Re: your last purchases of records

Tuxedomoon - No Tears (Expanded Music - EX 36Y)
Bauhaus - 1979-1983 (Beggars Banquet - BEGA 64)
Liaisons Dangereuses - Liaisons Dangereuses (TIS - 66.22 433-01)

Jon Hassell / Brian Eno - Fourth World Vol. 1 - Possible Musics (Editions EG - EGED 107)
Harold Budd - The Pavilion Of Dreams (Editions EG - EGS 301)

Yellow Magic Orchestra - X∞ Multiplies (A&M Records - AMLH 68516)
John Carpenter - The End (ZYX Records - 5025)

Various - Dune · Der Wüstenplanet (Polydor - 823 770-1 Y)

Kerri "Kaoz" Chandler - Trionisphere EP (Part 1) (King Street Sounds - KSS-1046)
Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler - Trionisphere Part 2 (King Street Sounds - KSS-1055)
Little Louie Vega pres. Chameleon, The - The Missile (Henry Street Music - HS-500)
Todd Terry - Ready For A New Day (Logic Records (US) - 74321 47715 1)
I:Cube - Disco Cubizm (Versatile Records - ver10396)

Republica - Ready To Go (Deconstruction - 74321 456681)


Re: your last purchases of records

Rush Hour sale



Trackman Lafonte & Bon Qui Qui 'EP' (Creme 12-56) [12inch]
Moodymann 'Moodymann' (KDJ 044) [2x12inch]
Legowelt 'The Teac Life' (Legowelt 001LP) [4LP]

Honey, in the morning the bees are singing and the birds are stinging in an open head surgery.


Re: your last purchases of records

Some nice 7inches:
Blush - Lift off
Virgo - Do you know who you are
Cyber People - Void vision
Brasero 7 - Let's go party

And I also bought all of the Analords.

Honey, in the morning the bees are singing and the birds are stinging in an open head surgery.


Re: your last purchases of records

der plan lp  and rene hell  lucifer 2 cassette  both left on da bus lol


Re: your last purchases of records

Rude66 - The Kill EP
Mario Moretti - Spaziotempo EP
REM - Computer Communication 12"
Flexx - Love Theme from flexxy ball 12"
Sad World - Sad World 2 CD (Fax Records stuff)
Electric Disco Boogie Band - Disco Baba And The 40 Thieves 12"

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Kraftwerks achso graue Autobahn, Drexciyas achso blaue Aquabahn...

Re: your last purchases of records



Re: your last purchases of records

http://www.a-musik.com/system/html/yellow-swans-the-cherry-point-untitled-mcd-050240-06b9ec78.jpg brutal


Re: your last purchases of records

FFRR has weak remixes of Black Out but includes Phase 1 original:) S&M Punish label is pumping...


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Re: your last purchases of records

Patrick Cowley - School Daze LP - Dark Entries
Alphaville - Big In Japan 12" - WEA
Legowelt - Teenage Romance 12" - L.I.E.S.
Squadra Blanco - Night of the Illuminati 2LP - Holosynthesis (reissue)
V/A - After Dark 2 3LP - Italians Do It Better
Polyrhythmic: The Original Theme Track 12" - Tevo Howard Recordings
Saint Tropez - Hot and Nasty LP - Destiny Records
Stevie Wonder - Innervisions LP - Tamla
Herbie Hancock – Thrust LP & Head Hunters LP - Columbia
Tangerine Dream – Stratosfear LP - Virgin

Re: your last purchases of records

S.T.E.N.T.E.C. wrote:

I didnt purchase records for a long time but my brother just gave me about 200-300 records he found on the street.
They belonged to a club owner from The Hague (club Exposure) that recently passed away.

Most older records are pretty dirty. Seems like some water was spilled or something.
Didnt have time go through it all but ife found quite a bunch of italo records aswell as the odd Bunker 005 in mint condition.
Ill post a list later.

Now that never happens. What else was in there?

You were just a damn sequencer
Moving to the beat
Living with a synthesizer
Cold as a repeat


Re: your last purchases of records

Decadance - On and On (Fears Keep On) (new reissue on Mannequin out now) finally after some years big_smile
Vicious Pink - CCCan't You See/Love Can't Turn Around - Boots-Daiger (1991)
Unit Black Flight - Tracks From The Trailer - Giallo Disco (forthcoming)
Arthur Russell - Another Thought & World Of Echo reissues (Arc Light Editions & Audika)
Tommy De Chirico - Close Your Eyes - Mannequin
Goblin – Buio Omega OST - AMS
Kid Machine- First Contact LP - Cyber Dance (ISO: Viewlexx/Flight Recorder EP's if anyone has extras for sale) smile
Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights - Dark Entries
Alexander Robotnick - Vintage Robotnicks - Medical
Rodion G.A. - Misiunea Spațială Delta - Strut


Re: your last purchases of records


namesake wink


Re: your last purchases of records

^^ they don't make 'em like that aymore, now do they?

impulse buy:



Re: your last purchases of records

mhmm  i already had that record but someone stole it a long time ago  neutral

managed to find "silent types - upset" at the record store down the street...  they must be following me on da interwebs wink


Re: your last purchases of records


Rick Ulfik - Street Trash OST - 1987

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Re: your last purchases of records

Guyer's Connection - Portrait LP - Minimal Wave

Re: your last purchases of records

https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/p235x350/1926881_838634926149630_4451838244005565695_n.jpg https://solaronemusic.bandcamp.com/albu … eets-gosub

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vintage future


Re: your last purchases of records

Ensemble Pittoresque – The Art Of Being  cool
unwahrscheinliches album !!!

Tuō Men Xiōng Hǎopéngyou..


Re: your last purchases of records


Electronome    - Untitled    12"        25,00 €
Milkways - Milkways LP (Repress)    LP        9,50 €
Peter Richard - Walking in the neon    (Repress) 12"        13,49 €
East Wall - Eyes of Glass (Repress)    12"        15,89 €
Jaco - Spanish Run (Repress)    12"        13,89 €
BWH - Stop/Livin' up (Repress)    12"        15,99 €
Mr. Flagio - Take a chance    (Repress) 12"        15,98 €
Expansives - Live with you (Repress)     12"        14,99 €
Soma Holiday - Shake your molecules    12" EP        17,89 €
Art Fine - Dark Silence (Repress)    12" EP        13,50 €
Daniela Poggi - Hot Girls of Italo Disco     (Repress) 12" EP        11,00 €


The Sweat Boyz - Do you wanna perculate?    12"        19,99 USD
Principles of Geometry - A Mountain for president    12"        4,50 €
L.A.S.'s Crime - Disphoria    LP        20,00 €
Deep Space Network - Higher Intelligence Agency    CD        25,00 USD
Karma De La Luna - Travel without Moving    CD        40,00 USD
Sisters of Mercy - Reptile House EP    12" EP        7,00 €
I-F vs. That Nigger - Untitled    12"        10,00 €
Jerry Moon - Red Shoes/Over and over    12"        13,00 €
Sensitive     - Driving (Repress) 12"        28,00 €
Some Bizarre     - Don't be afraid (gold)    12"        28,00 €
Andy Romano - Everytime I feel allright    12"        32,00 €
B. Rose - Hey DJ    12"        40,00 €
Isadora - Eldorado    7"        7,50 €
Torcida - Gaba Gaba    12"        10,00 €
Venise - Playboy    12"        15,00 €
Brand Image    - Are you lovin'?    12"        20,00 €
Diana Est - Le Louvre    12"        18,00 €
Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat    12"        29,00 €
Three of You    - New Life (Repress)    12" EP        18,00 €
DeDeMo     - Cause I need you, cause I love you (Repress)    12"        12,00 €
Albert One    EP    12" EP        17,00 €


Transllusion - L.I.F.E.    LP        18,40 €
Dollkraut - Theme of Fokuyama    12"        7,95 €
Mystic Braves - Desert Island    LP        16,95 €
Mystic Braves - Mystic Braves    LP        14,95 €
Mystic Braves - Dockweiler / PLMK    7"        7,95 €
Drexciya    - Hydro Doorways    12" EP        9,95 €
The Isolators    - Concentrate on us    12"        35,00 €
I-F - Space invaders are… (extended version)    12"        7,50 €

November (Stand 8.11.)

Spyra - Homelistening is killing clubs    CD        9,00 €
Amanda Lear     - Stato D'alarme    7"        3,50 €
Diana Est - Marmo Di Citta / Le Louvre    7"        8,94 €
Lindstrom - Smalhans    LP        £9,95

Kraftwerks achso graue Autobahn, Drexciyas achso blaue Aquabahn...


Re: your last purchases of records

Honest to put prices behind them Bender!

Haven't posted in like a year or so but I have on the italo discogsforum so here a copy/paste of those. It's italo disco mostly cause I left out most electro, synthpop, disco for the forum there:

Ghecko - Firelight (Eyes): traded my first copy once for Gay Cat Park but bought my second copy now
LA Messina - Day Dream (Disco Magic): had the bootleg for a long time but now the original (yes it sounds better!)
Raylo - Spanish Journey (Trash)
Soul Boy - Baby Blue (Italian): cheap recommendation

Utrechts Recordfair last year:
Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do (TELDEC) 12"
Mike Cannon - Stay (Memory Records) 12"
Steel Mind - Bad Passion (ZYX Records) 12"
Carrara - Carrara (Carrere) LP, MiniAlbum
Deborah - Danger For Love (Lombardoni Publishings ) 12"
Den Harrow - Mad Desire (Special Remix) (Gong Records) 12"
D.J.F.T. Band - Fun Funk (Master Dee Jay) 12"
Solid Strangers - My Delight (ARS Productions - ARS 3680) 12"
Tom Hooker - Real Men (Swedish Remix) 12"
Taffy - Walk Into The Daylight (Ariola Benelux) 12"
Max-Him - Danger Danger (ZYX Records - ZYX 5459)
Jeannie - Freedom (Striped Horse) 12
C'Zar - I Remember (Look Me Baby) (RA - RE Productions) 12"
Albert One - Secrets (Time Records) 12", Cle
Eddy Huntington - U.S.S.R. (ZYX Records) 12"
Company B - Company B (ZYX Records) LP
Albert One - Hopes & Dreams (One Records) 12"
Martinelli - O. Express (Flarenasch) 12"
Curacao - Yiasou (Koch International, SA Records) 12"
Radiorama - ABCD / Bad Girls (Radiorama Productions) 12"
Tina - Crazy For You (Metronome) 12"
Vanessa - Crazy For You (Carrere, New Deal) 12"
Ken Laszlo - Red Man (Touch Of Gold) 12"
Proxyon - Space Travellers (Rams Horn Records) 12"
Scotch - Pictures (American Disco) 12" t
Dr. Felix & MM Band - Self Control Rap (Full Dance Version) (Polydor) 12"
Coo Coo - Upside Down (ZYX Records) 12"
Laserdance - Cosmo Tron (ZYX Records) 12"
ARM - Number One (Carrere) 12"
Den Harrow – The Best Of Den Harrow (Baby Records) LP

Laserdance - Megamix Vol. 2 (ZYX Records) 12", P/Mixed
Various - Hula Hoop (Il Discotto Productions) Mixed
Various - Italo Boot Mix Vol. 12 (ZYX Records) 12", Mixed
Various - Bolero Mix 2 (Blanco Y Negro) LP, P/Mixed
Doctor's Cat - Martinelli's Remix Medley (ZYX Records) 12"
Various - Strike 2º (Il Discotto Productions ) LP, Mixed
Various - The JDC Mixer Volume 2 (JDC Records) 12", Mixed
Various - Greatest Hi-NRG Hits (ERC Records) 2xVinyl

Other purchases:
Alan Brando/Tommy Sun - One More Time / Beach Love (Five4It Records) 12"
Sweeps - Optimistic Melancholic (Rebirth Records) 12"
Marc Fruttero Feat. Polymnia - Hero (Bordello A Parigi) 12"
Massimo Vita - Jenny (Bordello A Parigi, Moustache Records) 12"
Cocy – Computermixage (Not On Label) LP
llusion - Illusion 7" (Dureco)
Diana Est - Le Louvre 7" (Dischi)
Cocy – Computermixage (Not On Label) LP

Triangle - Shine/Mr. Pive (Out) !!
Primero - Que Me Pasa (Hotsound)
Lasterdance - Laserdance LP (Hotsound): only had this on CD
Test One - Dreamer (Blue Rose)
Pancho Ballet - Dancing Shoes (Best)
Stefano Puviani – That's A Wide World (American Records)
Tangui – Amour Combat (Surf)
SP Clan - Get Down (On Love) (DID): 2nd copy for cheap
Various - Baldeejays Vol. 4 smile

Diana Barton – Tango 12" (Merak)
Marimba Tree – Hush (Remix) 12" (Hiss)
Calice – Sadomaso 7" (Franton)
Cecilia Rizzoli – Cosi' Non Va / Se 7" (Scarabes) smile
Milk And Coffee – Milk And Coffee LP (Polskie Nagrania Muza)
Various - Synth Dimension (Radio Cosmos)
Various - EP 5 (Red Laser)
Atelier Folie – Leave Me Alone 12" (Disco Modernism)

Various - EP 4 (Red Laser):
Patrick Cowley – School Daze (Dark Entries): soundtrack
Mario Moretti – Spaziotempo (BAP)
Aldo Bergamachine – Astromoog (BAP)
Lippi Lippi – Valentine 7" (BAP)
Rude 66 – The Kill (BAP)
Greta Viví – Cinema (BAP): it's great. Is this new or old (sound like old)?
Various – Surprise Power (Down Beat Records): great mix of obscure italo disco and disco.
Radiorama – Aliens (Ariola)
Laid Back – Elevatorboy (Metronome): jumpy synthpop
Various – Analoges Russland - Musik Aus Der Zukunft: electro, synthpop

And a whole bunch of 7inches (thanks Ron)
Robert Bravo – Love Me Like I Do (Blond)
Peter Jacques Band – Going Dancin' Down The Street (Injection): disco
Ram Band – Silent Smiles (Ram)
Presence – Help Me Mama (Ram)
Azoto – San Salvador (Ramshorn): disco
Antonella Forte – Mister Robot (Bonjona)
Bonnie Forman – I Only Have Eyes For You (Channel): Hi-NRG
Carrara – Welcome To The Sunshine (Keep On Music)
Brando – Rainy Day (Memory)
Cleo – Go Go Dynamo (Many)
Clock On 5 – Theme From Furyo (Discomagic)
Chris Luis – The Heart Of The City (BMC)
Doctor's Cat – Gee Wiz / Crash (Durium)
Dorine Hollier – Tonight... Crazy Night (Baby)
Fancy – Flames Of Love (Metronome): euro disco
Federico And Marrakech Orchestra, The* – Cashbah Boogie (Delta)
Illusion - Illusion (Dureco Benelux)
Laban – Caught By Surprise (Mega): europop
Kiki Gaida – Virginal Mystery (CGD)
Iudy – The Island Of The Sun (Discomagic)
Gemini- Magdalena (Carrere)
Lucio Battisti – El Velero / Respirando (RCA): disco
Overdrive - Sugar My Overdrive (Carrere) : disco
Skyline – Space Fever / Moondream (CBS): disco
Peter Jacques Band – Walking On Music / Fly With The Wind (Ariola): disco
Pedestrians - Commuter Fantasy (F1 Team)
Visa - Bolero Night (Discomagic Records)
Pinups, The - New Wave Lover (Polydor): disco

Starter - Night By Night (Bariton)
Split Mirrors – Voices (Polydor): synthpop
Black Book – You Must Change (Mistery Woman) (American)
I Venti Batch smile
Raylò – California O.K. (Delivery)
Jaco – Hey Operator (Delivery)
Various – Out Records Compilation No. 1 (ID Limited)
Miko Mission - Universal Feeling (I Venti d'Azzurro)
Beba Barone - Panama/Vale (Green)
Canton – Sonnambulismo (Ariston)
Susie Hep – Only You,Only Me (Carrere)
Nadia Cassini – Giorno Per Giorno / Passaporto Per La (CGD): disco
Future Sense – Heartaches (Diamond): belgalo
Luca Sardella – Viaggio Americano / Niente Per Noi (International Music Of Italy)
Jean Paul – Ma Non E' Vero / Confusione Nella Mente (G&G): disco

Various – Mothball Dance Classics (Mothball)
Alexander Robotnick – Vintage Robotnicks LP (Medical)
Various – Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol Two: Fuzz Dance (Medical)
Den Harow – Pintched Multimix / Warm & Kind (Prodsound): thanks ianstan for tipping
Various – Riviera Disco Vol. 1 (Bordello)
Various – Riviera Disco Vol. 2 (Bordello)
Rago & Farina – Atelier Folie (Lost Demos And Unreleased Demos 1983/1986) LP (Disco Modernism)
Decadance (2) – On And On (Fears Keep On) (Archivio Fonografico Moderno) blue vinyl: kinda regret buying this cause sound muffled compared to the original which I already have.
Fred Ventura – Don't Give Up (Disco Modernism): great new italo disco release

Middle Ages - Stop Your Lies (12") (Rinaldo)
Walter Gate - Call Me Love (12") (New York Production)
Vic Trick - I Want Some1 2love (12") (S.P.Q.R.)

Alien - Disco Stress (Pe-Mi): disco from italy
Alfredo E. Muschietti – Favoriti e Vincenti (Original Soundtrack Recording) : synthpop
Mark Adams – I Know Your Mind (FDT): late discovery for me!
Carlo Conti – It's Okay It's All Right 7" (Carlo Cionti): sounded great in TSOID-mix but just o.k. as the 7inch and then instrumental. Or maybe I have to get used to this version... Sleeve is somewhat reminding of Alex Valentini - Beautiful Life smile
Kasso – A New Life 7" (Banana): beautiful sad italo

Some cheap italo in Antwerpen (also New Beat ofcourse):
Lili & Sussie – Oh Mama (High Fashion) 12"
Kiki Gaida – Virginal Mystery (High Fashion) 12: 2nd copy
Laserdance – Megamix Vol. 4 (ZYX)
Various – Italo Boot Mix Vol. 13 (ZYX)
G & M – Don't Let You Down (Time): 2nd copy

Less cheap but great:
Quadro D'Autore (2) – Buona Notte / White Stink 7" (PM)

Vincent Thoma – Country Lovers (CGD)
Thinking Orange – Don't Go To Parties In The Night (Metronome): synthpop.

And just bought the reissues on Dark Entries of Art Fine - Dark Silence and Helen – Witch / Zanzibar. smile

High Resolution – Sweepin' Off (SPQR): only recently discovered that this is related with BWH/Blackway which have opened my ears for this.
Amanda Lear – Assassino (WEA)
Baby's Gang – America (Swedish Remix) (Memix): finally
Riccardo Campa – Ah Ah Ah (Flashback)
Blackway & Helene – Music For Us (Archivio Fonografico Moderno ): recommended reissue soundwise. My copy still has needleskip-problem on the b-side (one time) though even after cleaning with okkinokki-vacumecleaner. Maybe it's only my copy. But this is a good one until the original comes along (if ever....).
Ryvon – Your Touch Your Eyes (Special Groove Records): go for the b-side!
Hélicon* / Raf Coney – The Net / I See You Later (Flashback Records): multiple plays here at my pla(y)ce

Received today:
Crazy Gang – We Are The Crazy Gang LP (Bubble): sounds so much better than the lame bootleg from 2008. And this was pretty affordable.
Luna – Iron Far 7" (Aristion); progressive rock/disco and one of the first (1978) released records written by Raff Todesco of later italo disco fame.

New arrivals...a lot of french (pressing or origin) stuff.
Les D.J..... – Les Filles De La Nuit (WH): italoish with ohoho etc. The record is a tad slower than the clip on youtube b.t.w.

Deblanc – Monnalisa (New Records): a-side has different mix than Italian pressing. Was a bit disappointed by this but it's not bad actually. This label seems to do this more as the Banddeaux - Black & White also has a different version.

Marc Flores – Magic Moment (Do It! Do It!) 7" (RCA): nice cover of Webo, also nice b-side.

Jap'o – Under The Ice 7" (Musical Force): nice cover of Topy & Roby, b-side contains the extension. Cut 'n paste a- en b-side and you have an extended version. wink

Scoop – Say You Go (White Dog): overlooked by me too long and a great record you can still get for cheap. This record is released twice on Italian label: White Dog and Discomagic http://www.discogs.com/Scoop-Say-You-Go/master/117282

Jakie Quartz – Vivre Ailleurs (CBS): strong French-synthpop release which will speak to most italofans I guess. B-side contains english version. Produced by Secret Service from Sweden.

Stephany – Oh! Che Calor (Zif Zag): nice EP. Contains cover of the rare Pierangelo – Shake Your Body, Ohp!

Mister X – It's O.K. (Flarenasch): quality Spitalo!

Tony Baron – Italian Dream (Carrere): probably mislabeled as italo disco in discogs as this is an all-French release though I understand the confusion. I read now on the sleeve that the "arrangement and realisation" was done @ "Studio: Una Rome CRASH Production" so there's something Italian... The b-side is not a Dub-version but the same as the a-side (vocal).

Sonia Belolo – Life Dance (Flarenasch): all instrumental piano-italo track. Done by this Philippinian looking woman from France. This record was also released in The Philippines and seems very popular there.

Found Neon - Skydiver 12" yesterday for 1euro in the sleeve of
Raul* Featuring J. Bonell* – Guitarra on the fleamarket. Thought it was an interesting sleeve and checked the inside. smile It's my second copy now.

Manuel – Occhi Occhi Occhi (Remixes) : from our main man down under! wink
Roberto Onofri* and Dee Jay Program Band – Welcome Desire (Mix Om): another longtime want with recent discovery the great "Leave me Alone" on the b-side
King Kong – Shadow Of The Night (Sensation): took a while to appreciate this one but know I like it
Christine Jacquelin – Fou De Vous / Juste Un Jardin (CBS): great French electro-disco track Fou de Vous

Got this nice swetalo-record in:
Love - Lady Love 7"

And some gretalo:
Fat – Take Me Down 12" (EMI)
Alex C – Fire 12"
Costas Charitodiplomenos – Itchika LP (Columbia)

This holy grail:
Roberto Onofri* and Dee Jay Program Band – Welcome Desire
King Kong – Shadow Of The Night (Sensation)

New I Venti-batch:
Tom Hooker – Illusions / Nobody Loves Me
Raffaele Fiume – Emotion
Jimmy Mc Foy – Love Me The Way You Like

Some not too expensive 12inches:
Raynard J. – Takin' Me To Paradise (System): only just discovered there was a discussion about plagiarism around this song. Prince could have stolen this melody for The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Doctor Livingstone – Welcome In Kenia (Lombardoni): thanks maxhim for your review on this record. smile
Joe Yellow – Love At First (Power)
Dave Merlin – Electric Nights (Max Music): a-side has pressingfault causing weird low frequencies... :-/ B-side (with the remix) is o.k. luckily.
Baratta – Valentino (Best)
Rive Gauche – Dancin' Flame (American Disco)
Robert Camero – Love Games (Lombardoni): very nice melody from this late italo
Deblanc – Monnalisa (Italian)

and this compilation:
http://www.discogs.com/Various-ZYX-Ital … se/4473165

Chip Chip – Never Say Goodbye (BMS)
Rizzo – Hot Desire (On The Road): female version of Anthony's Game - Sunshine Love. I already loved Sunshine Love but I think I love Hot Desire even more (could be first happiness of discovering also)
Silvia – Come On (Third Label)
Sunbeams – Bye Bye Sea (Out): from Real Sound Studio (Esavu) which you can hear also.
Sharon – Todos Calientes (Discomagic): took me years to find out what record this was.
Flashsystem – Five Miles Out (Hot Point Production)
Sahara – Shining (Many)
Ennio Manuel – Heads I Win, Tails You Lose (Publiland)
Kirlian Camera – Blue Room (Italian): after years of having the faulty ZYX-pressing
Mark Owen – Magic Love (Best)

The Problems – Moustache Italo Anthem (Moustache)
Void Vision – Sour EP (Mannequin)
André And Leslie – Stress (Kasset): epic electronic disco
Kirlian Camera – Uno LP (Dark Entries): reissue!
F. Mavelli – Special Brigade (Bunker): sort of made up italia violenta soundtrack, very nice.
Martin Duvall – All Night (Bordello)
Miss Plug Inn / Clima (3) – You And I (Bordello)
Machinegewehr Vs. A Visitor From Another Meaning – Abhinanda / Neon Lights (Bordello)

Various – Italo Dance Classics (Arcade) 2LP: cheap with all the essentials. Don't quite understand what Off - Electrica Salsa is doing on here...
http://www.discogs.com/Various-Italo-Da … ase/191699
Mike Rogers (2) / Karin Klark – Happy Moon (Remix) / Radio Man (Out): especially for Radio Man
http://www.discogs.com/Mike-Rogers-2--K … ase/590884
Ken Martal – I Can't Leave You (Carrere): cool song
http://www.discogs.com/Ken-Martal-I-Can … se/1240074
Christal – Fire Lady (CGD): finally! cheaper cause no picture sleeve but if put my 7inch with it it kinda makes up for that
http://www.discogs.com/Christal-Fire-La … ase/605655
De-De-Mo – 'Cause I Need You 'Cause I Love You (Bordello): got the original already (also without ps b.t.w.) but bought it anyway
http://www.discogs.com/De-De-Mo-Cause-I … se/5972368
Ryan Paris – Fall In Love (Carrere): overlooked (by me at least for a while) but great
http://www.discogs.com/Ryan-Paris-Fall- … se/1251309
Tommy Kelwin – Tokyo Nights (Skizzo)
http://www.discogs.com/Tommy-Kelwin-Tok … se/1028800
Shamall – My Dream (Ariola): wanted this for a while. Super German eurodisco.
System – Sacrifice (Express)
Glamour – Guarda Tus Lagrimas LP (Polydor): Spanish synthpop, nice one.
http://www.discogs.com/Glamour-Guarda-T … se/2759756
Finzy Kontini – Night In Paris (American Disco)
http://www.discogs.com/Finzy-Kontini-Ni … ase/395947
Mark Owen – This Moment (Pan Pot): beautiful record
http://www.discogs.com/Mark-Owen-This-M … ase/787636
K. Barré – Right By The Moon: found this on Hotsound in the cheapbin smile
http://www.discogs.com/K-Barr%C3%A9-Rig … ase/212541

and latests:
Ilona Staller – Ska Skatenati/Disco Smack  7" (Lupus)
Nospy – Da Da Da I Don't Love You (You Don't Love Me) (Discomagic)
Psychemagik – Psychemagik Presents Magik Cyrkles 2xLP (Leng)

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"Are you loving?"


Re: your last purchases of records

Con Demek - Dogmama


Re: your last purchases of records

in the crates - Miles Davis Doo Bop, Bryan Ferry Boys & Girls,

new - Population One - Theatre of a confused mind


Re: your last purchases of records


BB lp is pretty sweet Finnish synthpop italo stuff. 300 records privately pressed. I'll try and rip some tracks for IFM as soon as i can move back home and set up my stereo.

i hear you


Re: your last purchases of records

Klinik, The - Pain And Pleasure (Antler Records - ANTLER 050)
Klinik - States (Antler-Subway - AS 5052-CD)
Xeno & Oaklander - Sentinelle (Wierd Records - VR008)
Florence Foster Fan Club - Asymmetric (Wave Records (4), Noise Democracy Records - W039, ND02)
Dead Can Dance - Dead Can Dance (4AD - CAD 404)
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Factory, Factory - FAC 23-12, FAC•XXIII•XII
Moskwa TV - The Art Of Fashion (Westside Music - 608 401)
Paul Hardcastle - Eat Your Heart Out (Cooltempo - 601 594)
Blancmange - Mange Tout (London Records, London Records - 810 235-1, 810235-1)
Code 61 - Drop The Deal (BCM Records - B.C. 12-2062-40)
Grief, The - KYN (Danceteria - 12 DAN 004)
Depro Art - Ghetto Life (Ohrwurm Records - O.W. 004)
Kissing The Pink - The Other Side Of Heaven (Polydor - 883 117-1)
Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts) (Mute, Mute - INT 126.813, 12 BONG 3)
Matt Bianco - Whose Side Are You On (WEA, WEA - 240 472-1, WX 7)
White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin' Sounds (Geffen Records - GEC 24976)
Various - Neue Gangart / Wertstabil (Arcade Records (3) - ADE G 157)
Various - Neuzeit (K-tel - TG 1381)

Zenamon - Zenamon (Polydor - 821309-1)
Komeda Quintet - Astigmatic (Pool Jazz - IRS 942.111)
Mystic Moods Orchestra, The - One Stormy Night (Decca - 6.22487)
Morton Gould, London Symphony Orchestra, The - Digital Space (Varèse Sarabande - JVDM-1002)
Jac Holzman - Authentic Sound Effects Volume 1 (Pye Golden Guinea Records - GGL 0143)
Audio-Camera - Audio-Camera Vol.2 (Decca - 6.22 011)
Vangelis - Spiral (RCA Victor - PL 25116)

А. Родионов / Б. Тихомиров - Пульс 1. Музыкальный Компьютер (Мелодия - C60 23379 009) x2
Zigmar Liepinš - Пульс 2 (Мелодия - C60 23479 004)
GM49 - Digitális Majális (Pepita - SLPM 17915)
Laza Ristovski - Tražiš Oproštaj / Anželika (Beograd Disk - SVK 1101)

Laid Back - Bakerman (Ariola - 612 356)
Various - Street Sounds Electro 5 (Street Sounds - ELCST 5)
2 Live Crew, The - As Nasty As They Wanna Be (Global Satellite - 303 654)
System, The - You Are In My System (Polydor - 810 951-1)
Art Of Noise, The - In No Sense? Nonsense! (Chrysalis, China Records - 208 614)
KLF, The - What Time Is Love? (Live At Trancentral) (Blow Up, KLF Communications - INT 125.789)
PiL - This Is Not A Love Song (Virgin - 0602537540662)
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer (Virgin, Virgin - 608 038, 608 038-213)
Michael Jackson - Leave Me Alone (Epic, Epic - 654672 6, EPC 654672 6)

Hacker, The - Radiation Remixes (Different, PIAS France - DIFF 1046T, 451.1046.130)
Emmanuel Top - Turkish Bazar (Kosmo Records - KOS 2050)
Neophyte - The Three Amiga's E.P. (Rotterdam Records - ROT-022)
Generated X-ed - 12.Inch (Liberation & Ecstasy - TRI 049 LP)
House Master Boyz And The Rude Boy Of House, The* - House Nation (BCM Records - B.C. 12-2023-40)
Ben Mays - X-Rated (Desire Records - WANT X 21)
Fake - A.I.D.S. (Woolfe Recs - WR 90016)
Various - Shackle Me Not (Kniteforce Records - KF LP 001)

Patrick Cowley , Featuring Sylvester - Do Ya Wanna Funk (Metronome - 0930.082)
Adriano Celentano - Variations (Ariola - 28 714 OT)
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice / Red For Love (ZYX Records, ZYX Records - ZYX 5341, 5341)

Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Atlantic, Atlantic - SD 33 250, SD 33-250)

Re: your last purchases of records

I kinda cut down over the last year but had some paypal funds in my acc so bought some stuff

KUPFER, Florian     I Feel You     WT US     12"
JUNE     Dominion     Suction Canada     LP
JUNE       The Human Target - June 12"   
VERCETTI TECHNICOLOR     Black September     Giallo Disco LP
Hafenstrassen Disco Vol 1     Bordello A Parigi Holland     12"    
Enter The Plague     MinimalRome Italy     12" + booklet    
MAGIC SOUND     To Haldin     Bordello A Parigi Holland     12"
HUNT, Gene     Freddys Dead     LA Club Resource     12"    
LIAISONS DANGEREUSES     Liaisons Dangereuses (remastered)     Soulsheriff     LP
BAL PARE     Early Recordings     Medical US     180 gram clear red vinyl LP
JEROME DERRADJI presents KSTARKE RECORDS - The House that Jackmaster Hater Built (Part 1) (STILL MUSIC)     2xLP    
JEROME DERRADJI presents KSTARKE RECORDS - The House that Jackmaster Hater Built (Part 2) (STILL MUSIC)     2xLP   
Paranoid London 2xLP 180gram

smile planning to make a new mix for the car