Topic: Casio CZ5000 for Trade

Hey all, possibly looking to trade my Casio CZ5000 for something smaller and more compact (moving). Interested in a Dave Smith Mopho box, Korg Electribe, MFB drum machine or synth...something along those lines.
Just tuned up at Main Drag, missing first white key though. Haven't used the 8 track sequencer.

Local trades only in Brooklyn.


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Re: Casio CZ5000 for Trade

Okay, a Craigslister wants to trade for an MC303. Can't haul the CZ5000 across the country. What do you think?
Can also put in storage in Brooklyn (parent basement). Hmmmm  neutral

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Re: Casio CZ5000 for Trade

An MC303 is of questionable value... I would take an ES1 over that any day. - raw electrofunk

Re: Casio CZ5000 for Trade

It is, storage it'll go unless something else comes up, thanks!

Re: Casio CZ5000 for Trade

What about my Yamaha CS1X for a 303? Keeps coming up on Craigslist. Needing to slim down gear so it's a good size roll

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Re: Casio CZ5000 for Trade

WELLLLL sold the CZ and got a Redsound Dark Star XP2! Very happy, even with all the bad press.