Topic: Circuit Repair - Disco, House + Electro

Something special for fellow robots.

Hypnosis End Title - Blade Runner (Mission 4)
Phreak Plus One - Bikini (Compost Black Label 22)
Inflagranti - Effective Placebo Effect (Speak Recordings 4)
Metro Area - Machine Vibes (Source)
Mark du Mosch - Kolossus (Moustache Records)
Elitechnique - Electric Evening (Clone)
Sneak Thief - On Tigris I Thirst (Creme Organization)
Skatebard - June Nights South Of Siena (Radius Records)
Sneak Thief - Der Herzenbrecher (Moustache Records)
Phreak Plus One - Boogie Beat (Compost Black Label 7)
Matt Whitehead - Spinning Mobile (Cultivated Electronics 2)
C-34 - Watch Yourself (Matt Wills Remix) (MinimalRome 9)
Mark du Mosch - Faith (Moustache Records)
Phreak Plus One - New York Dolls (Compost Black Label 22)
Inflagranti - Additional Alpha Blocker (Speak Recordings 4)
Elitechnique - Mirror Men (Clone)
Legowelt - Secret Ship (Creme Organization)
Alexander Robotnick - Intro For Live Performance (Creme Organzation)
Junq - From Below (Cultivated Electronics 2)
Sneak Thief - Damaszener Stahl (Creme Organization)

Re: Circuit Repair - Disco, House + Electro


yoof my new favorite DJ:)

not slackin on the creme,clone and minimal rome(hey that rhymed)

tankers for the mixx!!!

CEBTEQ colored outside the lines.

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looks great - grabbed!

Re: Circuit Repair - Disco, House + Electro

looks like a good mix for my commute home from work!

worship the potentiometer.

Re: Circuit Repair - Disco, House + Electro

Currently listening and digging a lot
that track after on tigris i thirst is hot...gonna have to cop i think

I was so close // I crept like a cat // visions of seduction lurkin under my hat
Zerohour Doom & Glamour | RETALI8Cold Crush

Jackie Ransom, Luster & Beta Evers - Secrets Of The World out now on 7"/Digital

Re: Circuit Repair - Disco, House + Electro

great mix mate, just what i was up for listening to this morning, a good genre mix, kinda thing i would pass down to a younger sibling and say "get onto this spacey shit...!"

Re: Circuit Repair - Disco, House + Electro

Cheers robots, very happy it tickled your circuitry. I must admit, I'm quite fond of this mix too ;-)