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Hey there,

I have a Doepfer MS-404 and I really like the sound. But it has some problems also.  First of all, when I switch between waveforms while it is receiving MIDI input, it usually happens that it stops playing until I switch it off and on again. My friend says this could possibly be fixed (he thinks it is a mechanical issue of those switches). But of course this means work, and it might not work, and there are more issues:

For example, when I turn up the resonance, the sound gets VERY thin, I know it's normal for some synths, but I'd like to have more of a 303 behavior here, so that I can also do some acid-like stuff (but it does not need to be the perfect 303 clone).

And last but not least, I simply do not like the 19" factor. I prefer desktop machines.

If anyone could recommend a good replacement, I might sell it and buy that instead. It should have similar sound capabilities (the MS-404 is not just a 303 clone, it has a full ADSR and 2 LFOs) and if possible not a 19" machine. I tried the Moog Minitaur, something like that would be great. But this is new and it's twice the price, I would like to find something that is maybe 10-15 years old that might be a little bit cheaper than brand new stuff like Moog Minitaur or Doepfer Dark Energy.

I have recently found out about a "Technosaurus Microcon", is that any good? Any other alternatives that might come to mind?

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Re: MS-404 alternative

Not a bad price for that trax thing.... Now on the GAS list....  lol

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Cool I never heard of those. Will check that out wink

I also heard of the following two (those can be bought new for 300-400 EUR):
- Vermona Mono Lancet
- Eowave Domino

Any thoughts on those?

Yesterday I also read that there is a new Novation Bass Station announced... this time fully analog wink of course it's a different form factor because of the keyboard, but depending on the price I might even go after that (similar to Arturia Minibrute). It even has a step sequencer, so this could be the next SH-101 smile

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In case anyone is interested... I got me the Novation Bass Station II now smile actually a month ago... but I still have my MS-404 and I'm not sure if I really want to sell it big_smile

Here are some demos that I recorded in the hotel (I was in Holland when I bought it, and they had a special offer so I got it for 10% less, and in the hotel I only had my little speaker with me, but it's still nice to hear the sounds):