Topic: AECK - Space Sorrows (Original Minimal Mix)

Trying my best Dutch impersonation here with some acid blues ghetto house. Free DL as always. … al-minimal

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Re: AECK - Space Sorrows (Original Minimal Mix)

I could not have done it better - your Dutch impersonation has been approved by a Finn, straight up.

For some reason it takes me back to Sega Mega Drive graphics.

You were just a damn sequencer
Moving to the beat
Living with a synthesizer
Cold as a repeat

Re: AECK - Space Sorrows (Original Minimal Mix)

big_smile  big_smile  big_smile
I'm glad I got you gaming in your mind, I continue the mood but load up an extra cartridge of reverbed out Casio lead+pad combo for a slightly different game now. … ate-expand

Finally done, there's one more sped up demo mix but I think I'll leave that in the vaults for now.