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Some of you might know already but from February 2013 till February 2014 my wife and I will go on a world trip.

We will start in Rio de Janeiro (February), travel over land to from Uruguay and Argentina (March) to Chili (April) and up through Peru (May). From there we will attempt to go over land to the USA (September) where we hope to visit at least Los Angeles and Detroit.

We will end our trip with a few months in Asia.

For the Dutch people who are interested (or for other people who are good with google translate), we will write some stories on our website.

As for my music: some records will be released while I’m away (so you won’t forget me  ), but of course I won’t be available for playing anywhere the next year (so Dutch or European promoters you have 2 months left…).

I'm going to try to do some performances in South America and hopefully in other places as well. If you are a promotor or just a fan of the Westcoast sound or DYFR records and you live on route let me know. I would like to meet up with people and if possible I’m always in for playing somewhere. Big venues are cool but also small things where I can play for some travel-money and a place to stay are appreciated: as long as it is a serious offer.

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have fun man ! it's too bad skipping colombia tho !  smile

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Look into doing Couchsurfing if you haven't  cool

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Thnx! Yeah already looked into Couchsurfing: our first 3 nights in Brazil are gonna be at a very friendly girls house (or so it seems wink ). After that we will decide if that is the thing for us and if we're going to try to do some more. Only downside is that you have to contact people reasonably on time and we're not really into planning.
And were not skipping Colombia Nocambulo: the line is going through it isn't it? This is just a global idea anyway, we're mainly traveling by bus and train so you never know where you end up in the end smile

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I'd probly be kidnapped by some drug cartel and sold into i'll just download some pictures of the outside & kid on i have a life. Have a wicked time...and be sure to post pics big_smile

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oh yeah i didnt see that point in cartagena or santa marta apparently  tongue

colombia is marvellous & yet not really turistic and this is really enjoyable. if you can, take some time for the center of colombia & not only the carribean coast : the coffee region (eje cafetero) is incredible ; cocora valley, armenia, salento, los nevados national park etc. but i guess you won't make a quito - cartagena or santa marta one way bus trip haha it doesn't exist without a change in bogota or medellin & would be 40 hours or something as medellin - santa marta is already 15 hours haha

about trains in south america, they mainly run, & very few, in brazil, argentina or peru for short distances, you'll have 95% of buses but for long distances they're usually higher standards than those we find in europe.

i'm jealous !! enjoy each day mate !

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Thnx for the tips! I'll look into it. We don't know yet but maybe will be trying to charter a boat in the north of Colombia to sail to Panama so we're actually close to the region you're talking about...
But all is just plans, could end up crying for a year in Brazil wink

@Dumbot we'll post pics at the site for sure, it will be mostly in Dutch though because we made it for our family and close friends.

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Looks a real adventurous trip Baz, wow!

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yeah man, hope we make it till the end smile


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Here are some of our impressions until now:

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Some radio I've been making in Uruguay to tell something about the trip, just some music and bullshit for those who are interested:

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looks like great fun baz, and I like the track under the video!


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Thanks man having lots of fun indeed smile
Here is a new radioshow and a new video with track: … _patagonia


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The Peru song is online now, and there are also song for Chile, Argentina and Bolivia that I didn't post yet.

Short snippets of all the songs are also on Soundcloud now. … rs-running


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And the new video:


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And Ecuador song and video added:

The lyrics of this track were recorded deep in the Amazon of Ecuador during a mysterious shaman ritual. All sounds of this track are sampled from recordings, most made during a 5 day jungle cruise over the Amazon river. The "clap" is a fisherman cutting off a swordfish fin with a machete, the kick is a thump on a hollow tree that the local people use to send messages to each other over great distances.

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Colombia & Caribbean added:


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So a lot has happened since the last post but better to just see some video's on

Went from Central America to Canada, a 10.000 km roadtrip in the USA and now in China (with limited internet).



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For those who want to know: we completed the trip 3 months ago (and are planning the next one already).

This is the route we traveled: not a bad scetch in the first post he?


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There is a little travel story about a piece of our trip in Legowelt's new magazine now smile