moliendo Cafe - Cheaps, Memory Records
4     Blue Disease (Razormaid) -    Vivien Vee, Razormaid Records
5     Flash Into My Life - D.F. & Pam ,Thick Record
6     Walk In The Night -    Diego, Memory Records
7     You Can Do It (Vocal) - Marzio Dance,     Full Time Records
8     Waiting For A Train (Inst. Dub) -     Moonbase,     Il Discotto Productions
9     Waiting For You (Vocal) - Stelee Up, Many Records
10     Silent Smiles (Extended Remix)     - Ram Band, Line Records
11     Fotonovela (12in) -    Ivan, CBS
12     Do You -    Duke Lake, memory records
13     It's The Monkey -    Strada, Durium
14     Hot stuff -    Image, Memory Records

Notes: Special Sequence Mixed For Dancing