Topic: Some travel tracks

This is a bit of an experiment. We're currently traveling the world as most might have seen. While traveling I need some things to keep me busy so I decided to make a track for every country we would see. This track is then place under our video with some images from the trip. The track is made while in the country to grab a bit of the vibe there. Sometimes I make street noise recordings to use as "instruments" and sometimes I play some synth lines. Because we're on the road my only tools are a macbook and my iPod as recording device. Therefore the tracks are much different than I usually make in the studio (also because they are based upon local music). All in all a good project to keep myself busy and some nice things to remember this trip when I come back.

If somebody would like to have a listen:

And to see the video's:

Re: Some travel tracks

We now made a facebook page and youtube channel for easy access to the videos and sounds:

facebook: … ndtheworld
youtube channel: … N2HFULuWVO