Topic: Vermona Retroverb Lancet ?

Anyone tested it? I've seen mixed up opinions on forums. My budget is 500 euros and analog fx unit is the best way to spend it, as i don't have any. I'm looking for new gear, vintage is horrendously expensive here and i don't want to spend more money on repairs/servicing. The nice thing is i can use it in so many ways with spring combined with multimode filter and modulation options. Demos sounds good to me, but i have no experiance with spring reverbs so it's hard to compare. The other similar unit is Ekdahl Moisturizer, which has even better reviews but it doesn't have envelope follower / generator so probably it sounds more "static". What other stuff should I consider? I'm interested in bbd delays, spring reverbs, filter banks, tape echoes etc.

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Re: Vermona Retroverb Lancet ?

i'd still be on the lookout for a tape delay of some sort..

new stuff; Check out the Vermona Filter Lancet, seems awesome.. The filters in the Mono Lancet are ace imo!.. Also the moog mf101 is a super nice lp filter with a supernice drive knob on it (thanks septic).  The RNLA aka Really Nice Leveling Amp is.. A meganice compressor, ultra cheap (200e) .. Dont get the RNC tho, its more sterile i hear. Thats what i can think of off the top of my head