Topic: My wantlist:)

i am looking to buy these in nm/m condition,sleeve and record smile

A & M - Someone's on the line
Al Musci - Love tonight
Al Ventura - Your body
Alex - I don't want your love
Alita Heart - Love me tonight
Angeligue - Private moment
Angie Dylan - Love on the rebound
Army Of Lovers - When the night is cold
Atlas - Kiss lips
Atlantis Star - Not the loving kind
Basic - Face in the night
Biafra - Play our game
Body Games - Stop love
Boomerang Club Band - Dee Jay superstar
Boomerang Club Band - Dancer
Boris Parker - Thinking of you
Bryan James - Lovely night
Cam - Talk to me
Caspar - Talk to me
Cecil B. - Come with me to paradise
Ceck up twins - Sexy teacher
Chantal - Rock it
Cherook - Licanthrope
Christina - Living together
Christine - Tell me
Cleo - Say
Common Sense - Infront of you
Control Band - Susanna/La colegialla
Crysalis - Never dance
D.D.Band - Misery night
D.F.Pam - Flash into my life
D.F.Pam - On the beat
D.J. Agency - My fears
D.J. Ricky Play & Marco D.J. - Crazy toy
Daddy Runaway - I need someone
Dance Express - All of your heart
De Rogue - Nightlife fashion
Divo - We can't go on
Doctor Groove - Hey man
Drajan - Hippodrome's dream
Eileen - Must be dreaming
E.T. 84 - Hello somebody
Fashion - Future girl
Feedback - Soldiers of love
Francie Davis – Don't run away
Island n Holiday - In the summertime
Glam - More than ever
Glasses - Dancing in the street
Go To - The girl of 80s
Hysterical Fit - Come and make me high
J. Dolphin - All that I want is to say
Jaco - Spanish run
Jade - I m gonna get your love
Jean Louis Levant - Say
Jimmy K - She's gone away
John Christian - Ebony eyes
Josy Nowack - Break you down
Kanji - Dancing star
Kex - Go go go 
Kex - Let's dance
Klassik - My rainbow friend
Kissing The Kiss - Run stop
Lamby - Another game
Les Angalaises - Monotone
Les Montes - Dreams of rio
Les Montes - Night life
Lisa G - Call my name
Loco Loco - Manana
Luisa - Parole
Manero - Queen of the night
Mad Matrix - Men alone
Man - Arabian go go
Middle Ages - Stop your lies
Midnight Passion - I need your love
Midnight Passion - Infatuation
Mikron's - Vision
Moreno - I wanna be your love
Morgan Kamble - Love me baby
Moris Cavalero - Trust in me now
P.Devick - Runaway
P.Devick - Heart to heart
Patricia - I m not the girl you need
Penny Brown - No escape
Pepe - Shadiley
Raf Coney - She's mine
Ray Vista - Don't let it go
Reeds - The game
Rewind - Rosalie pop n go
Reflectors - Drive me crazy
Reportage - Madly in love
Richard Gear - Powerdrive
Roby Rotondo - For your love
Roller Force - Subway
Run - Halloween
Some Bizarre - Don't be afraid
Steele Up - Waiting for you
Steve Doesnt Drive - Woman and car
Sunshine - China time
Tabu D'Apache - Don't believe in love
Tabu D'Apache - Colors
Tato - Crazy boy
Taxi - To Miami
Telex News - Forever
Teen Rock - Make up your mind
Thomas - Another game
Time Capsule - Night life fashion
Time And Love - Tea for two
Vigians - Dont stop the music
Vigians - Give me
Venus - Caballeros
Wilson Ferguson - I'm singing again
Wilson Ferguson - Show me
Wilson Ferguson - Sometimes
Winder - Run for love
Zanza's - This is a day

ideal would be to buy em altogether at once,so as to save on shipping.

italian releases,12'' please!

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Those were the days...

Re: My wantlist:)

looks like a promising mix
good luck