Topic: Doepfer modules for Eurorack synth for sale

Hi all,
i am cleaning up some space in my 9u case and though it makes me sad, i have the following modules for sale:

Doepfer A-115 Audio Divider (50 Euro) - really cool module for boosting your bass and creating strange effects. you send audio in,  and the module sends out square waves in divisions of the original frequency (/2, /4, /8, /16). in addition you get to mix these using volume knobs and set the amount of each partial in the overall mix! very nice for feeding drum machines through it.

Doepfer A-170 Dual Slew Limiter (50 Euro) - very nice combination of 2 slew limiters (for portamento effect or simply smoothing sharp corners). the first has even control over "rise" and "fall" rates so you could have different times for each direction!

Doepfer A-138c Polarizing Mixer (55 Euro)- very nice audio / cv mixer. when used with cv you can polarize your signal or create strange shapes out of different signal. mixed together in different magnitudes and polarization. channel one puts out a DC offset that can be really useful for offsetting LFOs!

all modules are 8 months old (bought new in December) and in mint condition (a little rack rash is possible but not much of that too.

shipping costs is not included in the selling price but should not be much.
standard European as i am shipping from germany.

thank you.