Topic: [mix} Discofunky or Funkydisco #3

After playing a lot on acid partys, some people asked me if I could do another Discofunky or Funkydisco mix.

So here it is: "This is my past (Discofunky III) mix"

No tracklist again. I think that most songs are very easy to get and if somebody really wants to know a track: just mail me.

Grab it on

Also for number 1 and 2.

Should it fail try this link for 3:

(in that case I could upload 1 and 2 on request).

Re: [mix} Discofunky or Funkydisco #3

thanks alot big dog!!!

Re: [mix} Discofunky or Funkydisco #3

you're welcome smile

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is this the mix that starts with 'dancing in outer space?'

keep hackney crap

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no, starts with Jack Jones - I feel good (put your pants on)

the one you're refering to is "Baz Reznik - Funkydisco" : also on

That's part 1 of the series. The naming is a bit of a mess so:

mix 1: Baz Reznik - Funkydisco
mix 2: Baz Reznik - Disco funky II
mix 3: Baz Reznik - This is my past (Discofunky III)